[MS 47: Box 1] Letters, Photos, Miscellaneous Items

  • Pay for a Day Program folder presented to Dr. Leonard Burford by Abilene Christian College, 07.30.1957.
  • Hardback composition book.
  • Guest book containing names of those who attended Mrs. J.L. Burford's 75th birthday party given by Pauline, Floyd and Shirley Ilene.
  • Abilene Reporter-News article, "Brother, Sister Named ACU Library 'Friends'," 10.24.1986.
  • Letters, Cards, Etc:
    04.12.1932-Letter to Leonard Burford from James F. Cox telling of financial situation.
    10.12.1934-Letter to Mable Burford from Mrs. E.W. McMillan.
    06.05.1935-Letter to Mable Burford from L.J. Fisher.
    02.05.1936-Letter to Leonard Burford from Omar Bixler, student.
    02.21.1939-Letter to Leonard Burford from Great Songs Press and list of publishers.
    10.03.1940-Letter to Leonard Burford from Paul Cordner, Hollywood, CA.
    07.20.1941-Letter to Mable Burford from Katherine Roberson.
    05.01.1946-Letter to Leonard Burford from Troy Ginn.
    07.23.1946-Letter to "Mama and Jack" from "Sister."
    undated-Letter to Mable Burford from the Witts.
    1983-Letter/notes put together by Lela Courtney concerning her special friendship with Leonard Burford.
  • Miscellaneous cards and programs.
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. elects Leonard Burford a member.
  • Third National Radio Audition of the Atwater Kent Foundation of Philadelphia certifies Leonard state finalist of Northern Texas.
  • Miscellaneous Newsletters and bulletins.
  • Folder of music: sheet music, catalogs, and song books.
  • "Singing In the Lord's Church," a pamphlet written by Leonard Burford.
  • Hymnal compiled by Leonard Burford.
  • An address to a special meeting of friends of ACC at Fair Park Auditorium in Dallas, TX, about the College -- its growth, the vision for tomorrow, and its present development program.
  • Photographs of Leonard Burford:
    - 3 at the beach
    - 1 with Mary Titsworth
    - 2 at home
    - 1 in a wagon
    - 1 group photo
    - 1 by himself
  • Photographs of Mable Burford:
    - 1 by herself
    - Mable and Mildred Treat, July 1961
    - Mable and unidentified young girl
  • Photographs of Jack Burford:
    - 2 with Mrs. Burford
    - 2 by himself
    - 2 with Gerald Wayne Turnbow
  • Photographs including Leonard, Mable, and Jack:
    - 3 of Leonard and Mable
    - 2 of Leonard and Jack
    - 1 of Mable and Jack
    - 3 of Leonard, Mable, and Jack
    - 1 of Leonard, Mable, Jack, and Mrs. Jack
  • Photographs of chorus: 5
[[MS 47] Leonard Burford]