Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1950-1959 (continued)

05.29.1954"The Vision and Scope of the Gospel," commencement sermon at College Church.
10.08.1955Funeral for Otis M. Reynolds.
12.07.1955"The Responsibility of Education," given before Texas Registrars.
1955Speech expressing optimism for the upcoming year of 1956 for both ACC and Abilene.
1956A sermon about "Moses' Speech," delivered during a meeting at Highland CofC in Abilene.
04.26.1956Speech on the two most significant parts of Abilene Christian College.
05.27.1956"Farewell Sermon to Students," based on Eph 3:14-21.
Fall, 1956"The Cost of Going to College," article written for the Founder's Express.
09.06.1956Article for the Firm Foundation about the church in the Near East as seen on recent trip.
09.10.1956Speech made at the Pre-Session Faculty Meeting.
09.16.1956"Impressions from Europe," television speech.
09.12.1956"Elders and Deacons and the Scope of Their Work," parts 1 and 2 delivered in Lubbock, TX.
09.14.1956"Some New Testament Principles for Effective Church Work," lecture number 3 of the Lubbock series.
11.12.1956Funeral service for L.P. Bennett.
11.22.1956"Christian Education," delivered at the Preachers and Elders Dinner of the Harding College Lectureship.
12.12.1956Speech delivered in conference room (possibly discussion notes.)
Jan, 1957"The Status of Abilene Christian College," a pre session speech.
02.16.1957"The Responsibilities of Freedom," delivered at Eastern New Mexico University.
03.22.1957Address to the Builders Meeting in Catchings Cafeteria.
05.15.1957Funeral service for Mrs. J.S. Arledge.
05.26.1957"Farewell Sermon to Students," based on Mark 12:28-34.
09.09.1957Address to Pre-Session Faculty Meeting on the state of ACC.
09.30.1957"A Brief Look at Abilene Christian College," delivered to the student body.
1958"The College Today," address to the Businessman's Luncheon at ACC.
02.22.1958Address to the Alumni on Alumni Day about and in appreciation for them.
04.10.1958"How Christian Colleges Help the Church," delivered at York College.
04.21.1958"What It Means to Be a Christian," delivered at Ardmore, OK.
05.05.1958"The Individual's Responsibilities of Freedom," addressed to the Rotary Club in Waco, TX.
05.06.1958"About the Church of Christ," sermon at the Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX.
05.25.1958"Farewell Sermon to Students," on abiding in faith, hope, and love.
06.04.1958"Significance of the American Studies Program at ACC."
09.08.1958Address to the Pre-Session Faculty Conference at ACC.
09.15.1958Speech made at the Citizenship Center campaign luncheon about ACC.
09.15.1958Official Opening Program for ACC with a telegram from E.W. McMillan and Dan Anders in Israel.
10.17.1958"Texans Want Good Government," addressed to the Texas Research League.
01.06.1959"The Bible and Education," lecture given at the Freed-Hardeman Lectureship.
01.13.1959Speech given to students on the investment of their education.
01.28.1959Talk before the department of ACC on chapel attendance.
02.08.1959Sermon on the responsibility of educating one's children.
02.25.1959Address given to the 75th Anniversary Dinner for Firm Foundation, relating to its history.
04.05.1959Similar to speech on 02.08.1959.
05.24.1959"Farewell Sermon to Students," based on Moses' farewell speech to the Israelites.
09.13.1959Sermon delivered to the Broadway Church of Lubbock on new life in Christ.
Fall, 1959"What Are the Needs for Trained Preachers, Bible Teachers, Elders, and Song Leaders? How Are These Needs Met In the Christian College?"
02.08.1959An article for the College Church Bulletin about the investment one makes in the students of ACC.
11.04.1955An announcement at Ex-student chapel regarding the naming of the new buildings on campus.
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