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Douglas Gunselman -- [MS 61]

Box 1
Places Douglas Gunsleman Researched
for his Doctorate Dissertation

bullet.gif Baptist Theological College.
bullet.gif Conservative Baptist Bible College.
bullet.gif P.I. Bible College of Quezon City.
bullet.gif Wesleyan Bible College.
bullet.gif Nazarene Bible College Questionaire and Analysis Paper.
bullet.gif Paper on Evangelical Christian Colleges and preparation for writing paper.

Box 2
Places Douglas Gunselman Researched
for his Doctorate Dissertation

bullet.gif Ebenezer Bible College.
bullet.gif P.I. Baptist Theolgical Seminary and Bible School.
bullet.gif Light and Life Bible Seminary.
bullet.gif Febias Colleg of the Bible.

Box 3
Places Douglas Gunselman Researched
for his Doctorate Dissertation

bullet.gif Church 3-C Gilmore.
bullet.gif Far East Advanced School of Theology.
bullet.gif Four Square Bible Institute.

Box 4

bullet.gif Dissertation Copies.
bullet.gif Research for and Doctoral Dissertation, prepartation materials, suggestions.
bullet.gif Dissertation Copies.

Box 5

bullet.gif General Information Sheet, Resolution for Quezon City Church of Christ.
bullet.gif Quezon University.
bullet.gif Quezon University prospective students.
bullet.gif Papers to Quezon City Church of Christ.

Box 6

bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College Applications and Pledges.
bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College 1965-1972.
bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College Board.
bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College Miscellaneous.

Box 7

bullet.gif Elders.
bullet.gif Elders - Sanford, Florida.
bullet.gif Elders - Re.Ray Bryan and Hg.
bullet.gif Deacon Worksheets.
bullet.gif The Minister Worksheet.

Box 8

bullet.gif Aprophesy (paper by Eusebio M. Lacuata.)
bullet.gif Are Missionaries Unbalanced?
bullet.gif Background of the Mission Work in the Phillipines.
bullet.gif Beware of "Church of Christers."
bullet.gif The Bibel Institute Co-ordinator.
bullet.gif Bible vs. Communism.
bullet.gif Blind Leaders of the Blind.
bullet.gif Christian Ethics.
bullet.gif God Lives.
bullet.gif God Lives.
bullet.gif A Guide to Conducting Self Evaluation.
bullet.gif How A Bible College Can Help in Evangelizing.
bullet.gif Human Adjustment.
bullet.gif Jesus is God.
bullet.gif Modernism.
bullet.gif Mosque and Moro - A Study of Muslims in the Phillipines.
bullet.gif Psychology of the Filipino.
bullet.gif The Rewards and Reward of the Missionary.
bullet.gif Similarities and Differences.
bullet.gif Space Men and Astronauts Read the Bible.

Box 9

bullet.gif Some Curriculum Problems Research done/ and paper.
bullet.gif The Specialist in Education Degree.
bullet.gif The Sunday School.
bullet.gif When I See Them by Moses B. Velasco.

Box 10

bullet.gif Deed no.s with names and addresses.
bullet.gif House in Samar Ave. 31.
bullet.gif Square Meter 80.? Each.
bullet.gif Land Deed Certificates.
bullet.gif Trying to Buy Property.
bullet.gif One Sq. Meter.
bullet.gif Land.
bullet.gif Home Owners Acceptance Association.
bullet.gif Renting at Maria Clara.

Box 11
The Phillipines

bullet.gif Phillipine Bible Camp.
bullet.gif Filipinos.
bullet.gif Information on hillipine Immigration Laws and Regulations.
bullet.gif Pictures of Filipinos.
bullet.gif Phillipine Island.
bullet.gif Phillipines.
bullet.gif Phillipine Stamps.

Box 12
Students of PBC

bullet.gif Letters to Students of PBC.
bullet.gif Letters to Students and Character ANalysis'.
bullet.gif Crisostomo Antonio.
bullet.gif Aurea.
bullet.gif Elizar Glori.
bullet.gif Minda A. Gonzalez.
bullet.gif Wilma Labiano.
bullet.gif Luz Santo Mendoza.
bullet.gif Elmita M. Moncay.
bullet.gif Minda Pajo.
bullet.gif Christian Service Reports and Other Papers on S. Belo Revelina.
bullet.gif Virginia.
bullet.gif Franco Wilfredo.

Box 13
Magazines and Pamphlets

bullet.gif The Reminder.
bullet.gif Truth.
bullet.gif Mastery of Life.
bullet.gif PBC Bulletin of General Information.
bullet.gif Christian Chronicle.
bullet.gif Why Am I a Member of the Church of Christ?
bullet.gif The Gospel Vidette.
bullet.gif Contact.
bullet.gif Thou Art Without Excuse.
bullet.gif Cavite Gang Shoots U.S. Missionary and The Search.
bullet.gif University of the Phillipines, Crowley's Ridge Christian College Brochures.
bullet.gif Gospel Advocate.
bullet.gif The Christian Caller.
bullet.gif The Heralder.
bullet.gif Firm Foundation.
bullet.gif This is the Phillipines.
bullet.gif Restoration Review.
bullet.gif Herald International.
bullet.gif The Voice of the PBC.
bullet.gif Knight Times Harding College.
bullet.gif The Pillar.
bullet.gif The Gospel Preacher.
bullet.gif The Phillipine Sower, The Phillipine Christian.
bullet.gif Character Education.
bullet.gif PBC in Review.
bullet.gif Action.
bullet.gif What Understandest Thou? (no.2)
bullet.gif That the Brethren May Know.
bullet.gif Pascaul.

Box 14
Bible Sermons and Lessons

bullet.gif Doctrine of Primitive Church.
bullet.gif Bible Refutation of a False Doctrine 1 and 2.
bullet.gif Program of Work, Worship, Program, Bible School.
bullet.gif Notes on 1st and 2nd Corinthians.
bullet.gif Parables of Jesus.
bullet.gif Sermon, The Resurrection.
bullet.gif New Testament Survey (Lesson 8.)
bullet.gif Basic Tagalog P.S. Asfrillera.

Box 15

bullet.gif Analysis and Questionaire from Asian Theological Seminary.
bullet.gif Missionary Health Questionaire.
bullet.gif Class-Ministers Survey of the New Testament.
bullet.gif Subjects Taught.
bullet.gif Analysis and Questionaire fromt he Baptist Theological College.
bullet.gif Analysis and Questionaire for the Central Bible Training Institute.
bullet.gif Chapel Questions.
bullet.gif Tests/Church History.
bullet.gif Student Teacher Questionaire for all Bible Colleges and Rankings of Colleges.
bullet.gif The Preacher and His Work tests.
bullet.gif Class Assignments, Teacher job rules.
bullet.gif Lessons for teachers.
bullet.gif Analysis of Graduates.

Box 16
Gunselman Family

bullet.gif Correspondence with Marshall Gunselman.
bullet.gif Papers on Douglas Gunsleman.
bullet.gif Letters to and from Mr. Gunselman and his family.
bullet.gif Cousin Irene.
bullet.gif Funeral Announcement W. J. Gunselman and A. M. Burton.
bullet.gif Manuscript written by Douglas Gunselman.
bullet.gif Correspondence in Gunselman Family.
bullet.gif Papers on Charline Gunselman.
bullet.gif Correspondence with M. Gunselman.
bullet.gif Carol's Discussion with Mother Superior.
bullet.gif Douglas Gunselman Eulegy.
bullet.gif Carol Gunselman.

Box 17

bullet.gif Gunselman Family Newsletter.
bullet.gif Bulletin Work 1.
bullet.gif Bulletin Work 2.

Box 18
Papers in order by year

bullet.gif 1964 - June 1967.

Box 19
Papers in order by year

bullet.gif July 1967 - 1969.

Box 20
Papers in order by year

bullet.gif 1970 - 1972.

Box 21

bullet.gif Eutiquio Aaraman.
bullet.gif Almonte.
bullet.gif Aninon.
bullet.gif C. G. Annis.
bullet.gif A. E. Bagwell.
bullet.gif Baglos, Bautista, and Franco.
bullet.gif Juan Crisostomo Balutabot.
bullet.gif Bart Batubato.
bullet.gif Spruell Beall.
bullet.gif Becks.
bullet.gif Jerry Bernerdino.
bullet.gif Bert Brown.
bullet.gif Dr. Marcus Bryant.
bullet.gif Buchanan with Garner.
bullet.gif Dave Bynum.
bullet.gif Brother Cariaga.
bullet.gif L. B. Chastain.
bullet.gif Jody W. Copeland.
bullet.gif Jessie Cruz.
bullet.gif Miss Daguna.
bullet.gif Charles Davis.
bullet.gif Loren Dougherty.
bullet.gif Eldeberto Fenefrancia.
bullet.gif Florida Friends.
bullet.gif E. N. Franklin.
bullet.gif Sister Gray.

Box 22
Correspondence cont'd

bullet.gif Dr. Morris Hale.
bullet.gif A. S. Higgins.
bullet.gif Negardo Layag.
bullet.gif Lecroy, Franklin, and Garlitos.
bullet.gif Chuck Lipford.
bullet.gif Date Lipper.
bullet.gif Edgardo Janista Maguiling.
bullet.gif Mrs. H. W. Maxwell.
bullet.gif G. Mayhew.
bullet.gif McDougalheimer.
bullet.gif Felipe Mondejar.
bullet.gif Barney Morehead.
bullet.gif C. F. Myer.
bullet.gif Thomas Oliva.
bullet.gif Poblete.
bullet.gif W. O. Price.
bullet.gif C. Rendolo.
bullet.gif Mr. Joe Riggs.
bullet.gif J. L. Robinson.
bullet.gif Milton Rosenblatt.
bullet.gif Ester Salam.
bullet.gif Sid Saligumba.
bullet.gif Lepoldo R. Salo.
bullet.gif Sharps.

Box 23
Correspondence cont'd

bullet.gif Charles Shepherd.
bullet.gif Gordon Shoaf.
bullet.gif Bill E. Smith.
bullet.gif Frieda Smith.
bullet.gif Steakley.
bullet.gif William Stokes.
bullet.gif Mrs. Vesta A. Mickey Stowe.
bullet.gif F. Succong.
bullet.gif Mr. Wallace.
bullet.gif Eugene White.
bullet.gif Wilkey.
bullet.gif J. H. Wooton.
bullet.gif Wyckoff.

Box 24

bullet.gif Correspondence, Speaking Engagements.
bullet.gif Church Correspondence.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Florida Preachers, Florida Directory.
bullet.gif Letters from Concord St. Church of Christ in Orlando, Florida.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Grand Central Chruch of Christ in Vienna, West Virginia.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Oakhurst Church of Christ in Raymond, California.
bullet.gif Correspondence, Sanford Elders.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Baquio City.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Lecroy.
bullet.gif Correspondence with Nigeria.
bullet.gif Correspondence, suggested prospects.
bullet.gif Letter to Brethren.

Box 25
Relating to PBC Students and Parents

bullet.gif Letter to a Parent of Student at PBC.
bullet.gif Letters to Students revealing sponsors.
bullet.gif Personal Work.
bullet.gif Applications for Chapel Loans.
bullet.gif Work assignments for 1970.
bullet.gif Work reports for 1970.
bullet.gif First Floor Plan.
bullet.gif Pphillipine Christian College Sponsorship Sponsors.
bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College Diplomas. (unused)
bullet.gif Phillipine Bible College Graduation Program.
bullet.gif Prospects.
bullet.gif Student Work Responsibilities.
bullet.gif Memorandum Memos to Students.
bullet.gif Correspondence, Re-Students.
bullet.gif Letters to and from students.

Box 26

bullet.gif College of the Bible.
bullet.gif College of Maason graduation paraphrenalia.
bullet.gif Faith Academy.
bullet.gif Faith Academy Parent Handbook 71-72.
bullet.gif Harding College Bulletin.
bullet.gif York College.

Box 27
Financial Matters

bullet.gif Expenses.
bullet.gif Church Inventory Finance and Leadership.
bullet.gif Church Development, "The Church Budget."
bullet.gif How to Develop a Budget.
bullet.gif Cash Vouchers/Money Matters.
bullet.gif Finance Reports 1968/Financial Statement 1969.
bullet.gif Receipts/Loan Applications/Credit Union.
bullet.gif Contributors, GPMF (letters to and from.)

Box 28

bullet.gif Advisory Committee Solutions.
bullet.gif Appointment Letters.
bullet.gif Appreciation Letters.
bullet.gif Bible in Schools.
bullet.gif Books for Library.
bullet.gif Chapel Talks.
bullet.gif Christian Home.
bullet.gif Christian Service Reports.
bullet.gif Church Bonds.

Box 29

bullet.gif Church Directory Questionaire/Preacher Survey.
bullet.gif Directory - Churches of Christ - Phillipines 1968.
bullet.gif Church Directories.
bullet.gif Church Leadership Survey.
bullet.gif Church Recommendations.
bullet.gif Class and Church Development.
bullet.gif Conflicts Drivers liscense/Insurance/Volkswagon parts for car.
bullet.gif Controversy.
bullet.gif Copy Tape.
bullet.gif Customs Examiner.
bullet.gif Description slide pictures and slide comments.
bullet.gif Ed. D.
bullet.gif Ed. S.
bullet.gif Ed. S. Q-aire.

Box 30

bullet.gif Florida Newsletter.
bullet.gif Follow-up Letters.
bullet.gif Form Letters.
bullet.gif Foundations.
bullet.gif Francisco V.I.
bullet.gif Humor In Uniform.
bullet.gif Information for schools filling out schedules for the Commission of Accrediting.
bullet.gif Leo Patton Camp.
bullet.gif Maids.
bullet.gif Minutes of business meetings.
bullet.gif Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous people.
bullet.gif Offset Press.

Box 31

bullet.gif Orphans.
bullet.gif Orphans Home.
bullet.gif Quarterlies.
bullet.gif Personal Testimony of S.G. Saldovia Jr.
bullet.gif Tracts.
bullet.gif Tract Distribution.
bullet.gif Oasis Tract.
bullet.gif Orders for Tracts.
bullet.gif Recommendations.
bullet.gif Recommendations for school and Church in Manila.
bullet.gif Relief.

Box 32

bullet.gif Travel (F. Fradella.)
bullet.gif Travel.
bullet.gif Sailing Rates Information.
bullet.gif Syllabus.
bullet.gif Sympathy.
bullet.gif T.I.A.A.
bullet.gif Unanswered Mail Books.
bullet.gif Work.
bullet.gif Workshop.

Box 33

bullet.gif Maps.
bullet.gif Cards.
bullet.gif Response Cards.
bullet.gif Addresses.
bullet.gif Ads.
bullet.gif Menus.

Box 34

bullet.gif Belmont Church of Christ.
bullet.gif Central Bible Training School.
bullet.gif College Church of Christ. Searcy, Arkansas.
bullet.gif Jehosfa Church of Christ.
bullet.gif Lischey Congregation.
bullet.gif New Minister in Lockhart.
bullet.gif Midsay ap. Cotobato.

Box 35

bullet.gif Phillipine Mission News.

Box 36

bullet.gif Official Papers and Plans for Quezon City Church of Christ.

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