Speeches of President Don H. Morris, 1940-1949

02.23.1940Address to the General Board suggesting general plans and principles by which the school is to be operated in the near future.
05.30.1943"Farewell Sermon to Students," on the different types of giving.
05.28.1944"Farewell Sermon to Students," based upon Eph 3:14-21.
04.24.1945Letter to the students of 1944-45 wishing them success, happiness, and service for the Lord.
05.27.1945"Farewell Sermon to Students," on love for God and neighbor.
05.23.1945A KRBC Radio speech on bonds; war bonds.
Fall, 1945
or 1946
Homecoming Address at first big Homecoming after war.
05.26.1946"Farewell Sermon to Students," on responsibility and opportunity.
06.08.1947"Farewell Sermon to Students," based on I Cor 13:13.
11.26.1947"The Contribution of the Christian College to Civilization (Society)," delivered at Harding College.
04.18.1948"Scriptural Rules of the Growth of the Church."
05.30.1948"Farewell Sermon to Students," on the needs of the country.
05.09.1949An address to a special meeting of friends of ACC at Fair Park Auditorium in Dallas, TX, about the College -- its growth, the vision for tomorrow, and its present development program.
05.26.1949Address to the Abilene Lions Club about ACC.
05.29.1949"Farewell Address to the Student Body," about Joseph in Egypt.
09.26.1949Address at what appears to be a fund-raising gathering of the parents of the students of ACC.
10.16.1949"Growing in Knowledge," a sermon delivered at the Lectureship at Mineral Wells, TX.
11.12.1949Address at the ACC Development Fund Meeting in Abilene.
11.23.1949"Federal Aid to Education," an address to the Texas Council of Church-Related Colleges.
12.11.1949Dedication of the new church building at Winters, TX.
05.19.1945KRBC radio talk on "Bonds" - attached is one of the same subject and dated 11.23.1944.
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