LeMoine G. Lewis Papers -- [MS 74: BOX 1]

Church History Notes, Vol. 1

10/08/1975 Church History (Lesson 1).
10/15/1975 Jesus and His Church.
10/22/1975 The First Thirty Years of the Church -- The Apostolic Age.
10/29/1975 Scattered Bits of Histoy from the New Testament.
11/05/1975 What Happened to the Apostles?
11/12/1975 The Second Thirty Years of the Church -- The Post-Apostolic Age.
11/19/1975 The Apostolic Fathers -- Highlights of the Second Century.
12/03/1975 The Apostolic Fathers -- Ignatius of Antioch.
12/10/1975 The Apostolic Fathers (3).
01/14/1976 The Apostolic Fathers (4).
01/21/1976 The Apostolic Fathers (5).
01/28/1976 The Apostolic Fathers (6).
02/04/1976 The Apologists.
The Apologists -- Justin Martyr.
The Apologists.
02/18/1976 Heresies, Schisms and Problems of the Second Century.
03/03/1976 Heresies, Schisms and Problems of the Second Century.
03/10/1976 Heresies, Schisms and Problems of the Second Century -- Marcion.
03/31/1976 The Church and the State: Pagan Attacks on Christianity.
03/17/1976 The Montanists.
04/07/1976 Later Greek Apologists.
04/14/1976 Heresies of the Late Second Century and the Defense Mechanism Developed.
04/21/1976 The Beginnings of Latin Christianity -- The Latin Apologists and the First Latin Theologian.
04/28/1976 The Theologians of the Second Century.
09/01/1976 (2) The Highlights of the Second Century.
The Third Century.
09/08/1976 The Beginning of the Third Century -- The Severan Persecution.
09/15/1976 The Third Century -- Hippolytus of Rome.
10/13/1976 Tertullian and the Aftermath of the Severan Persecution in North Africa.
10/20/1976 The Severan Persecution in Egypt and Origen in Alexandria and Caesarea.
10/27/1976 The Middle of the Third Century -- The Decian Persecution and Cyprian of Carthage.
11/03/1976 The Last Half of the Third Century -- The Great Peace.
11/10/1976 The Last Great Persecution.
Highlights of the Fourth Century.
12/01/1976 The Aftermath of the Last Great Persecution -- The Donatists.
12/08/1976 The Changed Situation: Constantine and the Imperial Church.
01/12/1977 The Trinitarian Controversy in the Time of Constantine.
01/19/1977 Constantine After Nicaea.
01/26/1977 The Arian Controversy After the Death of Constantine.
02/02/1977 The Victory of Orthodoxy: The Council of Constantinople, 381 A.D.
02/09/1977 The Golden Age of the Fathers (1).
02/16/1977 The Golden Age of the Fathers (2).
03/02/1977 Augustine.
03/09/1977 The Theological Battles of Augustine.
03/16/1977 Augustine vs. Pelagius.
03/30/1977 The Christological Controversy.
04/06/1977 Semi-Pelagianism and Semi-Augustinianism.
04/13/1977 The Barbarian Invasions.
04/20/1977 Justinian.
04/27/1977 Monks and Missionaries.
09/14/1977 Gregory I (Gregory the Great).
09/07/1977 What the Middle Ages Inherited from the Ancient Church.
The Six Hundreds.
09/14/1977 Gregory the Great (540-604).

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