[MS 58] -- Papers of Ernest Shelton

Box 1
Sermon Outline - Handwritten on pocket size paper.
Williams, A. C. Ready Answers to Religious Errors. Wichita, Kansas: J. Harvey Dykes, 1946. (Pocket-size notebook.)
Sermon Outlines. Begins with page 209. (Pocket-size notebook.)

Box 2
Notebook of Lessons for Church Services.
Lesson Outlines - Handwritten. (Six spiral notebooks.)

Box 3
Lesson Outlines - Handwritten. (2 notebooks)
The New Testament of the Bible - contains handwritten notes.

Box 4 (Contained in Black Notebooks)
Johnson, Ashley S. Outline Study of God's Eternal Purpose. Texarkana: Harvey Scott, 1944.
Pack, Frank. Revelation Part I, Chapters 1-11. Austin: R. B. Sweet Co., Inc., 1965. (Handwritten pages of notes interspersed among pages of book.)

Box 5
Three black notebooks containing misc. poems, articles, lesson outlines, and Bible facts.

Box 6
Black notebook of of handwritten and typed lesson outlines.
Exum, Jack H. The Glory of the Ordinary. Lesson plans, and other lessons contained in a black notebook.