Rodney Toms Collection -- [MS 51]

Box 1

bullet.gif Rodney Toms' Bank Statements.

Box 2

bullet.gif Personal Correspondence and Papers.

bullet.gif Medical Papers.

bullet.gif Insurance Papers.

bullet.gif Guardianship Papers.

bullet.gif Educational Material and Teaching Certificates.

Box 3

bullet.gif Bonds and related information.

bullet.gif Dover Mill Stock and Dividend Information.

bullet.gif Miscellaneous.

bullet.gif Bill Collectors Papers and Letters.

Box 4

bullet.gif Miscellaneous.

Box 5

bullet.gif Oil and Gas Leases and Deeds.

bullet.gif Leases and Deeds.

bullet.gif Indian Papers and Letters.

bullet.gif Court Papers and Documents.

Box 6

bullet.gif Savings Account Letters and Notices.

bullet.gif Agricultural Papers.

Box 7

bullet.gif Box of cancelled checks written by Rodney Toms.

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