Photographs by David Leeson -- [MS 52]

These are large photographs that were taken by David Leeson
and published in the Dallas Morning News between 1985 and 1990

Harvey offers Venus his sandwich at a Dallas homeless shelter. 1986 27x35
Tennis star John McEnroe argues with a line coach in Dallas. 1986 21x35
Three-year-old Megan peers from her "home" in a Ford Maverick in downtown Dallas. 1986 missing
Maxwell Maxey, a homeless mentally ill person, collapsed in frustration as he walked to a food line. He had suffered from debilitating side effects of psychotropic medication. 1986 40x49
Maxwell lies on a couch in a Dallas homeless shelter. 1986 34x50
Pam Lovejoy pauses for a break with her ten-month-old son Joshua. Most of their possessions hang from the stroller as they walk to a homeless shelter. 1986 26x35
Ten-year-old Venus waits for her Sunday morning breakfast in a food line for Dallas homeless. 1986 25x35
Angry Blacks flee teargas fired by government soldiers in a township near Capetown, South Africa. 1985 39x50
A wounded man is carried by his comrades after he was shot by police during riots in Panama City. He reportedly died the following week. 1988 25x35
In DeSoto, TX, a police officer reaches for his partner who slipped into swift currents while searching for a small boy. 1987 27x35
The finish line at Louisiana Downs. 1989 17x35
Children view the bodies of FMLN rebel soldiers killed in fighting in El Salvador. 1989 23x34
A woman in west Dallas expresses her joy as teenagers from a Church of Christ work camp repair her house. 1988 24x35
A Salvadoran soldier rides in a tank past government propaganda in San Salvador, El Salvador. The sign reads, "Innocent Victims of FMLN Mines...Is This Human Rights?" 1989 37x34
Ninety-year-old Gena Scarborough displays the gun she used to stop a burglar. 1990 27x34
An Indian woman walks past a government soldier in Huancayo, Peru. The soldier wears a mask to hide his identity from members of the Maoist rebel group, "Shining Path." 1989 23x30
Young girls and women carry cow dung (used for heating their homes) in a village in South Africa. 1985 32x50
A young boy in his home in Tenancingo, El Salvador. 1989 23x35
Eighty-nine-year-old Cambodian refugee in her east Dallas apartment. 1989 23x35
Grief and resolve at a funeral for three boys killed in riots in Soweto, a Black township near Johannesburg, South Africa. 1985 36x50
David Leeson. 1989 13x18

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