Nineteenth Century Newspapers, Maps and Drawings -- [MS 72]

Box 1: Newspapers
bullet.gif The Balance and Columbian Repository Hudson, New York. Tuesday, September 16, 1806.
bullet.gif Boston Daily Advertiser Wednesday, January 22, 1861.
bullet.gif The Charleston Mercury Charleston, South Carolina. Monday, April 30, 1860; Tuesday, May 1, 1860; Thursday, May 3, 1860.
bullet.gif Columbian Centinel Boston, Massachusetts. January 10, 1801 (Columbian Centinel and Massachusetts Federalist); Wednesday, March 24, 1802 (Extra).
bullet.gif Columbian Phoenix or Providence Patriot Saturday, January 2, 1813.
bullet.gif The Connecticut Courant Hartford, Connecticut. Wednesday, August, 10, 1808.
bullet.gif The Daily Exchange Baltimore, Maryland. Thursday, February 21, 1861.
bullet.gif Delaware Journal Wilmington, Delaware. Tuesday, March 4, 1830.
bullet.gif The Democrat Washington D.C. Wednesday, August 15, 1804.
bullet.gif Guardian of Liberty Newport, Rhode Island. Saturday, June 13, 1801.
bullet.gif Hampden Journal Springfield, Massachusetts. Wednesday, March 16, 1825.
bullet.gif Literary Cadet and Rhode Island Statesman Providence, Rhode Island. Saturday morning, December 4, 1827.
bullet.gif The Mississippi Democrat Columbus, Mississippi. Saturday, March 2, 1861; Saturday March 23, 1861.
bullet.gif Morning Chronicle New York. July 14, 1804.
bullet.gif National Intelligencer Washington, D.C. June 6, 1861 (Daily National Inetlligencer); Saturday, June 8, 1867; Thursday, April 2, 1868.
bullet.gif New Hapmshire Gazette Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Tuesday, October 6, 1812.
bullet.gif New York Daily Tribune Monday, May 22, 1865; Saturday, September 9, 1865.
bullet.gif New York Herald Monday morning, May 8, 1848 (Extra); Saturday, May 27, 1848.
bullet.gif New York Semi-weekly Tribune Friday, July 7, 1876 (pp. 7 & 8 only).
bullet.gif New York Spectator Wednesday, August 23, 1810.
bullet.gif New York Times Monday, May 15, 1865.

Box 2: Newspapers Cont'd
bullet.gif Newport Mercury Newport, Rhode Island. Saturday, June 13, 1807.
bullet.gif Newark Daily Advertiser Newark, New Jersey. Tuesday evening, July 24, 1832.
bullet.gif Philadelphia Inquirer Wednesday, June 4, 1862; Wednesday, June 25, 1862; Friday, December 12, 1862; Saturday, June 27, 1863; Saturday, July 4, 1863; Friday, February 19, 1864; Saturday, March 11, 1865; Tuesday, June 6, 1865; Monday, Septmeber 4, 1865.
bullet.gif Placer Times and Transcript San Francisco. Tuesday morning, June 29, 1852.
bullet.gif Providence Gazette Providence, Rhode Island. Saturday, August 8, 1801.
bullet.gif Providence Phoenix Providence, Rhode Island. Saturday, January, 19, 1805.
bullet.gif Republican and Argus Baltimore, Maryland. Saturday evening, March 20, 1847; Friday evening, May 26, 1848.
bullet.gif Rhode Island Religious Intelligencer Providence, Rhode Island. Saturday, September 15, 1824.
bullet.gif Rhode Island Republican Newport, Rhode Island. Wednesday, May 15, 1822.
bullet.gif United States Gazette Tuesday morning, May 4, 1812; Monday morning, May 11, 1812.
bullet.gif Vermont Times, Windsor, Vermont. Friday, May 29, 1840.
bullet.gif Virginia Patriot Richmond, Virginia. Saturday, January 28, 1815.
bullet.gif The Washtington Federalist Wednesday, January 19, 1803; Friday, January 21, 1803; Monday, January 9, 1804.

Box 3: Assorted Maps and Drawings from Gentleman's Magazine
bullet.gif Map of Italy (from Gentleman's Magazine, Vol XII).
bullet.gif A plan of the city and harbour of La Vera Cruz and the castle of San Juan de Ulua.
bullet.gif The exact draught of the Castle of San Lorenzo, village and river of Chagre.
bullet.gif Chart of the Antarctic polar circle with the countries adjoining, according to the new hypothesis of M. Buache.
bullet.gif Drawing of a self-moving wheel (from Gentlemen's Magazine, Oct 1751).
bullet.gif The British Governments in North America laid down agreeable to the proclamation of October 7, 1763.
bullet.gif A map of the new continent according to its greatest diametrical length from the River La Plata to beyond the Lake of Assiniboils.
bullet.gif The seige of Rhode Island, taken from Mr. Brindley's House, on the 25th of August, 1778.
bullet.gif A General Map of the Discoveries of Admiral de Fonte and others, by M. De L'Isle.
bullet.gif A plan of the Seige of Havana, drawn of an officer on the Spot, 1762.
bullet.gif An accurate map of His R. H. the Duke of York's journey through Italy in 1763 and 1764.
bullet.gif Southwest prospect of Mount Vesuvius (from the Gentleman's Magazine Vol. XVII).
bullet.gif A prospect of Mount Etna, with its eruption in 1669.
bullet.gif A prospect of Mount Vesuvius with its eruption in 1630.
bullet.gif A map of the South Pole with the Track of His Majesty's Sloop, Resolution, in search of a southern continent.
bullet.gif A new projection of the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth on a plane.
bullet.gif Map of Africa.
bullet.gif The inside of the Partheon at Rome.
bullet.gif A view of the town and castle of St. Augustine, and the English camp before it, June 20, 1740.
bullet.gif The East Indies drawn from the latest discoveries.
bullet.gif Chart of the Track of the Dolphin, Tamar, Swallow, and Endeavor through the South Seas.
bullet.gif Map of Hudson's River with the adjacent country.
bullet.gif View of the arch or Grand Entrance to the Temple of the Sun as now standing among the ruins at Palmyra.
bullet.gif A south view of the city of Genoa.
bullet.gif A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent.
bullet.gif Plan of Gibraltar.
bullet.gif A new map or chart of the Western or Atlantic Ocean, with part of Europe, Africa, and America.
bullet.gif An accurate Map of the West Indies exhibiting not only all the islands possessed by the English, French, Spaniards nad Dutch, but also all the towns and settlements on the Continent of America adjacent thereto.
bullet.gif Geography of the great solar eclipse of July 14, 1768(?).
bullet.gif A new chart of the coast of New England, Nova Scotia, New France or Canada, with the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, and St. John's.
bullet.gif Carte Géographique du Cap de Bonne Espérance (Cape of Good Hope).

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