[MS 5] James F. Cox

President of Abilene Christian College,
1911-1912; 1932-1940


Box 1 - James F. Cox, Thesis

  • This box contains a handwritten copy of a thesis entitled The College Curriculum in Texas, by James Franklin Cox.  It was written in 1911, one of the first years that the University of Texas offered a Master's degree in education.

Box 2 - Miscellaneous Materials of James F. Cox

  • Plaque, copper plate inscribed, "Margaret Cox, in memory of her service, C.S.O."
  • Book, Teaching God's Word, by James F. Cox, 1939.  Inscribed, "To Don H. Morris with grateful appreciation of his service of Christian education, James F. Cox, 5/31/39." -- missing 03.27.1989
  • Book, Biography of James F. Cox, 1935-1936, by Margaret Moss.  Also has a note, "A fairly accurate biography, J.F.C." -- missing 03.27.1989
  • Folder, "ACC Biography.  Cox, James F."
  • Book, ABC of Japanese Art, Board of Tourist Industry, Japanese Government Railways, 1937.
  • Envelope (empty) from Egypt addressed to Mr. James F. Cox.
  • Envelope from Jerusalem, 1936, containing nine little folders holding pressed flowers gathered from around Bethlehem.
  • Copy of The New York Herald (fragile), New York, Saturday, April 15, 1865, telling of President Lincoln's assassination.
  • Book, Latin grammar textbook with no title page.  James Cox's signature is on the inside cover.
  • Speech on tape, "Sammy's Letter/James." 07.28.1950 -- transcript included.
  • Outline studies of the Old Testament by James F. Cox.

Box 3 - James F. Cox: Books

  • Cubberly, Ellwood P.  The Principal and His School.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1923.
  • Hyde, William DeWitt.  The School Speaker and Reader.  Boston: Ginn & Co., 1900.
  • Pack, Frank, ed.  Our Bible.  Abilene: Abilene Christian College, 1953.  (Inscribed by Cox to Mary Cox Haggard, his sister)

Box 4 - Presidential Papers of James F. Cox

  • Account by President Cox to the Board of Trustees about his stewardship.
  • Board of Trustees reports by President Cox (1936-1940)
  • Budget submitted to Board of Trustees, 02.19.1936.  This was the first time for an ACC president to do so.
  • Commencement programs, 1934 spring and summer.
  • Dedicatory program for James F. Cox.
  • Faculty of ACC, by James F. Cox.
  • Gospel Advocate, 02.02.1956 - containing ACC history.
  • Letter from Don Morris about President Cox, 02.15.1939.
  • Letter from J.G. Hardin about the death of Mrs. Hardin, 10.02.1935.
  • Letter to J.S. Arledge about the financial condition of the administration, 02.25.1931.
  • Letter to President Cox concerning the honorary degree of C.R. Nichols and Charles H. Roberson - March, 1940
  • List of seniors for 1935 Spring Commencement.
  • "Plans For a Greater Abilene Christian College," 1936.
  • President's Report to Board of Trustees, 01.11.1940.
  • Remarks at chapel concerning J.G. Hardin Memorial.
  • Resignation letter, 08.28.1935.
  • Transcript - "Letter From Sam."