[MS 52] -- Photographs by David Leeson

These are large prints of photographs that were taken by David Leeson and published in the Dallas Morning News between 1985 and 1990.


Harvey offers Venus his sandwich at a Dallas homeless shelter.198627x35
Tennis star John McEnroe argues with a line coach in Dallas.198621x35
Three-year-old Megan peers from her "home" in a Ford Maverick in downtown Dallas.1986missing
Maxwell Maxey, a homeless mentally ill person, collapsed in frustration as he walked to a food line. He had suffered from debilitating side effects of psychotropic medication.198640x49
Maxwell lies on a couch in a Dallas homeless shelter.198634x50
Pam Lovejoy pauses for a break with her ten-month-old son Joshua. Most of their possessions hang from the stroller as they walk to a homeless shelter.198626x35
Ten-year-old Venus waits for her Sunday morning breakfast in a food line for Dallas homeless.198625x35
Angry Blacks flee teargas fired by government soldiers in a township near Capetown, South Africa.198539x50
A wounded man is carried by his comrades after he was shot by police during riots in Panama City. He reportedly died the following week.198825x35
In DeSoto, TX, a police officer reaches for his partner who slipped into swift currents while searching for a small boy.198727x35
The finish line at Louisiana Downs.198917x35
Children view the bodies of FMLN rebel soldiers killed in fighting in El Salvador.198923x34
A woman in west Dallas expresses her joy as teenagers from a Church of Christ work camp repair her house.198824x35
A Salvadoran soldier rides in a tank past government propaganda in San Salvador, El Salvador. The sign reads, "Innocent Victims of FMLN Mines...Is This Human Rights?"198937x34
Ninety-year-old Gena Scarborough displays the gun she used to stop a burglar.199027x34
An Indian woman walks past a government soldier in Huancayo, Peru. The soldier wears a mask to hide his identity from members of the Maoist rebel group, "Shining Path."198923x30
Young girls and women carry cow dung (used for heating their homes) in a village in South Africa.198532x50
A young boy in his home in Tenancingo, El Salvador.198923x35
Eighty-nine-year-old Cambodian refugee in her east Dallas apartment.198923x35
Grief and resolve at a funeral for three boys killed in riots in Soweto, a Black township near Johannesburg, South Africa.198536x50
David Leeson.198913x18