[MS 27] Tommy Davidson

Thorp Springs Papers and Interview

  • Cassette tape of interview.
  • Manuscript of taped interview; both original and retyped.
  • Hand drawn map, entitled "alma mater," at Thorp Springs Christian College.
  • List of Titles for Pictures.
  • Thorp Springs Christian College graduating exercises program from 1927.
  • Newspaper clipping.
  • Photocopies from The Spring Board (yearbooks: 1920, 1923, 1925, 1926).
  • Photocopied paper with information leading to the beginning of Texas Christian University.
  • Handwritten letter addressed to Dr. Milliken from Tommy Davidson.
  • Tommy Davidson's card with phone number and mailing address.
  • Photocopy of the graduation program from 1927.
  • School song for Thorp Springs Christian College entitled, "TSCC my TSCC."
  • Photocopied article from Firm Foundation by A.R. Holton, "Sunrise and Sunset at Thorp Spring" - 12.03.1963.
  • Photocopied newspaper article by Frank Friaut, "Story of TCU, Founder Explored in Excellent Book."
  • Typed envelope addressed to Mr. Davidson from Callie Faye Milliken.
  • Envelope addressed to Callie Faye Milliken from Thomas A. Davidson.
  • Note mentioning Gayle and Mary Oler, students at Terrell first year - Sept, 1928.