Frank Grimes -- [MS 73]

     Frank Grimes was a very respected newspaper editor for the Abilene Reporter News. There were several articles written by the colleagues of Mr. Grimes explaining his great ability to write and what a great man he was.
     The greatest portion of the papers are poems written by Mr. Grimes. There are hundreds of poems ranging in tipics from fishing to war. There are also a few short stories included in the papers which Mr. Grimes wrote and some editorials and essays. Mr Grimes also wrote a section for the paper titled "Little Essays," and many of these are included in the manuscript.
     In the manuscript there are a few papers that were not written by Mr. Grimes, but do relate to him. An example of these papers is the memorialization booklet for R. K. Grimes, son of Frank Grimes, and a letter to the daughter of Mr. Grimes about the death of R. K. Grimes. There are also four volumes of a book titled Southern Kirth and Kin written by Jewel Davis Scarborough and personally autographed by the author.
     The last things included in Mr. Grimes' manuscript are two newspapers, on is a 1924 edition of the Abilene Reporter News and the other is a 1921 Abilene Pacemaker.

Box 1
bullet.gif Frank Grimes' Poetry A-Z.
bullet.gif Duplicates of Frank Grimes' Poetry A-Z.

Box 2
bullet.gif Newspaper Clippings.
bullet.gif Duplicates of Newpaper Clippings.
bullet.gif Frank Grimes' essay.
bullet.gif Duplicates of Frank Grimes' essays.
bullet.gif Memorialization for R. K. Grimes/Troubadour/Certificates of Range Face in Texas.

Box 3
bullet.gif Letters to the Editor/Letters to daughter Mary.
bullet.gif Duplicates of letters to the Editor/Letters to daughter Mary.
bullet.gif Frank Grimes' Essays.
bullet.gif Duplicates of Frank Grimes' Essays.
bullet.gif "Little Essays" written by Frank Grimes.
bullet.gif Duplicates of "Little Essays" by Frank Grimes.
bullet.gif Poetry copied by Ione Watts.
bullet.gif Duplicates of poetry copied by Ione Watts.

Box 4
bullet.gif Photocopies of all Frank Grimes' manuscript papers.

Box 5
bullet.gif Four volumes of Southern Kith and Kin by Jewel Davis Scarborough.

Box 6
bullet.gif "Unclaimed" a comedy drama.
bullet.gif Duplicate copy of "Unclaimed" a comedy drama.
bullet.gif One copy of The Abilene Pacemaker.
bullet.gif One copy of a 1924 Abilene Reporter News.
bullet.gif One scrap book used as a submission for the Pulitzer Prize.
bullet.gif Three folders filled with newspaper articles regarding editorials.
bullet.gif Plaque presented to Frank Grimes by the citizens of Abilene - 1956.

Box 7
bullet.gif Letters of condolences tothe wife of Fank Grimes.
bullet.gif Copies of letters of condolences to the wife of Frank Grimes.
bullet.gif Frank Grimes' editorials from late 1960 and 1961.
bullet.gif Copies of Frank Grimes' editorials from late 1960 and 1961.
bullet.gif Columbia University Bulletin.
bullet.gif Editor and Publisher the 4th Estate.
bullet.gif Response to Frank Grimes Day Luncheon.
bullet.gif Copies of Response to Frank Grimes Day Luncheon.
bullet.gif Program from Diamond Jubliee, April 8-14, 1881-1956.

Box 8
bullet.gif Photographs of Frank Grimes, his family, and landscape.

Box 9
bullet.gif News from Emperor of Japan for those who influence public opinion.
bullet.gif Columbia University American Press Institute.
bullet.gif Portex (military expedition) papers and handbook.

Box 10
bullet.gif 3 Records of "Mesquites Under Thunder" Opera in One Act.
bullet.gif 1 Record of Frank Grimes Day.
bullet.gif 3 Miscellaneaous records.
bullet.gif Newspaper clippings about Frank Grimes (copies included).
bullet.gif Newspaper clippings announcing Frank Grimes' death (copies included).
bullet.gif Memorial Record of Frank Grimes' death.
bullet.gif Leather wallet.
bullet.gif Scrapbook of Frank Grimes Day (copies included).

Box 11
bullet.gif Resolutions in memory of Frank Grimes (copies included).
bullet.gif Scrapbook of editorials by Frank Grimes (copies included).
bullet.gif Scrapbook of editorials and letters (copies included).

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