Undated Speeches of President Don H. Morris (continued)

Speeches probably from the 1950s and 1960s. Some by others.

  • Sermon "Strengthening the Foundation."
  • Sermon based upon Paul's on Mars Hill.
  • "The Birth of Jesus," an 'anti-Christmas' sermon.
  • "Restoring God to Education," excerpts from speech by M. Norvel Young.
  • Speech apparently delivered to a group of doctors about the entry of Communism into the country.
  • "Unity Without Union," sermon manuscript.
  • A statement made concerning the celebration of Abilene's 75th anniversary. Concerns the state of ACC at that time and expectations of its state.
  • Introduction of Dr. Samuel Miller Brownell with background information.
  • "The Role of the Christian College in the Development of the Christian Personality," an address at the NICE Lectureships.
  • Sermon delivered at Gatesville on young people and the Bible.
  • Speech on uniting behind the president in support of the Vietnam War.
  • Sermon on love.
  • Speech before the York, NE Rotary Club on freedom.
  • Address at Harding on the purposes and functions of the Christian college.
  • Speech to the Mission Study Class about the responsibility of mission work and the place of the Christian college in missions.
  • "What a Philosophy for These Days?" a speech on communism.
  • Sermon on the answer to our problems in this day -- the resurrection of Christ.
  • Commencement address at Midwestern University.
  • Speech at Hobbs,(TX?,NM?) based on Mark 14:3-11.
  • "The Big Grab," series of nine articles by Allen Duckworth on the Federal Government's plan to seize submerged oil lands from the states.
  • Notes concerning the consumption of alcohol.
  • Marriage ceremony for R.J. Smith and Sarah Sue Holmes.
  • Marriage ceremony for Robert Odom and Freda Derryberry.
  • Marriage ceremony for Charles and Dorothy ??.
  • Reprints from The Congressional Record: "Socialism-American Variety," and "An Appeal From the Youth of Europe," in 1949.
  • "Private Property, Profit Motive, and the Government."
  • "Is President Truman Taking Us Down the British Road?" article by Robert A. Taft.
  • "Our Plea," sermon.
  • Series of quotes concerning communism and socialism and related systems.
  • Sermon on "Institutionalism," the relationship between Churches and Christian colleges.
  • "History of Abilene Christian College Graduate School."
  • Miscellaneous quotations in cards.
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Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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