[MS 44] Mary Wade Smith

Special needs ACC student, class of 1950

Box 1
  • Photographs of Smith family:
    - Horace Mann Smith
    - J.L. Smith
    - Ruth Helen Smith
    - Gayle Smith
    - Sandra Carol Smith
    - Elsie Smith
    - Mary W. Smith
    - Eugene and Horace Smith
    - Wade M. Smith, Jr.
    - M. Smith
    - Jim Smith
    - M.M. Smith
    - W.M. Smith
    - Claude D. Smith, Jr.
    - Mother of Mary W. Smith
    - Smith 1913 [family]
    - Fisher Smith
    - Sue Smith
  • Wallet of Charles C. Webster, Jr., US Army - includes photographs, identification cards, and a group of unidentified pictures of a Black family.
  • Miscellaneous photographs of friends and relatives.
  • Two memorial obituaries of Mrs. Sue Smith.
  • Letter containing family history.
  • Unidentified photographs.
Box 2 - Books
  • Autograph book.
  • Memory book of funeral service for Ruth Helen Smith.
  • Memory book of funeral service for Sue M. Smith.
  • Baby book of Mary W. Smith from her father.
  • Kellerhouse, Lucy C. Loves Roses. Kansas City: Unity School of Christianity, 1927.
Box 3
  • Black and white photo of Mary W. Smith.
  • Color photo of Mary W. Smith.
  • Two photo albums.
  • Unidentified photographs.
  • Daughters of the Confederacy certificate presented to Sue M. Smith, 02.22.1928.
Box 4
  • Smith family Bible - records marriage of Wade and Sue Smith plus other family information.
Box 5
  • Smith family Bible - some family information and diary entry of Sue Smith while Mary Wade was hospitalized in L.A., CA.
Box 6
  • Smith family photo album:
    - Family photo.
    - Clara Williams, 1896.
    - Two men on horses with uniforms on that have a red cross on them.
    - Photograph of a man sitting in a chair.
    - Photograph of a young boy.
    - A young boy sitting in a chair.
    - A baby sleeping.
    - A baby holding a bottle sitting in a chair.
    - Three men posing in some kind of uniform.  One is holding a revolver, one a cup of coffee, and the other is standing next to a rifle and ammunition.
    - Photo of four women.
    - Photo of a couple.
    - Photo of a man.
    - Photo of a woman.
    - Photo if a woman sitting in a chair.
    - Photo of a couple.
    - A man standing next to a chair.
    - A man standing near a table with his hand on a book.
    - A man sitting in a chair.
    - A boy standing with his bike.
    - A boy holding a gun.
    - A little girl.
    - Two men sitting at a table.
    - A man standing with his jacket on.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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