[MS 12] Sabinal Christian College

06.08.1907Receipt: $1,000.00 signed by L.F. Nichols and J.A. Pounds, President of Building Direct.
09.02.1909Handwritten letter from M.A. Cooper to the Honorable George Powell accompanying a copy (not present) of resolutions authorizing the borrowing of $2,000.00.
05.13.1912 - 08.31.191510 miscellaneous receipts for utilities, lumber, etc.
03.11.1912Isaac E. Tackett's (president of SCC) financial statement to the Board of Directors of SCC.
04.19.1915Letter from J.O. Garrett to W.A. Earnest concerning Garrett's interest in "taking the work there." Asks for specific info from Earnest about the situation.
04.02.1912Letter from James D. Crenshaw (Lawyer from San Antonio) to W.A. Earnest acknowledging receipt of $540.00 to be applied to the note on SCC.
08.10.1909Contract between Isaac E. Tackett and S.J. Spencer for a dormitory adjacent to Sabinal Christian College for two years.
05.29.1915Letter from J.O. Garrett to W.A. Earnest about future prospects for SCC including teachers, students, and a catalog.
09.02.1909Letter from Edward B. Ward (attorney in Sabinal, TX) to Dr. M.A. Cooper advising the SCC Board of Directors to authorize the proposed mortgage, etc.
04.17.1915Letter from W.A. Earnest to J.D. Strickland of Fort Worth asking Strickland to consider "taking the school" in the position of principal.
*undated*Contract of Agreement between J.O. Garrett and the Board of Directors of Sabinal Christian College.
06.08.1915Letter from J.O. Garrett to W.A. Earnest and Regents requesting money for the completion of the printing of the catalog for SCC.
04.13.1915Letter from Carl A. Gardner of Austin to W.A. Earnest concerning SCC including teachers, students, and a catalog.
04.07.1915Letter from Ira Mossey (Port Arkansas) to SCC Board requesting consideration as a potential head for SCC.
*undated*Handwritten list of students and fees for "1st, 2nd, and 3rd" which was sent by Directors Ruth Click, Artell Driskill, and Mabel Enloe.
01.08.1911List of Board of Directors with newly elected members.
03.19.1909Letter from G.H.P. Showalter to D.F. Nichol affirming that Showalter is not president of the Board of Directors.
10.02.1909Document signed by M.F. Barksdale (President of SCC) on stationary of James D. Crenshaw, lawyer of San Antonio, promising to pay Lillian R. Millinger $3,000.00 five years hence.
12.23.1914Letter from J. Paul Slayden to the Board of Directors of SCC declaring his resignation.
08.21.1909"We the undersigned agree to pay the amount set opposite our names for the purpose of erecting a church house in the town of Sabinal, Uvalde Co., TX."
05.15.1915Contract of agreement" J.O. Garrett, Party of the first part, and the Board of Directors, Party of the second part.
1909Copy of charter of Sabinal Christian College.
10.02.1909Deed of trust signed by Lillian R. Millinger and list of names: "For the purpose of paying off the debt outstanding against the Sabinal Christian College, we, the undersigned, agree to pay the amounts opposite our respective names."
*undated*Subscriptions to pay off the college debt - "We, the undersigned, hereby subscribe the amount of paying off the debt outstanding against the said college with the accumulated interest on said debt the total outstanding indebtedness, both principal and interest, being $1,040.00.".
03.01.1913Contract between E.L. Mills and J. Paul Slayden, and the Board of Directors of SCC.
09.12.19??Handwritten minutes. Moved by John Rickey, seconded by W.A. Arthur that all pupils are under control of parents, on arriving home, with the limitations of social privileges and going to town to picture shows on Saturday without guardian. Motion was carried.
02.12.1912Contract between I.E. Tackett and the Board of Directors of SCC concerning the conducting of the school and its upkeep.
03.01.1913Letter of resignation from Isaac E. Tackett to the Trustees of SCC.
*undated*Letter from Isaac E. Tackett to Brother Allen concerning a "Miss Bell."
12.07.19??Handwritten minutes of a business meeting during which the financial condition of the college was concerned.
1916Copy of financial contract between SCC and J.O. Garrett (for lumber?), Mayhew and Isbell Lumber Co., TX.
06.14.1915Handwritten letter from J.O. Garrett (President of SCC) to "Brethren" acknowledging receipt of money and promising to ship catalogs by the close of June. Detail of campaigning plans.
08.05.1909Copy of minutes of Board of Directors meeting. Motion made and carried to borrow $3,000.00 for 5 years at 8% APR.
*undated*Contract of Deed of Trust between Sabinal Christian College and Lillian R. Millinger.
*undated*Warranty Deed with Vendor's lien. Single and wife's separate acknowledgment. J.A. Driskill et.at. to D.F. Nichols.
*undated*Warranty Deed. Joseph A. Kelley to J.A. Pounds, D.F. Nichols and B.F. Gilpin, Trustees of SCC.
*undated*Warranty Deed with Vendor's lien. Single and Wife's separate acknowledgment. M.S. Koch to D.F. Nichols, et.al..
04.07.1912Sabinal National Bank Check for $1.70 to H.B. McGaughy signed by Mrs. W.A. Earnest.
03.27.1909Sabinal National Bank check for $437.10 to "yourselves" from Sabinal Christian College.
1907-1921Two original Secretary/Treasurer books of the beginning and end of Sabinal Christian College, including important papers. These books include financial records and the minutes of Board meetings.