Dr. Paul and Margaret Southern -- [MS 107]

Box 1
bullet.gif Newspaper Clippings and Articles -- Paul and Margaret Southern
- "Minister Raids With L-Men..." ARN 6/5/57
- "Dr. Paul Southern, Wife's Interests, Work Varied" ARN 10/20/57
- "Southerns Leave for Australia" ARN 1/22/77.
bullet.gif Notes and Articles -- Miscellaneous.
bullet.gif Notes on Revelation.
bullet.gif Photographs -- Bible Majors (4).
bullet.gif Photographs -- Margaret Southern (38).
bullet.gif Photographs -- Miscellaneous (12).
bullet.gif Photographs -- Retirement, 1970 (19).
bullet.gif Photographs -- Salt Lake City Campaign, 1943 (3).
bullet.gif Photograph -- Paul Southern (1).
bullet.gif Publications -- Miscellaneous.
bullet.gif Published Writings of Paul Southern -- misc.
- The Bible and Mental Health, 1970
- Christ, Our Guiding Star
- The Divine Creed
- Jesus Never Changes (1972)
- A Glorious Church
- The Gospel of Christ
- The Nature and Purpose of the Church (2 copies)
- New Testament in Survey (1958) 2 copies
- The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
- Personal Evangelism (2 copies)
- Preparation to Meet God
- Sin and Salvation
- The Triumph of the King (2 copies)
- Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ
- Why I Believe the Bible.
bullet.gif Writings by Paul Southern
- Mature Religion
- The Role of the Bible and Religious Education Program...
- notes.
bullet.gif Writings by various people
- Malherbe, Abe: "The Bible and Religious Education Program within a Liberal Arts Framework"
- Rideout, Holbert: "The Role of the Bible and Religious Education Program..."

Box 2
bullet.gif Bible Lands Tours -- Certificates.
bullet.gif Bible Lands Tours -- Photographs.
bullet.gif Bills Paid -- Expenses.
bullet.gif Certificate of Recognition -- Margaret Southern -- Taylor County Unit Texas State Teachers Association.
bullet.gif Certificates -- Paul Southern -- Association of Mental Health.
bullet.gif Debts -- Paid (Receipts, misc.)
bullet.gif Guest Book.
bullet.gif Drawings.
bullet.gif Menus (misc.)
bullet.gif Miscellaneous Items.
bullet.gif Texas Council on Family Relations.
bullet.gif Volunteer Services Council.
bullet.gif The New Testament (1929).
bullet.gif Beginner's Grammar of the Greek New Testament by William Hersey Davis (1923).
bullet.gif Texas Monthly Datebook 1981.
bullet.gif Texas Commission on Alcoholism (1971).

Box 3
bullet.gif Century Club Pictures
- 1983, Campus Center, Michigan Christian College by Pamela Harrington
- 1984, President's Home, Michigan Christian College by Greg Crayton.
bullet.gif Certificates
- To Paul Southern in Recognition of 21 Years of Faithful Service to ACC (May 3, 1958).
- Paul Southern to appear in the 1970 edition of Outstanding Educators of America.
- Attestation of Pilgrimage to Paul Southern
- Attestation of Pilgrimage to Margaret Southern.
- Paul Southern as Regional Planning Chairman in the development of the Texas State Plan for the Prevention, Treatment, and Control of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (7/25/71).
- Certificate of Professional Acceptance conferred upon Margaret M. Southern by the National Education Association (1967-68).
- Dr. Paul Southern as the outstanding Mental Health Citizen (May 1, 1958).

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