LeMoine G. Lewis Papers -- [MS 74: BOX 8]

Church History Notes, Vol. 8

09/26/1984 Church Beginnings in America (10)
The Quakers.
10/10/1984 Church Beginnings in America (11)
William Penn's "Holy Experiment".
10/17/1984 Church Beginnings in America (12)
Continental Religious Groups in the American Colonies.
10/24/1984 Church Beginnings in America (13)
The Moravian Brethren.
10/31/1984 Church Beginnings in America (14)
Other German Groups in America: Schwenckfelders and German Lutherans.
11/07/1984 Church Beginnings in America (15)
The German Reformed Church.
11/14/1984 Church Beginnings in America (16)
The Presbyterians.
12/05/1984 Events and Conditions That Made the American Churches Ready for the Great Awakening.
01/16/1985 The Great Awakening.
01/23/1895 The Great Awakening Among the Dutch Reformed and the Presbyterians in the Middle Colonies.
01/30/1985 Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening in New England.
02/06/1985 George Whitefield and the Geat Awakening.
02/13/1985 George Whitefield and the Great Awakening in New England.
02/27/1985 George Whitefield and the Evangelical Revival in Britain.
03/06/1985 Whitefield's Later Years.
03/27/1985 Jonathan Edwards and the New England Theology.
04/03/1985 Jonathan Edwards at Stockbridge and the Aftermath of the Great Awakening.

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