[MS 15] Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bishop

 Papers Relating to the Mission Work of William James and
Clara May Bishop in Japan During the Early 20th Century

Box 1

  • Life and Letters of William J. Bishop for ACC Library
    - 1903 - William James Bishop (4 pages)
    - 1905 - William James Bishop (4 pages)
    - 1906 - William James Bishop (4 pages)
1916Postcard to Mrs. Clara Bishop, Dallas, TX.
01.08.1913Photocopied letter to Mrs. Enola Wilson.
05.20.1915Letter to Clara from Clarence.
07.12.1915Letter to Clara from Vincent.
07.28.1915Letter to Clara from Vincent.
07.26.1915Letter concerning the name of "Wm. J. Bishop Japan Mission" for the work being done in Japan, requesting scripture supporting or not supporting the name.
09.02.1915Letter to Sister Bishop from Vincent explaining about the money and new lot that was just built.
09.15.1915Letter to Clara from Clarence.
12.06.1915Letter to Clara from Vincent concerning the name of the mission.
01.05.1916Letter to Sister Bishop from Vincent thanking her for Christmas gifts.
01.10.1916Letter to Brother Vincent explaining she is through with the whole matter of the work.
02.09.1916Letter to Sister Bishop from Vincent concerning work in Japan.
04.25.1916Letter from Clarence explaining Hannah's failing health.
07.09.1916Postcard to Clara Bishop.
05.17.1916Letter from Clarence to Clara.
08.04.1916Letter to Clara from Clarence concerning Hannah's failing health.
08.23.1916Letter to Clara from Clarence and Hannah explaining the positive work being done in neighboring congregations.
12.11.1916Letter to Clara from Clarence and Hannah concerning a lunch with six congregations, and Hannah's health.
12.16.1916Letter to Clara from Hannah and Clarence.
03.17.1930Letter to Brother McCaleb concerning money and wages.
*undated*"How is the Christian Idea beginning received..." by Brother Kamikura.
*undated*"The faith of a young brother in the country."
07.02.191207.02.1912 - Mr. K. Tsuchiya.
*undated*"From Brother J. Chiba."
02.11.1913"Brother Ishigura uncle's letter" 02.11.1913.
*undated*"A good lumber dealer."
*undated*"The Brothers and Sisters who attended in the last Sunday evening."
*undated*"The Report."
07.30.1913Letter to Brother Hiratsuka.
Nov. or Dec., 1913Letter to Brother and Sister Hiratsuka from Clara Bishop.
12.01.1913Letter to church in Japan from Clara Bishop.
*undated*The statement of Nak-agori.
08.03.1911Letter to Brother Bishop from Mrs. E.A. Dod concerning a contribution.
June, 1912"A letter from Brother S. Shibata."
03.22.1913Contributions sent by McQuiddy.
05.05.1969Letter to Mrs. J. Shaffer Arledge from Callie Faye Milliken thanking her for the gift of the scrapbook and letters of William James Bishop.
05.08.1969Letter to Miss Milliken from Mary B. Arledge concerning the contents she donated to the ACC Library.
1898-1913Papers and clippings concerning the work of W.J. Bishop in Japan, and the Kamitomazika Mission in Tokyo, Japan.
*undated*Articles written by and about Brother and Sister Bishop and their work as missionaries in Japan - Gospel Advocate, Christian Leader, Pacific Tidings, Firm Foundation.
*undated*Excerpts from the letters of William James Bishop of 1901-1902, forward by Mary Arledge Bishop, 1961.  Life of William James Bishop -- from our family history, Clara Bishop.
*undated*Memories -- by Clara Elliot Bishop.
*undated*Notebook of letters written during 1913 from Clara Bishop to:
- Vincent.
- McCaleb.
- Don Carlos Janes.
- McQuiddy.
- Rowe.
- A.B. Lipscomb.
- Showalter.
- E.E. Sewell.
- D.S. Watson.
- J.D. Stern.
- Gospel Advocate.
 Plain Statement of the Work in Japan by William J. Bishop.
06.16.1910Letter from J.C. McQuiddy to W.J. Bishop.
06.17.1910Letter from J.C. McQuiddy to W.J. Bishop.
06.20.1910Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
06.20.1910Letter from W.J. Bishop to E.A. Elam.
05.28.1910Letter from J.M. McCaleb to W.J. Bishop with enclosed article, "Brother Bishop's Work Condemned."
04.18.1910Letter from Clara Benedict Owsley to W.J. Bishop.
*undated*"Work in Japan as a Business Proposition," by W.J. Bishop.
*undated*"Koishikawa Church of Christ -- Annual Report," by W.J. Bishop.
01.12.1911Letter from J.M. McCaleb to W.J. Bishop.
01.13.1911Letter from J.M. McCaleb to W.J. Bishop with note from J.C. McQuiddy inserted.
01.23.1911Letter from J.C. McQuiddy to W.J. Bishop.
01.28.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
02.04.1911Letter from J.M. McCaleb to W.J. Bishop.
02.25.1911Letter from J.M. McCaleb to W.J. Bishop.
*undated*Request - Max Langpaap.
04.22.1911Letter from J.C. McQuiddy to W.J. Bishop.
1911Newspaper clipping "Farewell for Missionaries."
1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to American churches.
06.04.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
06.20.1911Letter from J.C. McQuiddy to W.J. Bishop.
07.26.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
07.07.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
*undated*Letter to the Churches of Christ in Nashville, TN - mission report.
*undated*Argument for Mission Work Abroad.
06.25.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.H. Hooper.
*undated*Article: "To Your Account."
*undated*Notes: W.J. Bishop.
07.11.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to J.C. McQuiddy.
11.20.1911Letter from W.J. Bishop to F.L. Rowe.
08.21.1968Letter from Mary Bishop Arledge to Don H. Morris concerning material she sent of her parents' missionary work in Japan.
 History of the Church in Japan.
 History of the Church in Japan - translated into Japanese.



Box 2
  • Box 2 contains photocopies of the fragile materials in Box 1 for research purposes.  It also includes two books:
    Plain Statement of Work in Japan, by W.J. Bishop, June 1910; and
    Long, Long Ago, a book written in Japanese with a foreword in English.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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