G. Dallas Smith -- [MS 79]

Box 1: Biographical Data
bullet.gif Firm Foundation - 35 articles about or by G. D. S., typed in manuscript form and indexed (1903-1921).
bullet.gif Gospel Advocate - 165 articles about or by G. D. S., typed in manuscript for and indexed (1896-1920).
bullet.gif Gospel Guide - Articles from Smith's "Sideline Flashes" column, 1905-1909, G. D. S. - Editor.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous Papers.
bullet.gif Open Bible Chart and lesson outline. Pictures and slides included.
bullet.gif Reasons for Our Existence by G. D. S. (Sermon delivered in the new Christian Chapel at Weatherford, Tx.)
bullet.gif Songs of Redemption by G. D. S.

Box 2: Lecture Banners
bullet.gif The New Birth: John 3:3-8.
bullet.gif Do Christ and Apostles Contradict?
bullet.gif Chain of Salvation.
bullet.gif God in the Affairs of Man.
bullet.gif Truth Makes Free.
bullet.gif Worldliness in the Church.
bullet.gif Power of Little Things.
bullet.gif Compromising.
bullet.gif High Cost of Discipleship.
bullet.gif Salvation: Past, Present, Future.
bullet.gif Evolution and Bible.
bullet.gif All Blessings in Christ.
bullet.gif Spiritual Growth.
bullet.gif What Must I Do to be Saved.
bullet.gif Baptism: Its Action and Purpose.
bullet.gif Hellfire - Eternal Torment.
bullet.gif Christian Warfare Armour.
bullet.gif Anything in the Name?

Box 3: Lecture Banners
bullet.gif Live for the Truth of God.
bullet.gif Little Red String.
bullet.gif Resurrection of Christ.
bullet.gif Our Duty to Young Folk.
bullet.gif Heaven.
bullet.gif Can All Understand Bible Alike?
bullet.gif Salvation of Noah - Type.
bullet.gif What Kind of Hearers Are You?
bullet.gif General, Future, Final Judgement.
bullet.gif Christ's Coming - How? - What Will Occur?
bullet.gif Supreme, Universal, Final Authority of Christ.
bullet.gif The Gospel Paul Preached.
bullet.gif Saved by Grace.
bullet.gif What Think Ye of Christ.
bullet.gif Divine and Human Sides of Salvation.

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