Montie McGinty Foster Collection -- [MS 69]

Box 1
Commentaries on
bullet.gif John.
bullet.gif Romans.
bullet.gif I Corinthians.
bullet.gif II Corinthians.
bullet.gif Ephesians.
bullet.gif Hebrews.
bullet.gif Revelation.

Box 2: Folder 1
Miscellaneous Lessons
bullet.gif Sermon on the Mount.
bullet.gif Paul.
bullet.gif Peter.
bullet.gif The Bible.
bullet.gif Restoration Heroes.
bullet.gif Parable of the Talents and the Prodigal Son.
bullet.gif Discontent.
bullet.gif To God be the Glory.
bullet.gif Love of Money.
bullet.gif On Beauty.
bullet.gif Outline of the Life of Christ.
bullet.gif Holy Spirit.
bullet.gif Heaven - Two Lessons.
bullet.gif The Power of God.
bullet.gif The Ministry of Love.
bullet.gif Seeking Approval.
bullet.gif Treasures Old and New.
bullet.gif Knowing God Personally.
bullet.gif What's it Worth.
bullet.gif Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
bullet.gif The Price of the Cross.
bullet.gif Hindrances to Prayer.

Box 2: Folder 2
bullet.gif The Church and Christian Living.
bullet.gif Commitment and Justification.
bullet.gif Recent Revisions.
bullet.gif Dead Sea Scrolls.
bullet.gif The Bible.

Box 3: Folder 1
bullet.gif Women and Husbands.
bullet.gif Christian Family.
bullet.gif Unpublished Book.
bullet.gif Clubs and Graduate Talks.

Box 3: Folder 2
bullet.gif A Look at Womankind.
bullet.gif A Look at Ourselves.
bullet.gif Woman's Highest Freedom - 16pp.
bullet.gif Widows: a)10 pages, b)11 pages, c)4 pages.
bullet.gif Teach Young Women to Love Their Children.
bullet.gif The Old Testament Concept of Training a Child in the Home.
bullet.gif Educational Concepts in the New Testament.
bullet.gif Responsibilities of Mothers in the Program of the Church.
bullet.gif Responsibilities of a Christian Mother.
bullet.gif Responsibilities of Mothers of Older Children.
bullet.gif Mothers of Young Children: a) 7pp, b) 14pp.
bullet.gif Your Young Children.
bullet.gif Family Relationships.
bullet.gif The Mature Christian.
bullet.gif The Happy Christian Woman.
bullet.gif Train up a Child.
bullet.gif God's Order for Husbands.

Box 3: Folder 3
bullet.gif Ladies' Bible Class.
bullet.gif God's Order for Parents.
bullet.gif A Royal Priesthood.
bullet.gif God's Order for Children.
bullet.gif Outside Readings.
bullet.gif Christians - II Peter.
bullet.gif What Does a Man Really Want in a Wife.
bullet.gif Lesson 2 - Standards of this Course.
bullet.gif Young Ladies Program.
bullet.gif Excercising Thyself Unto Godliness.
bullet.gif The Liberated Woman.
bullet.gif Now to Handle Guilt.
bullet.gif Eve, Miriam, Deborah.
bullet.gif Tattling Women.
bullet.gif Jezebel.
bullet.gif Esther.
bullet.gif Sarah.
bullet.gif Rebekah.
bullet.gif Waiting for the Birdie.
bullet.gif Helpful Women.
bullet.gif Euodias and Syntyche.
bullet.gif Priscilla and Aquilla.
bullet.gif Esther.
bullet.gif Anthenian, Roman, Jewish Women.
bullet.gif Ruth.

Box 4: Old Testament
bullet.gif Psalms.
bullet.gif Devotional Literature.
bullet.gif Proverbs.
bullet.gif Daniel and Judges.
bullet.gif Ecclesiastes.
bullet.gif Job.
bullet.gif Song of Songs.
bullet.gif Ruth.
bullet.gif Esther.
bullet.gif Prophets.
bullet.gif Samson.
bullet.gif Cities of Refuge.

Box 5
bullet.gif The Bible as Literature.
bullet.gif The Interpretation of the Bible and Literature.
bullet.gif Workshops.
bullet.gif Lectureship.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous.

Box 6
bullet.gif Book Reviews.
bullet.gif Patriotism.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous.

Box 7
bullet.gif Theatre.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous.
bullet.gif Clippings, quotes, peoms, etc.
bullet.gif Phyllis McGinley.

Box 8
bullet.gif Grade Books.

Box 9
bullet.gif Large square box of personal letters from Jady?/Lady? to Montie.
bullet.gif Pictures, Diplomas, etc.

Box 10: Large, flat red box
bullet.gif Citation from Dept. of Speech. Large. Framed.
bullet.gif Wooden Plaque - Colorado City Playhouse, 1976.
bullet.gif Framed appreciation from Sherwood and Myrtle Foster.
bullet.gif West Texas State University 30th Anniversary Reunion - framed.
bullet.gif Small unframed photographs.
bullet.gif Newpaper article.
bullet.gif Cassette tape of Foster funeral, 4/25/92. Program of services, 4/23/92.
bullet.gif Obituary - Friday, April 24, 1992; Abilene Reporter News, p18A.
bullet.gif Teachers Permanent Elementary Certificate.
bullet.gif Birthdy card from Nancy and Ronald Reagan.
bullet.gif Delta Kappa Gamma Certificate.
bullet.gif Card of Appreciation from a class.
bullet.gif Lists of Donors giving in memory of Montie McGinty Foster.

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