LeMoine G. Lewis Papers -- [MS 74: BOX 6]

Church History Notes, Vol. 6

02/16/1983 Martin Bucer.
03/02/1983 Theodore Beza (1519-165).
03/09/1983 The Thirty Years War (1618-1648).
03/16/1983 The Rise of the Congregationalists.
03/30/1983 The Baptists.
04/13/1983 Civil War in England: Triumph of Presbyterianism and Independency Over Anglicanism.
04/20/1983 The Westminister Standards of Presbyterians.
04/27/1983 The Settlement in England: The Restoration and the Glorious Revolution.
09/07/1983 The Beginnings of the Modern Period of Church History.
09/14/1983 George Fox and the Society of Friends (Quakers) (1).
09/21/1983 George Fox and the Society of Friends (Quakers) (2)
The Spread of the Quakers in the Face of Persecution.
09/28/1983 Deism (1), The Deists.
10/05/1983 The Deism (2), The Second and Third Generation of Deists.
10/12/1983 The Deism (3), The Church's Answer to Deism.
10/19/1983 The Church in France Under Louis XIV: Jesuits, Huguenots, Gallicanism and Jansenism.
10/26/1983 Devotional Treasures from the Golden Age of France.
11/02/1983 The Fierce Battle Between Rome and the Jesuits Against the Quietists in the Golden Age of France and More Devotional Treasures.
11/09/1983 French Naturalism.
11/16/1983 The French Revolution.

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