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Dr. Gaylan Collier -- [MS 83]

Box 1

1950-1952 Plays Directed by Dr. Collier

bullet.gif "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"
- program
- articles (3)
- pictures (27)
Crew, Act I, Act II, Act III, cast, and various other scenes, Dr. Collier.
bullet.gif "White-Headed Boy"
- program
- articles (6)
- pictures (43)
Cast, Act I, Act II, Act III, various scenes, stage crew.
bullet.gif "Our Nell and the City Slickers"
- articles (2).
bullet.gif "Martha"
- program
- article (1).
bullet.gif "Sun Up"
- program
- articles (4)
- pictures (25)
Cast, Act I, Act II, Act III.
bullet.gif "The Heiress"
- program
- articles (4)
- pictures (16)
Act I, Act II.
bullet.gif "Nothing But the Truth"
- program
- articles (2)
- pictures (15)
Act I, Act II, Act III.
bullet.gif "All My Sons"
- program
- articles (3)
- pictures (20)
Act I, Act II, Act III.

Box 2
1952-1958 plays directed by Dr. Collier
bullet.gif "Importance of Being Ernest"
- program.
bullet.gif "Dear Ruth"
- program
- articles (4)
- pictures (17)
Act I, Act II, Cast.
bullet.gif "Through a Glass Darkly," "The Valiant," "Mooney's Kids Don't Cry," and "The Boor"
- program
- picture (1).
bullet.gif "Much Ado About Nothing"
- program
- articles (4)
- pictures (12)
Act I, Act II, Act IV, Act V, Act VI.
bullet.gif "Madame Butterfly"
- program
- articles (7)
- pictures (10)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "There's No Business Like Show Business"
- program
- articles (2).
bullet.gif "A View From the Bridge"
- program.
bullet.gif "Hasty Heart"
- program
- articles (7)
- pictures (14)
Act I, Act II, Act III.
bullet.gif "The Proposal" and "Cloey"
- program
- article (1).
bullet.gif "Icebound"
- program
- articles (7)
- pictures (12)
Various scenes, crew.
bullet.gif "The Pretentious Young Ladies"
- program.
bullet.gif "Where's Charley?"
- program.
bullet.gif "Macbeth"
- program.
bullet.gif "Aida"
- program
- articles (3)
- pictures (33)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "Curtain Call"
- program.
bullet.gif "The Glass Menagerie"
- program
- article (2)
picture (1)
bullet.gif "Death Takes a Holiday"
- program
- articles (8)
- pictures (8)
Cast picture, various scenes.
bullet.gif "The Rivals"
- program
- articles (11)
- pictures (15)
Scenes and cast picture.

Box 3
1958-1960 plays directed by Dr. Collier
bullet.gif "The Little Foxes"
- program
- articles (16)
- pictures (15)
Various scenes, cast.
bullet.gif "Othello"
- program.
bullet.gif "Wizard of Oz" - program
- articles (8)
- pictures (28)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "Stratton," "Love, Licorice, and Lace," and "The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife"
- program
- articles (7)
- pictures (21)
Various Scenes.
bullet.gif "The Crucible"
- program
- articles (10)
- pictures (24)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "The Barretts of Wimpole Street"
- program
- articles (12)
- pictures (35)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "The Student Prince"
- program
- articles (10)
- pictures (5)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "Time Limit"
- program
- articles (12)
- pictures (9)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif Paul.
bullet.gif "Arms and the Man"
- porgram
- articles (9)
- pictures (11)
Various scenes.
bullet.gif "Anastacia" - articles (7)
- pictures (14)
Various scenes.

Box 4
bullet.gif One graduation certificate: Bachelor of Arts, Abilene Christian University.
bullet.gif One graduation certificate: Master of Arts, University of Iowa.
bullet.gif One graduation certificate: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Denver.
bullet.gif One color photograph: Posed in graduation uniform.
bullet.gif One framed citation: Texas Christian University, Board of Trustees, 1991.
bullet.gif One framed certificate: Friends of ACU Library, "Friend of the Year".
bullet.gif One plaque: Service Appreciation Award, Texas Christian University, 1967-1991.

Box 5

Newspaper Articles - Abilene Christian University
bullet.gif Abilene Opera to Feature Neoclassic Agenda (Optimist 1994).
bullet.gif Gaylan Collier Presented in Speech Recital (0ptimist).
bullet.gif Two Country Girls in Dramatics at ACU.
bullet.gif Gluvanna Girl is Given Role in 3-Act Play.
bullet.gif Collier, Powell, White Have Leads in Major Production.
bullet.gif "Moor Born" Opens Tonight (Optimist 5/4/45).
bullet.gif Quiz Kid Finds Time for Other Work, Too.
bullet.gif By Alice Ann Mann (Optimist 3/24/55).
bullet.gif Melpomenean Players to Give "The Heiress" October 25-26 (ARN 10/14/51).
bullet.gif "Rivals" Flopped in 1775; Melpoms' Production New.
bullet.gif New Melpom Members Announced at Cast Party.
bullet.gif Melpoms Present Prize Drama of War Years.
bullet.gif Pickwickers Initiate; Melpoms Present Play.
bullet.gif Talk of the Town.
bullet.gif Descant.
bullet.gif Drama Bunch Begins "Bambi" (Optimist).
bullet.gif Delving a Little Further Concerning the Play Ban.
bullet.gif Theatrical Clinic for Melpoms Sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega (Optimist).
bullet.gif Noted Director Recalls Theatrical Ups, Downs.
bullet.gif Shaved Head, Beards Add Realism to ACC Production (ARN).
bullet.gif ACT, ACC Plays Debut Thursday.
bullet.gif Claim to Royalty Probed in Play (ARN).
bullet.gif Theatre Meet Opens Friday (ARN 3/13/60).
bullet.gif "Student Prince" For Homecoming.
bullet.gif Eleanor Jean Browning Weds William H. Vermillion Jr.
bullet.gif Costumed Truope Stages "Much Ado" Tonight (Optimist).
bullet.gif One-Act Dramas Staged by ACC Student Actors.
bullet.gif "Rivals" Draws Many Laughs at ACC First Night.
bullet.gif Work of ACC Players Rates Near Professional.
bullet.gif Salem Witch Hunt Portrayed Well.
bullet.gif ACC Freshmen Make History.
bullet.gif Six New Faculty Members Grace Campus Here.
bullet.gif ACC Players Slate Year's Final Play (ARN 5/6/51).
bullet.gif "Barretts" Ends ACC Stage Year (ARN 5/3/59).
bullet.gif "Eileen" Arrives Tonight... (Optimist 4/25/52).
bullet.gif ACC Fine Arts Department Presents "Eileen" (Optimist 4/25/52).
bullet.gif "Icebound" Hits, Returns Tonight for Final Show.
bullet.gif "Madame Butterfly" to be Staged Tonight (Optimist 4/17/53).
bullet.gif ACC Presents "Madame Butterfly" (Optimist 4/17/53).
bullet.gif "Our Town" to be Played Nov. 11, 12 on ACC Stage (Optimist 11/5/54).
bullet.gif 10 Members Added to ACC's Faculty for 1950 Fall Term.
bullet.gif Jester, Duke and Count Sing Through Troubles (Optimist 4/14/55).
bullet.gif "Rigoletto" Gives Panorama of ACC Operatic Talent (Optimist 4/28/55).
bullet.gif Sad Court Jester to Sing Title Role in "Rigoletto" (Optimist 4/21/55).

Newspaper Clippings - Idaho State College
bullet.gif ISU Players Give Intensity to Play, "J. B."
bullet.gif Oboler Calls "J. B." Top Play in 14 Years to ISC Players (ISC Bengal 4/19/63).
bullet.gif ISC Drama Prof Seeks Data on Early Theatre.
bullet.gif ISC Speech-Drama Professor Seeks Lore on Early Theatres (ISJ 5/7/62).
bullet.gif Brilliant "View" Attracts Small Opening Audience (4/13/62).
bullet.gif "Intense, Intimate" Play Starts Thursday Night.
bullet.gif Critic Lands Student Performances in Miller's "View" (ISC Bengal 4/27/62).
bullet.gif Theatre, ISC Challenges Miller's Dynamic Play (Theatre ISC 4/62).
bullet.gif Reviewer Says "Fair" a Treat (2/61).
bullet.gif Texas-Born Professor to Direct Sabrina Fair.
bullet.gif Fairy Tale Presentation Depict Idealistic Love (12/14/62).
bullet.gif Drama Critic Praises Evening with Moliere.
bullet.gif Charlie Delights Crowd, Reviewer.

Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous
bullet.gif Introducing the Charming Candidates for Title of Miss Clark County.
bullet.gif Judith Ann Closson Wins Miss Clark County Title.
bullet.gif "Nothing but Truth" Slated for Odell Boards Tonight.
bullet.gif Tearful Dramas Dominate Radio Series.
bullet.gif UT Actors Stage Broadway Play.
bullet.gif "The Fantasticks" Comes Thursday (Titan Times 1/4/64).
bullet.gif "Separate Tables" Delectable Drama (Daily Texan 12/13/62).
bullet.gif Albee Discussion, Play Planned.
bullet.gif 872 Graduate at Record Summer Commencement (Daily Iowan 8/10/49).
bullet.gif Old Drama, Modern Comment (11/4/62).

Newspaper Clippings - Sam Houston
bullet.gif "Romeo and Juliet" Cast Give Final Performance Saturday (12/6/63).
bullet.gif "Carnival" for Young at Heart.
bullet.gif Spring Musical "Carnival" is "Meant for Enjoyment".
bullet.gif Schmidt Heads Drama Staff with Wide State Experience 3/26/65.

Programs - Abilene Christian College
bullet.gif The City Slicker and Our Nell (3/18/55).
bullet.gif Christmas Today (12/11/45).
bullet.gif Our Hearts were Young and Gay.
bullet.gif Othello (5/22/58).
bullet.gif Nothing but the Truth (Nov/Dec).
bullet.gif Sun-Up (May 1951).
bullet.gif Junior Speech Recital - Joyce Branch and Doris Gilley (5/16/55).
bullet.gif AIDA (April 1954).
bullet.gif Dear Ruth.
bullet.gif Eileen (4/25/52).
bullet.gif Icebound (2/11-12/54).
bullet.gif Commencement May 26, 1952.
bullet.gif Madame Butterfly (4/17/53).
bullet.gif Rigoletto.
bullet.gif Wizard of Oz.
bullet.gif Sabrina Fair.
bullet.gif Much Ado About Nothing.

Programs - Abilene Community Theatre
bullet.gif Anastasia (May 1960).

Programs - Greensboro College Players
bullet.gif Much Ado About Nothing (5/12/50).
bullet.gif Jack and the Beanstalk (1/27/50).
bullet.gif Children of the Moon (11/11-12/49).
bullet.gif Private Lives.
bullet.gif Twelfth Night 12/17/-18/47).
bullet.gif Confessional and The Friendly Church (March 28).

Programs - Idaho State College
bullet.gif Sabrina (2/24-25/61).
bullet.gif A View from the Bridge (April 1962).
bullet.gif Oedipus Rex (3/24-25/61).
bullet.gif The Elves and the Schoemaker (10/14-15/60).
bullet.gif J. B. (April 1963).
bullet.gif Where's Charley (10/61).
bullet.gif Time Remembered (12/62).
bullet.gif The Pajama Game (11/60).
bullet.gif A Sleep of Prisoners (1/61).

Programs - Miscellaneous
bullet.gif MacBird (July-Aug 1967).
bullet.gif Ballet Theatre (Ballet Theatre Foundation, 2/13/51).
bullet.gif Harvey (Theatre TCU, 12/80).
bullet.gif Jacobowsky and the Colonel (Univeristy Theatre, November).
bullet.gif State University of Iowa Concert Band.
bullet.gif Ten Little Indians (Burnsville School of Fine Arts, 7/51).
bullet.gif Bad Seed (Witherspoon-Grimes, 4/56).
bullet.gif Julius Casear.
bullet.gif The Minnesota Theatre Company 1963.
bullet.gif Theatre De Lys, Matinee Series.
bullet.gif The Grass Harp (Circle in the Square).
bullet.gif His and Hers.
bullet.gif The Great Divide.
bullet.gif Once in a Lifetime (University of Denver Theatre, 7/62).
bullet.gif Thieves' Carnival (University of Denver 4/56).
bullet.gif Mister Roberts (New York Company).
bullet.gif Fluvanna High School Junior-Senior Banquet 5/16/40.
bullet.gif The Country Girl (Courtyard Players).
bullet.gif The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 6/27/59.
bullet.gif Bye Bye Birdie (Curtain Call).
bullet.gif Look Homeward, Angel (University of Texas, Feb. 20-23).
bullet.gif The Balcony (The Playgoer).

Programs - Playbill
bullet.gif All the Way Home.
bullet.gif The Apple Tree.
bullet.gif Cabaret.
bullet.gif Camelot.
bullet.gif Carnival!.
bullet.gif The Fifth Season.
bullet.gif The Homecoming.
bullet.gif I Do! I Do!.
bullet.gif Mary, Mary.
bullet.gif Picnic.
bullet.gif The Seven Year Itch.
bullet.gif A Taste of Honey.
bullet.gif Wonderful Town.
bullet.gif You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running.

Programs - Sam Houston State College
bullet.gif Cabaret Theatre (3/30/67).
bullet.gif Romeo and Juliet (12/63).
bullet.gif The Three Sisters (3/66).
bullet.gif The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker (10/66).
bullet.gif A Man for All Seasons (March 8-11).

Programs - Stagebill
bullet.gif The Immoralist.
bullet.gif Damn Yankees (1956).
bullet.gif Cyrano De Bergerac.
bullet.gif Henry V.
bullet.gif The Fatal Weakness.

Programs - Theatre State Fair Park (Dallas)
bullet.gif The Contrast (Feb-March 1959).
bullet.gif Hamlet.
bullet.gif An Innocent in Time.
bullet.gif The Rivals.

Box 6
bullet.gif Army Papers and Miscellaneous Items.
bullet.gif Cards and Personal Notes.
bullet.gif Correspondence.
bullet.gif Drama/Theatre Papers.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous.
bullet.gif Notepads.
bullet.gif Notes and Letters (from students).
bullet.gif Papers (misc.)
bullet.gif Photographs - Theatre (large 56).
bullet.gif Photographs - Theatre (small - 99).
bullet.gif Photographs - Personal (181).
bullet.gif Scripts.
bullet.gif Sock.
bullet.gif Theatre Announcements (ACC).
bullet.gif Theatre News (misc.)
bullet.gif Tickets (assorted).

Box 7
bullet.gif Assignments in Acting (by Gaylan Jane Collier).
bullet.gif "The Confidant in Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama" (a paper by Gaylan Collier).
bullet.gif Class Notes - Assorted Papers from Acting Classes.
bullet.gif "Creating New Resources" (University of Denver).
bullet.gif "Denman Thompson as Joshua Whitcomb: An Actor-Playwright's Contribution to Realism" by Gaylan Collier.
bullet.gif "Long Day's Journey Into Night" by Eugene O'Neill.
bullet.gif University of Denver - Five Notebooks of Handwritten Notes.

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