[MS 8] Charles H. Roberson

Co-founder of Childers Classical Institute
ACC Faculty, 1917-1954

Box 1

  • Kenyon, Sir Frederick George, 1863-.  Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts, 4th ed.  New York.  Harper: 1940.
    - autographed by C.H. Roberson.
  • Letter from Jack W. Green, Jr. to Roberson inquiring about a recent article in Look Magazine in which it is claimed that certain passages in ancient NT manuscripts are unorthodox - 02.13.1952.
  • Letter from Roberson to Jack Green in which Roberson comments on the Look Magazine article and recommends to Green Our Bible and Ancient Manuscripts, by Sir Frederick Kenyon - 03.09.1952.

Box 2

  • Manuscript, What Jesus taught, by Charles Heber Roberson, 1928.