Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1960-1969

1960Speech on socialism and communism.
01.06.1960Speech Before the Abilene Rotary Club.
03.04.1960Address to the students of Hardin-Simmons on communism.
04.05.1960"excellency in Education," given before the District PTA of Galveston, TX.
05.01.1960Sermon, "What Are We -- From Whence We Came," given to Trinity Heights in Dallas, TX.
05.02.1960Speech to the Kiwanis Club of Rochester, MI.
05.04.1960Chapel Speech to Great Lakes Christian College.
May, 1960Speech to the Board of Western Christian College on investing in young people.
05.22.1960"Farewell Sermon to Students," on giving of oneself.
06.07.1960Address to the San Antonio, TX Rotary Club about July 4th and events leading up to it -- the Declaration of Independence.
09.25.1960"What Is the Faith Once Delivered?" delivered for a lectureship at the Church in El Paso, TX.
09.25.1960"What Obedience To the Faith Demands," delivered for a lectureship at the Church in El Paso, TX.
09.22.1960An address to the student body about the history of ACC as reflected in the names of the various buildings on campus.
10.26.1960Address to the Abilene Kiwanis Club on the principles that American Democracy must hold to.
1960"Preserving the Dignity of Man," an article in Horizons, vol. 12, no. 2.
12.07.1960Address to the 4-H Club Luncheon in honor of those receiving rewards and suggesting some fundamental characteristics to insure success and happiness.
12.10.1960Speech to the Bible Chair Directors of the Southwest assembled at ACC, a welcoming speech to the campus.
Dec, 1960Funeral Sermon for E.A. Bedichek.
01.06.1961Speech to the Abilene Rotary Club on some principles America should hold; perhaps the same speech as one delivered on 10.26.1960.
02.21.1961Message delivered at the Preachers-Elders Dinner during Lectureship at ACC about the Church and ACC.
03.21.1961"Christ to Answer To World Problems," delivered at the Pepperdine Lectureships.
March, 1961Address to the students of Columbia Christian College -- also excerpts from Columbia's newsletter.
04.06.1961Pessimist talk in ACC chapel -- expresses disappointment in most recent issue of Pessimist.
04.21.1961Address to the Abilene Kiwanis Club.
05.26.1961"The Signature of a Great Man," commencement speech at Temple Junior College.
05.28.1961"Farewell Sermon to Students," on Christ as the answer to all problems.
June, 1961"Sermon given in Gainesville, TX, on the individual's responsibility in the church.
09.04.1961Funeral Services for Leonard Burford.
10.10.1961Address to the Taylor and Jones County Medical Association on the government and suggestions for keeping our country free.
11.03.1961Speech before the Abilene Rotary Club stating that the Abilene colleges represent education and morality -- things which draw people to a city.
11.30.1961Speech to the "Preacher Boys," on the importance of preaching.
01.08.1962-01.11.1962"First Corinthians," delivered at the Forth Worth Christian College Lectureship.
01.16.1962"Whose Lives Can Be Measured in Terms of What They Mean?" (apparently this, though unclear, is the actual title) chapel address at ACC.
02.27.1962A congratulatory address to the teachers of Abilene Public Schools on Business Education Day.
03.24.1962Address to the Letterman's Dinner on the place of athletics at ACC.
May, 1962"How Will You Spend Your Years?" sermon closing the spring semester.
09.19.1962"The Spirit of Abilene Christian College," addressed to the student body during chapel.
01.04.1963Address to the Abilene Rotary Club about his trip through the Far East.
02.12.1963"United in Evangelizing the World," lecture at the fellowship dinner for preachers and elders at Oklahoma Christian College.
02.21.1963Funeral service for John W. Catchings.
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