Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1969-1974

08.04.1969Some notes concerning Elizabeth Bernard.
08.21.1969"Graduation Address," to summer graduates at ACC.
09.26.1969"My Challenge," address at the Public Relations Staff Conference.
10.06.1969Address at the Wichita Falls Preachers Luncheon about ACC, especially concerning the administration as it's now composed.
10.31.1969Funeral service for Howard L. Schug.
10.31.1969A statement to the Board concerning the Phase II of the Development Plan.
12.22.1969Funeral service for Leslie Hays.
01.02.1970Funeral service for Miss Roxie Neal.
01.16.1970"Administering the Christian College," address to the meeting of Presidents of Christian Colleges.
02.21.1970The presentation of President Stevens at the Inaugural Ceremonies.
02.22.1970Dedication of the Roxie Neal Recital Hall.
05.10.1970Address at the Class of 1920's 50th anniversary dinner meeting.
05.14.1970Speech in honor of Gordon Bennett at the Abilene Lions Club.
05.30.1970Commencement address at Michigan Christian College on some principles for living.
07.20.1970Funeral service for J.S. (Sheriff) Burgess.
08.27.1970Address in Amarillo concerning the building of a Christian school there.
09.01.1970Address at the Official Opening of the 65th session of ACC.
09.10.1970Introduction for Kenneth D. Wells.
10.09.1970Address to the 25th anniversary dinner for Western Christian College encouraging them on to greater things.
10.10.1970"The Christian Husband and Father," sermon delivered at Western Christian College in Weyburn, Canada.
10.12.1970Address to the Rotary Club of Rochester, MI about keeping America great.
11.14.1970Funeral service for J.H. Richards.
11.25.1970Funeral service for Brian McKinzie.
11.30.1970Chapel speech on why he believes in Abilene Christian College.
02.23.1971Introduction at the Paul C. Witt Appreciation Luncheon.
04.02.1971Appreciation speech for the McDonald Landscaping Project.
04.15.1971Funeral service for George R. Pepper, Sr.
06.21.1971Funeral service of Mrs. Maude Cranfill.
08.10.1971Speech at the Latin American Studies Banquet on relations between the two areas.
09.12.1971Sermon in Duncanville, TX, on the family.
10.01.1971"The Faith and Hope for Christian Colleges," address at the Presidents Meeting at York College.
11.23.1971"Statement of Challenge," delivered at the Annual Fund Dinner Meeting at the Ridgelea Country Club in Fort Worth.
12.01.1971"The Church in Abilene," sermon at the Russell Avenue church. - outline and sermon
12.03.1971Funeral service for Mrs. Clara Harris.
05.07.1972Address in memory of seven members of the class of 1922 who had died; given at the 50th Anniversary Luncheon.
05.20.1972Dedication of Sam Bacon Cottage and Moody Health, Education and Services Building at Medina Childrens' Home.
05.31.1972"Some Glories of Christian Teaching," given at a College Church Prayer Meeting.
1972-1973Article written for the DeSoto Star about DeSoto's history.
07.13.1972"Crisis at Abilene Christian College," text prepared for George Benson for a speech he was to make.
05.06.1973Luncheon speech at the 50th Anniversary of the Class of 1923, relating some of their history.
07.21.1973"Add-Ran and Its Heirs," an address at the ex-students reunion, Thorp Spring Christian College.
09.27.1973"The How and the Why of Abilene Christian College," address to the students of ACC during chapel.
09.30.1973Sermon delivered at Winters, TX, based on Acts 2:42.
10.09.1973"The Restoration," delivered in Wichita Falls, TX.
10.22.1973Funeral service for Tonto Coleman.
10.23.1973"Why I Have Devoted My Life to Christian Education," prepared for the Presidents Meeting at Freed-Hardemen, but ;later distributed because he was unable to attend.
11.19.1973Funeral service for Mrs. G.B. Hester Tittle.
Dec, 1973;
Jan, 1974
Final copy of the last manuscript prepared by Don Morris. This was to be used as a chapter in What Lack We Yet? a book edited by J.D. Thomas.
01.08.1974Last letter written by Don Morris, to Steve Johnston regarding Kenneth Musgrave.
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