[MS 47: Box 6] Cards, Letters, Miscellaneous Items

  • Miscellaneous Materials:
    - Newspaper Article
    - Program
    - Stradivari Orchestra Programs
    - A Cappella Choir Program, 12.09.1944
    - The Abilene Lion, 12.21.1944
    - Texas Music Educators Association
    - West Coast Christian, 11.1944
  • Postcards and Undated Letters:
    09.14.1934-Postcard to Mabel Burford from Bessie Kellison.
    08.14.1937-Postcard to Leonard Burford from Wilma Q.
    12.20.1944-Postcard to Leonard Burford from Mrs. Olaf South.
    07.23.1937-Postcard to Brother Burford and Marlin from P.D. Wilmeth.
    undated-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    undated-Form letter to ex-students asking for donations, signed by Max Leach.
    07.20.1941-Camp Song for "Camp Tahuaya."
  • Letters to Leonard Burford:
    06.12.1937-Letter to Leonard from Eber L. Palmer.
    06.15.1937-Letter to Leonard from Eber L. Palmer.
    06.17.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    06.19.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    06.24.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    07.03.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    07.07.1937-Letter to Leonard from Henry E. Speck.
    undated-Letter to Leonard from Wanda (?).
    07.27.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    08.02.1937-Letter to Leonard from James F. Cox.
    08.12.1937-Letter to Leonard from Roy Stephens.
    08.19.1937-Letter to Leonard from L.O. Sanderson, Gospel Advocate Co.
    09.10.1937-Letter to Leonard from Paul C. Witt.
    09.11.1937-Letter to Leonard from Baskerville.
    12.08.1944-Letter to Leonard from Miss Ruth Kelly.
    12.12.1944-Letter to Leonard from Edith White Griffing.
    12.18.1944-Letter to Leonard from Miss Ruth Kelly.
    10.26.1946-Letter from Leonard from Students of Applied Music.
  • 1944 Christmas cards from:
    - Etle T. Moore
    - Yvonne and Frank Dunn
    - Oscar and Marie Kelly and family
    - Captain and Mrs. J.D. Reynolds
    - Dartha Faye and Fay Starr
    - Sears Roebuck
    - "The Church"
    - Betty and Wendell ?
    - Eileen Cretsinger
    - Lou Ann Townsby
    - Freeman and Margaret Ann McKee
    - Pauline and Floyd ?
    - Margaret ?
    - Betty Gray and Jack
    - Mary Helen and Harold
    - Mary Goree
    - Wilmer Sims (Lions Club)
    - Ethel M. Moore
    - Hilton Hotel
    - Lieutenant and Mrs. A.B. Morris
    - Julia ?
    - Charles, Alice Alene, and Alice Marilyn
    - Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Richfield
    - Virginia Spears
[[MS 47] Leonard Burford]

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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