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H. C. Darden -- [MS 67]

Books of H. C. Darden - Gift of Mrs. Wally Bullington

Box 1
bullet.gif Burns, Robert. Poems and Letters. (detached cover)
bullet.gif Creighton, James Edwin. An Introductory Logic. New York: Macmillan Company, 1907.
bullet.gif Jevons, W. Stanley. The Elements of Logic: A Textbook for Schools and Colleges. New York: American Book Company, 1883.
bullet.gif Nesbit E., ed. Twenty Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare: A Home Study Course. Chicago: D. E. Cunningham and Co., 1926.
bullet.gif Showalter, A. J., T. B. Mosley, H. M. Eagle, B. B. Beall, and J. R. Baxter, Jr. The Gospel Song Quartet Book for Men's Voices. Dalton, GA: A. J. Showalter Co., 1922.

Box 2
bullet.gif "Darden Homecoming At Call Sunday." The Kirbyville Banner. Kirbyville, Tx., 1950.
bullet.gif Darden, Newton Jasper. Darden Family History. Washington, D.C., 1953.
bullet.gif Fitzgerald, E. S. The Abilene Christian College Needs/The Abilene Chirstian College Has. H. C. Darden Press.
bullet.gif Gee, John Cleveland Jr. "Call Home."
bullet.gif Gee, John Cleveland Jr. Excerpt from original recording (tape #1 of 8) from which "Call Home" was written.
bullet.gif Reynolds, O. M. Abilene Christian College (Childers Classical Institute.) 1906-1907.

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