Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1950-1959

01.25.1950"The Identity of the Church," delivered at the David Lipscomb Lectureship.
01.30.1950"Teamwork Between Parents and Teachers," delivered at Cotton Center, TX.
02.22.1950"Abilene Christian College," delivered at the ACC Lectureship.
05.28.1950"Farewell Sermon," delivered at the College Church of Christ - an analysis of Paul's farewell sermon to the Ephesian elders pointing out five qualities of Christian living and work.
08.12.1950Speech delivered to the West Texas Press Association - concerns this crucial period in the history of the world for which the audience has a great opportunity as well as responsibility; centers on Communism and Korea.
11.23.1950Homecoming Chapel speech relating the purposes of ACC, present situation, and needs for the future.
05.17.1951"Problems Confronting Christian Colleges," delivered at David Lipscomb College.
05.27.1951"Farewell Sermon to Students," with admonitions for their future.
05.30.1951Four memoranda: three are concerned with the Christian students who do not attend Christian Colleges, the fourth relates to J.C. Penney's rules for success.
06.28.1951Speech delivered to the Rotary Club of Stephenville, TX, concerning the status of ACC.
10.18.1951Speech delivered to the Rotary Club of Spur, TX, on the problem of socialism, communism, and liberty in the US.
1952A chapel speech in which he tries to answer three questions he believes the student body might like to ask: What about ACC's past, who controls the college, and how is it organized?
01.30.1952Speech delivered to the Rotary Club of Lubbock, TX, on the need for moral living in this country if it is to survive.
05.20.1952Speech delivered to the Bosses Banquet of Business and Professional Women in Midland, TX, on the encroaching power of socialism in the US.
05.25.1952"Farewell Sermon to Students of College Church," on the Lord's Supper.
05.28.1952"Graduation Address at Southwest Texas State Teachers College."
03.30.1953"Funeral Service for Charles H. Roberson."
05.02.1953Chapel talk to students at ACC attempting to answer the questions: Why can't a certain thing be done now? and Why is the college always asking for money?
05.24.1953"Farewell Sermon," delivered at College Church and based on Moses' last speech to the Israelites.
06.11.1953Address given to the Abilene Lions Club in which he tries to answer three questions: What is the place of the private college in America, What kind of college education shall we have, and Do colleges have the right to investigate professors when suspected of Communist teaching or membership?
01.21.1954"Support for Christian Education," delivered at the David Lipscomb College Lectures.
01.23.1954Address to the student body at ACC relating to some serious discipline problems in the school.
02.10.1954Speech given at a faculty meeting requesting the help of all male faculty members in handling and greeting the Lectureship crowd.
05.30.1954Sermon delivered at College Church as a farewell sermon to students and based on II Kings 2:11-12.
10.29.1954Thank-you speech addressed to the A Cappella Chorus of ACC upon their efforts in behalf of the Bible Building campaign.
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