Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1960-1969 (continued)

03.14.1963Funeral services for Judge Allen D. Dabney.
04.04.1963Morris' part of a panel discussion on the "Attainment of Church Goals Through Higher Education," presented at the Texas Council of Church-Related Colleges.
04.21.1963-04.25.1963"Moral Responsibilities of Christian Leadership," class or lecture at the Abilene Christian College Lectureship.
05.26.1963"Farewell Sermon to Students," on Paul's Sermon on Mars Hill.
1963Presentation speech in honor of Earl McCaleb, recipient of the Sports Illustrated Silver Anniversary All-American Award.
Sept, 1963Speech over KACC as a welcoming to incoming students, and their parents.
09.18.1963Chapel speech on how to make this a most enjoyable year at ACC.
11.25.1963Special chapel speech concerning the Kennedy assassination.
01.24.1964Address to the Abilene Rotary Club on Ladies Night about the history of the club.
Feb, 1964"Great Gifts That Have Built Abilene Christian College," speech given to the Friends Luncheon at Lectureship, 1964.
03.26.1964Speech given in Dublin, TX, on what makes a good community.
May, 1964Funeral service for Essie Rambo.
05.19.1964Funeral service for G.C. Morlan.
05.24.1964"Farewell Sermon to Students," on characteristics of Christian living.
06.08.1964"Selling Christian Education to the Brethren," delivered at the Presidents' Meeting at Western Christian College.
08.18.1964"Education for Freedom," given at Freedoms Foundation Teacher Workshop on the Preservation of the Fundamental Principles of Our American Way of Life.
09.21.1964A chapel speech on some of the traditions and ideals of ACC.
10.16.1964Chapel speech.
10.20.1964Speech outline for the presentation by President Morris to the Faculty Meeting especially concerning the Design for Development Program.
10.30.1964Welcoming speech to the participants at the ACC Missions Workshop.
11.06.1964Speech at the National Development Council meeting hold during Homecoming.
01.08.1965Funeral services for Dr. T.M. Collins, in Big Spring, TX.
01.27.1965"The Christian and Morality," lecture given at the T & P Lane lectureship.
02.12.1965Speech given at the Founder's Day Banquet at Michigan Christian College.
03.10.1965Chapel speech about the Design for Development Program.
03.16.1965Speech before the Texas Legislature against the liquor by the drink bill.
05.23.1965"Farewell Sermon to Students," on whom we can depend upon in times like those we live in.
07.09.1965Funeral services for Dr. A.J. Pope.
08.11.1965Speech at Freshman Orientation welcoming the incoming freshman and giving some background of ACC.
09.06.1965"Ethical Responsibilities of the Staff and Faculty of Abilene Christian College," an address to the pre-session conference at ACC.
09.09.1965Notes for the Abilene Special Announcement Luncheon in Gardner Hall East, Walling Parlor.
09.15.1965Prayer meeting sermon in which he reports on the state of the church in the Latin American countries of Central America and Jamaica.
09.18.1965Speech given at the inauguration of Dr. Ganus as president of Harding.
09.20.1965"Individual Responsibility," chapel speech which served as a kind of opening of the Fall session; tells of the interest and hopes that ACC has for each student individually.
09.27.1965Welcoming speech to new citizens. (?)
10.05.1965Funeral services for W.H. (Watt) Bennett.
10.28.1965Address to the Men's Forum on Preaching, especially as it relates to the history of ACC.
12.20.1965Funeral services of Uncle John Nelson, held in Denton, TX.
Jan, 1966"Woman's Place in Christian Education," addressed to the Ladies' Luncheon during the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of David Lipscomb College.
March, 1966"The Whole Duty of Man," address on the Alabama Christian College Lectureship.
05.22.1966Farewell sermon to students.
05.05.1966Funeral services for George Blueford Tittle.
08.09.1966Speech at Preachers and Wives gathering about the spread of the church and the need for preachers.
07.15.1966Address at the D for D Community Gifts Leadership Seminar at ACC. (?)
08.31.1966Funeral services for Mrs. R.C. Bell.
09.19.1966Funeral services for T.M. Blakeley.
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