James M. and Kathryn Kerby Tolle Collection -- [MS 49]
(In locked file cabinet)

The following historical items are donated by James M. and Kathryn Kerby Tolle to
Abilene Christian University with the only stipulation that they never be sold.

bullet.gif P. T. Beauregard, 1818-1893. Confederate general. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Henry Cabot Lodge, 1850-1824. U.S. senator. Letter signed.
bullet.gif Thomas Nast, 1840-1902. American illustrator. Invented donkey and elephant symbols for Democrat and Republican parties, respectively. Autograph sketch signed.
bullet.gif John D. Long, (?) Secretary of navy. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Royal Academy of Music, Paris, 1820. Signed by faculty members (twice by Maria Luigi Cherubuni, 1760-1842, Italian composer.)
bullet.gif Autograph letter signed by British officer who served with Wellington in Spain and Portugal.
bullet.gif David Starr Jordan, 1851-1931. American educator and naturalist. Letter signed.
bullet.gif Thomas Francis Bayard, 1828-1898. U.S. senator and secretary of state. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif John Joseph Pershing, 1860-1948. American general, commander-in-chief of American Expeditionary Forces, World War I. Letter signed.
bullet.gif Vittorio Emmanuel Orlando, 1860-1952. Italian statesman and jurist; premier of Italy, 1917-1919, one of the "Big Four." Signed photo.
bullet.gif William James, 1842-1910. American psychologist and philosopher; exponent of pragmatism. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Robert E. Lee, 1807-1870. Son of Henry "Lighthouse Harry" Lee. Commander-in chief of Confederate army. Photo taken as captain in U.S. army.
bullet.gif Elihu Root, 1845-1937. American lawyer and statesman; secretary of state; received Nobel Peace prize, 1912. Letter signed.
bullet.gif Michael William Balfe, 1808-1870. Irish composer and singer; best known for opera "The Bohemian Girl." Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Ambrose Everett Burnside, 1824-1881. U.S. general in the Civil War; U.S. senator. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882, American poet. Letter signed. This letter is included in the Harvard University Press publication of Longfellow's letters.
bullet.gif Richard Henry Dana, 1815-1882. American lawyer and writer (Two Years Before the Mast.) Autograph letter signed. Notice reference to Longfellow.
bullet.gif Sir Walter Scott, 1777-1832. Scottish poet and novelist. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Charles Camille Saint-Saens, 1835-1921. French composer ("Samson and Delilah," "La Danse macabre," etc.) Autograph musical transcript.
bullet.gif Niels Gada, 1817-1890. Greatest Danish man of music during the 19th century; composer and conductor. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Ruben Goldmark, 1872-1936. Composer of symphonic poems, overtures, etc. Autograph note signed.
bullet.gif Charles Gounod, 1818-1893. French composer best known for his opera "Faust." Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Rene Antoine Ferchalt Reaumur, 1683-1757. French Physicist and inventor; pioneer work in development of the thermometer. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif William L. Marcy, 1786-1857. Secretary of war and secretary of state. Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif U. S. Grant, 1822-1885. U.S. general and president. Signed cabinet photo.
bullet.gif French manuscript on parchment (vellum,) 1559.
bullet.gif Jack Dempsey, (?). Pugilist. Signed photo.
bullet.gif Gerrit Smith, 1779-1894. U.S. congressman; philantropist; aided John Brown and knew something of his plans against Harpers Ferry. Photo.
bullet.gif Edward Bates, 1793-1869. American lawyer; attorney general in Lincoln's cabinet, 1861-1864. Photo.
bullet.gif John Van Buren, (?). Son of President Martin Van Buren. Photo.
bullet.gif A. G. Noel Byron (?). Lord Byron kinsman. Son? Autograph letter signed.
bullet.gif Sabine Baring-Gould (?). Engilish author; wrote "Onward Christian Soldiers." Signed photo.
bullet.gif Robert Peary, 1886-1920. Discoverer of north pole. Signed photo.
bullet.gif William II, Frederich Wilhelm Viktor Albert, "Kaiser Bill," 1859-1941.
bullet.gif John Philip Sousa, 1854-1932. The March King. Signed photo.

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