[MS 47: Box 4] Newspaper Clippings

  • About Tolbert Burford:
    - "Tolbert Burford Dies at Age 94"
    - "Ovalo Rites Today for Tol. A. Burford"
    - "Content and Burford are Jointly Honored"
  • About Mrs. Lillian Fisher Burford:
    - "Pioneer Mother Draws Praise"
    - "Faith and Devotion"
  • About Mable Burford:
    - "Mable Burford back from New York City, Study in Juilliard"
    - "Schools Expand to Train Child with Exceptions"
    - "First Pathfinders Winners Announced"
    - "Mable Burford 'Touches Fingers of Blind, Giving Light, Life'"
  • About Jack and Mable:
    - "Burford Rites are Set Today"
    - "Burfords Get Pats and Plaques"
    - "Musical Gift"
    - "Blind Brother, Sister Win Dual ACC Alumni Citation"
  • About Leonard Burford:
    - "Family Album"
    - "ACC Fine Arts Head Flies to NY and Will Appear on Radio Chain Program"
    - "ACC Music Head, Dr. Burford, Dies"
    - "Young Family Friend His 'Seeing Eye' When Blind ACC Music Professor Goes Bicycling"
    - "ACC Professor Finisher Music Study in NYC"
    - "Leonard Burford, ACC Fine Arts Head, Earms MA from Columbia"
    - "Seeing Eye Dog Is Blind Professor's New Companion"
    - "Chorus Conductor"
    - "College Chorus Will Sing Here"
    - "A Capella Chorus to Leave Sunday"
    - "ACC Chir to Present Winter Concert Monday"
[[MS 47] Leonard Burford]

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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