[MS 22] Howard Lesher Schug (1881-1969)

Dr. Howard Lesher Schug -1881-1969- [MS 22]

Papers and memorabilia of Dr. Howard Lesher Schug, ACC Faculty 1917-1958

Box 1
  • Bible. Spanish. 1924. La Santa Biblia. (Contains handwritten notes; a note written in Spanish from Daniel I. Hiler on first leaf.)
  • "Cantecismo de la Vida," by Howard L. Schug, 402 Grape St., Abilene, Texas. Religious pamphlet.
  • 09.30.1914 - Postcard from Sue (?) to Mrs. H. L. Schug.
  • 12.27.1915 - New Year's greeting postcard from Mrs. Anderson to Mrs. Schug.
  • 05.10.1920 - A letter from John Schug to his teacher, Miss Inez, telling of his trip to the zoo.
  • 09.17.1928 - Letter from Marnie Parish informing Mrs. Mable Schug she had been unanimously elected as Sunday School Superintendent and Assistant Librarian for the Christian Science organization in Abilene.
  • 02.15.1933 - Postcard from Mrs. Schug with a poem to Mr. Schug.
  • 12.17.1937 - Letter from Otis H. Green, assistant editor of Hispanic Review, detailing the circumstances causing a delay in a review of his dissertation.
  • 02.27.1948 - Note from Marguerite Anderson, ACU librarian, concerning a Spanish workshop.
  • 02.08.1951 - Report on balance of library budget for the foreign language department from Marguerite Anderson.
  • 02.15.1951 - Carbon copy of letter to the American Bible Society.
  • 02.16.1953 - Stamped envelope from Foy Mitchell, Heidenheim, Germany to Dr. Schug in Frankfurt. (On back is a handwritten sermon outline in German.)
  • 11.13.1953 - Letter from the Bundeskanzleramt to Dr. Schug in Frankfurt.
  • 07.15.1954 - Letter from E. D. Kraver concerning the support from a Lampasas congregation for the mission work in Germany.
  • March, 1955 - Photograph of church building in Durango, Dgo., Mexico.
  • March, 1955 - Photograph of men attending a lectureship in Durango, Dgo., Mexico.
  • 10.25.1955 - Letter from the Bundeskanzleramt to Dr. Schug in Abilene.
  • 09.29.1956 - Letter from Adlai E. Stevenson concerning inflation.
  • 10.21.1959 - Stamped envelope from Iglesia de Cristo, Durango, Dgo., Mexico.
  • 11.13.1959 - Group picture of some children who attended a Sunday School picnic.
  • 01.06.1950 - Letter from Irene Caldwell concerning the possibility of translating a condensed Bible encyclopedia.
  • 02.22.1960 - Postcard from Edwin and Ethel Beach.
  • 05.18.1962 - Clipping possibly from the Christian Chronicle: "Christians in Athens."
  • 02.02.1963 - Clipping from the Pontiac Press, Pontiac, Michigan: "Broadcasts Gospel to Russia."
  • 03.05.1963 - Letter from Epi Stephen Bilak expressing his appreciation for Bro. Schug's support in sending the gospel to Russia by radio.
  • 09.23.1966 - Letter from Don H. Morris informing Schug that he was mailing him a complimentary copy of the book In the Beginning, Godby Jesse P. Sewell.
  • Christian Science Hymnal; with five hymns written by Reverend Mary Baker Eddy. Boston, Massachusetts, 1910 edition. Includes the Concordance to the Christian Science Hymnal. Boston, Massachusetts, 1926. (Contains a typewritten copy of a quotation found on the fly leaf of a gook owned by Mrs. Jhukes Reading.)
  • Stamped envelope from Luis A. Moveno, Cienfuegon, L. V., Cuba to Mr. Howard L. Schug.
  • Postcard from Carmelee to Mrs. H. L. Schug.
  • Newspaper clipping "Schug Honored by Encyclopedia for Works in Spanish."
  • Abilene News, December 3, 1936. Clipping "German University to Review Volume by ACC Professor."
  • Abilene Reporter News, May 28, 1950. Clipping of portrait of Dr. Howard L. Schug.
  • 1959 clipping. "ACC Teacher to Join Faculty of New School."
  • Abilene Reporter News, November 1, 1967. Clipping of picture of Mrs. Howard L. Schug and Mrs. J. W. Treat honoring Mrs. Schug's 90th birthday.
  • Newspaper clipping featuring Mrs. Howard L. Schug. "Appetizing Cream Peach Pie is Good Dessert for Summer."
  • Clipping, "Mission Work Began 25 Years Spread Over Continent."
  • Christina Chronicle, May 21, 1952. "Howard Schug, ACC Professor Since 1917, to Work in Germany; Leaves in August."
  • Abilene, Texas, Reporter News, January 5, 1960. "Dr. Schug in 33rd Year as Language Professor at ACC."
  • Abilene Reporter News, October 30, 1969. "Dr. Schug Dies at 88."
  • Abilene Reporter News, December 11, 1966. "Weather Reminds Retired ACC Professor of Days at NDU."
  • Optimist, November 7, 1969. "'Father of ACC Library' Dies Here."
  • Abilene Reporter News, July 27, 1976. "Scholarship Fund Honors ACU Foreign Language Chairman."
Box 2
  • Undated letter from Hans G. Grimm, Mannheim, German to Dr. Schug.
  • 09.20.1944 - Unsigned letter written in Spanish to Dr. Schug.
  • 10.02.1944 - Letter written in Spanish to Dr. Schug from L. Borges.
  • 03.02.1945 - Letter from the University Place Bookshop concerning four rare books Dr. Schug had inquired about.
  • 08.09.1966 - Carbon copy of letter sent to missionaries requesting a list of problems they have found in their work. Handwritten note in German at bottom of page.
  • Bible. Spanish. 1955. La Santa Biblia. (Contains notes in margins; list of scriptures; two check stubs; rough draft for invitation to a Spanish gospel meeting; invitation to a gospel meeting at La Iglesia de Cristo in Levelland, Texas; typed list of scriptures.)
  • Book: Dois-je Renoncer a Ma Soutane? by Fausto Salvoni. (Contains cancelled check to J. L. Burford dated August 5, 1929; telegram to Dr. Schug while he was in Hendricks hospital dated February 6, 1967.
  • Book: Santa Rogelia by Armando Palacio Valdes. Madrid, 1935. 2 volumes. (Appears to be the volumes Dr. Schug worked with to produce the edited version published by New York, F. S. Crofts & Co., 1941.)
Box 3: Books
  • Ricarda Huch. Der Grosse Krieg in Deutschland. Leipzig, 1931. Inscribed: "Christmas present, December, 1951, from my good friend and brother in Christ, Frank Rhodes."
  • The Harvest Field. Howard L. Schug and Jesse P. Sewell, editors. Athens, Alabama, 1947. Inscribed: "To Mabel I. Schug, my faithful helper and companion, Howard L. Schug."
  • Sanata Rogelia. Armando Palacio Valdes, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary by Howard L. Schug, Abilene Christian College, and Francis M. Kercheville, University of New Mexico. Inscribed: "To my president and former student. A mi Presidente y alumno in los anos pasados, Don H. Morris; de su amigo y servidor en Cristo, Howard L. Schug."
  • Karl der Grosse. Gustav Freytag. New York, 1893. Inscribed: "Howard L. Schug, April 4, 1904."
  • Nuovo Testamento, 1928.
Box 4: Photographs
  • The Dacotah, 1906. The University of North Dakota school annual. (Picture of Howard L. Schug on page 23.)
  • A photograph of Dr. Schug taken in 1945
  • Picture of Dr. Schug clipped from Horizons, vol. XIX, no. 2, Winter 1967, p. 23.