Edward Fudge -- [MS 98]

The Fire That Consumes Manuscripts

Box 1

bullet.gif The Fire That Consumes - Edward Fudge.
bullet.gif Footnotes: The Fire That Consumes.
bullet.gif What is of Faith as to Everlasting Punishment - Rev. E. B. Pusey.
bullet.gif The Doctrine of Endless Punishment - William Shedd, D.D.
bullet.gif The Christian Doctrine of Immorality - Stewart Salmond.
bullet.gif The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment - Harry Buis.
bullet.gif Lyin's Doctrine of the Last Things - Heinrich Quistord.
bullet.gif The Old Testament and the Future Life - Edmund Sutcliffe, S.J.
bullet.gif The Contribution of the Book of Revelation to the Christian Relief of Immortality - Rev. Professor G. R. Beasley-Murray.
bullet.gif What Happens After Death - Stewart R. Sutherland.
bullet.gif Bible Day Words: Vol. IV - G. Kittel.
bullet.gif Questions of Immotality - Morjorie Suchock.
bullet.gif Is Man the Phoenix? - Bruce Keichenback.
bullet.gif Resurrection and Immortality: Eight Theses - Morray Harris.
bullet.gif That Unknown Country - L. Abbott and Others.
bullet.gif Index of Scriptures - The Fire That Consumes.

Box 2

bullet.gif Historical Theology 6.
bullet.gif Historical Theology 7.
bullet.gif Historical Theology 8.
bullet.gif Hell Research (Journals) - E. Fudge.
bullet.gif Hell Research (Dictionaries and Articles) - E. Fudge.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous Information.

Box 3

bullet.gif The Fire That Consumes (Published) - Edward Fudge.
bullet.gif The Last Day of Resurrection, Rapture and Judgement - Evangelsist John L. Bray.

Binders 1-6

bullet.gif Binder 1 - Chapters 1-5.
bullet.gif Binder 2 - Chapters 6-10.
bullet.gif Binder 3 - Chapter 11.
bullet.gif Binder 4 - Chapters 12-14.
bullet.gif Binder 5 - Chapters 15-17.
bullet.gif Binder 6 - Chapters 18-20 and Appendix.

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