Bill Hoffman's Collection of ACU Sports Information -- [MS 124]

bullet.gif Photos
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bullet.gif ACC vs. Howard Payne, 1946.
bullet.gif Adams.
bullet.gif Akins.
bullet.gif Bailey, Bob.
bullet.gif Baker, Jacque.
bullet.gif Basketball Freshman Squad, 1954-1955.
bullet.gif Basketball Game, 1957-1958.
bullet.gif Basketball Game, at sideline, 1954-1955.
bullet.gif Basketball Squad, 1950-1951.
bullet.gif Basketball Squad, 1957-1958.
bullet.gif Basketball Squad (kids) with Bill Lovelace, 1961.
bullet.gif Beauchamp, Garvin.
bullet.gif Bennett Gymnasium.
bullet.gif Boseman.
bullet.gif Boyd, Gene.
bullet.gif Bradfute.
bullet.gif Broom, Charles.
bullet.gif Brown, J. D.
bullet.gif Brown, Wiley.
bullet.gif Bullington, Wally.
bullet.gif Burleson, Tommy.
bullet.gif Burrows, Phil.
bullet.gif Burton, A. M.
bullet.gif Campbell, Eddie.
bullet.gif Casey.
bullet.gif Certificate of ACU's active membership, AAU.
bullet.gif Cheek, Ed.
bullet.gif Clark.
bullet.gif Clark, Bubba.
bullet.gif Cleere, Sonny.
bullet.gif Davidson, Bob.
bullet.gif Davidson, Sam.
bullet.gif Dixon, Lawrence "Buster".
bullet.gif Emerson, Rooster.
bullet.gif Felts, Dick.
bullet.gif Floyd.
bullet.gif Folson, Carl.
bullet.gif Football Game, 1946-1947.
bullet.gif Football Game, sidelines, 1948.
bullet.gif Football Squad, 1940-1941.
bullet.gif Football Squad, 1950.
bullet.gif Football Squad, 1953-1954.
bullet.gif Football Squad, 1955-1956.
bullet.gif Ford.
bullet.gif Freiling.
bullet.gif French, Jimmy.
bullet.gif Fry, Leondous.
bullet.gif Gibson, Herbert.
bullet.gif Grant.
bullet.gif Green, Alton.
bullet.gif Goad, Paul.
bullet.gif Hansen, Ray.
bullet.gif Harris.
bullet.gif Hawkins.
bullet.gif Hendrick, Dottie.
bullet.gif Henninger, Lanny.
bullet.gif Hirth, Jimmy.
bullet.gif Hoffman, Bill.
bullet.gif House, Harry.
bullet.gif Jackson, Oliver.
bullet.gif Locke.
bullet.gif Lovelace, Bill.
bullet.gif Lyda, James.
bullet.gif Martin, Kelly.
bullet.gif Mason, M.
bullet.gif McCord, Don.
bullet.gif McLure, Bill.
bullet.gif Moore, E. J. "Tiny".
bullet.gif Morgan, Leon.
bullet.gif Morgan, Von.
bullet.gif Morris, A. B.
bullet.gif Morris, Charles.
bullet.gif Morris, Tommy.
bullet.gif Morrow, Bobby.
bullet.gif Mullins, Jerry.
bullet.gif Muns, James.
bullet.gif Orr, Dub.
bullet.gif Paine.
bullet.gif Phillips.
bullet.gif Porter, Don.
bullet.gif Powell, Joe.
bullet.gif Ragus, Pete.
bullet.gif Rhoden, Don.
bullet.gif Richardson, Charles.
bullet.gif Roach, Lavern.
bullet.gif Roland, Brad.
bullet.gif Rushing.
bullet.gif Sitton, Ted.
bullet.gif Scott.
bullet.gif Smith, Charles.
bullet.gif Smith, Chuck.
bullet.gif Smith, Don.
bullet.gif Smith, Vitamin T.
bullet.gif Staples, Stan.
bullet.gif Starting Football Line-up, 1926.
bullet.gif Stirman, Fred.
bullet.gif Stovall, D.
bullet.gif Stovall, S.
bullet.gif Telegram, Nov. 2, 1948.
bullet.gif Terry, H. D.
bullet.gif Thomas, Luther.
bullet.gif Thurman.
bullet.gif Track Team (Freshman), 1957.
bullet.gif Track Team (Varsity), 1957.
bullet.gif Training Regulations for Athletes, signed.
bullet.gif Treadway, Faye.
bullet.gif Varner, Dr.
bullet.gif Wages, Jack.
bullet.gif Waters, Bonnie.
bullet.gif Wheeler, Les.
bullet.gif Wilkerson.
bullet.gif Wilson, L. G.
bullet.gif Woods, Bailey.

bullet.gif Scrapbook.

bullet.gif Scrapbook.

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