Elsie Green's Scrapbook -- [MS 110]

2 notebooks and a box

bullet.gif Includes clippings, programs, photographs, handwritten notes, bulletins, class schedules, and other miscellaneous items.
bullet.gif Photographs:
01. Ad. Building ACC
02. Elm Creek; Bessie and Elsie
03. Ad. Building ACC; Bessie, Mary, and Elsie
04. Herman Germand Garden; Bessie
05. Elm Creek; Mary and Bessie
06. Senior Picnic, April 5, 1929 at Lake Abilene
07. Mary at home
08. Herman German Garden; Elsie, Howard, and Mary
09. Grandmother's house; Evalene, Audre, Odis, Ruth
10. Graduation pictures of Elsie
11. City parade, float pictures
12. Miss Tommie Clack
13. Elsie Green
14. Mary Green
15. Aunt Stella and Ora (cousin)
16. Senior Picnic at Lake Abilene
17. Buffalo Gap pictures. Hill top piture, playing capture the flag. (Marie Pittman, Bessie Key, Camilla Browning)
18. Summer pictures in Coleman Country
19. Willie Pauline Owen
20. Bessie
21. Howard (brother)
22. Vesta Mae Huston (cousin)
23. Uncle and Aunt and cousin Odis.
24. Family picture at family birthday party
25. Elsie on her roof
26. Picture of city from roof
27. Class picture
28. Margie Norton

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