[MS 9] William Roy Smith

Vice-President of Abilene Christian College

  • Correspondence between W.R. Smith, Vice-President of ACC, 1956-1966, and major donor Miss Maurine Watkins. Also included are additional letters to Miss Watkins from Don H. Morris and J.W. Roberts which relate to her association with ACC, and Miss Watkins' replies and suggestions for the use of the money she contributed.
  • Additional correspondence of W.R. Smith not associated with Maurine Watkins and dated from 06.04.1955-12.06.1957. These were added 03.17.1975.
  • Letter dated 10.09.1969 from Fred J. Thompson, Jr., Trust Officer of the Florida National Bank of Jacksonville to Mr. J.E. Smith, Vice-President of the First State Bank of Abilene, TX, regarding the estate of Maurine Dallas Watkins. Added 05.27.1975.