Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1960-1969 (continued)

09.21.1966Introductory speech in chapel to students, about ACC and its purposes.
11.03.1966"Seventy-Five Years at Hardin-Simmons," the Lion's Club program honoring Dr. Skiles.
02.14.1967Address to the Board of Trustees regarding his stroke and the Administrative Committee.
02.22.1967Address at the B. Sherod Luncheon.
05.21.1967"Farewell Sermon to Students."
05.23.1967Funeral Services for Mrs. J.M. Burleson.
05.24.1967Funeral Services for Mrs. W.C. Williamson.
05.24.1967Notes for the Faculty Meeting concerning salary schedule.
05.28.1967Sermon delivered at the De Soto Church of Christ on Paul's sermon on Mars Hill.
06.23.1967Commencement address at Crowley's Ridge College.
08.12.1967Funeral Service for Clyde Echols.
Fall, 1967Speech for the Preachers' Fellowship Meeting on the subject of beginnings in the educational work of the Restoration Movement.
09.13.1967Chapel speech at the beginning of the fall term encouraging the students to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them at ACC.
11.10.1967Address at the Board of Trustees Luncheon about the progress of the Design for Development work.
11.20.1967Address in Brownwood asking for the support of the President in backing the war in Vietnam.
11.23.1967"Christian Education in the Restoration Movement," speech at the Harding College Lectureship.
Dec, 1967Editorial in the Abilene Reporter News asking that all back the President in the Vietnam War.
12.06.1967"What Abilene Christian College Means to Abilene," address to Cactus Lions Club.
02.21.1968Address to the Missions Luncheon introducing the new missions program headed by George Gurganus.
02.22.1968"The College and the Church," Morris' part in a Lectureship panel.
02.29.1968Chapel speech upon the occasion of moving into Moody Coliseum and out of Sewell and Bennett Gym.
05.14.1968Faculty address concerning the status of ACC and its program.
05.19.1968"Farewell Sermon to Students," on the report of the 12 spies and Phil 4.
06.14.1968Funeral service for Irvin C. Scott.
06.17.1968Funeral service for Mrs. John A. Wright.
09.13.1968Funeral service for James C. Reese.
09.26.1968Address to the Preachers Fellowship Meeting.
09.30.1968Address of appreciation at the E.W. McMillan Appreciation Dinner.
10.01.1968Funeral service for James F. Cox.
10.09.1968Chapel speech concerning chapel, its values and reasons for emphasis.
11.27.1968"The Exemplification of the New Commandment, What Would Jesus Do?" lecture given at the Southwestern Christian College Lectureship.
March, 1969Funeral service for Mrs. J.E. McKinzie.
03.21.1969Funeral service for W.H. Free.
03.27.1969Funeral service for T.A. Russell.
03.31.1969Chapel speech upon the death of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
04.10.1969Address at the meeting of Presidents of Christian Colleges, on the history of Christian education in the Restoration Movement.
04.24.1969Address at the Cisco Rotary Citizens Awards Luncheon in recognition of two students at Cisco High School.
05.03.1969Response to the announcement of his being appointed chancellor.
05.25.1969"Farewell Sermon to Students," on the 'New Commandment.'
06.24.1969Funeral service for Sam R. Cox.
06.25.1969Funeral service for Harvey L. Hays, Sr.
Summer, 1969A speech on the Bible as the basis for Christian education at ACC.
07.07.1969Funeral service for Jesse P. Sewell.
07.08.1969Speech delivered at the American Studies Banquet on the values of the program.
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