[MS 13] Charles Ready Nichol

Bible Faculty, Abilene Christian College, 1909-1910

  • An envelope marked "Russellism" containing notes on various collected excerpts from the writings of J.F. Rutherford:
    - Deliverance (1926)
    - Creation (1927)
    - Reconciliation (1928)
    - Prophecy (1929)
    - Life (1929)
  • Notebook recording in pictures, newspaper clippings and signatures a "reception given by Modello Church of Christ honoring its first minister, Dr. C.R. Nichol." -- 05.20.1956
  • Book list describing the contents of the C.R. Nichol library. -- August, 1961
  • Book: The Kingdom of God by R.H. Boll with marginal notes by C.R. Nichol.
  • Notebook contains debate notes and some charts.
  • Roll of sermon charts (top shelf).