[MS 3] Price Billingsley

Faculty, Abilene Christian College, 1909-1910

Box 1

  • This box contains four volumes of a seven volume set of handwritten notebooks intended to be a general index to the Billingsley Journals. Each volume has a general category, and within each volume are sub-headings under which the titles from his journals are listed along with the year, volume, and page on which they are found. These four volumes are titled:
    1.  God
    2.  Gospel
    3.  Church
    4.  Home

Box 2

  • This box contains two more volumes described above. Volume 6 is apparently missing. The other two are titled:
    5.  Preachers
    7.  Heaven
  • Also contained in this box is another hand-written notebook with no title. Pages are hand numbered but other wise blank except for pages one and seven, with the headings "Character" and "Strong Man" respectively.

Box 3

  • Seven volumes of handwritten materials contain what may have been the beginnings of his autobiography which he hoped to write. Among other subjects they contain recollections of his mother, father, and wife.

Box 4

  • Five volumes written from October to December of 1955 appear to be written on the order of the other materials appearing within the journal. Each volume contains essays on various topics, usually religiously oriented.

Box 5

  • This box contains two volumes typewritten on notebook paper - within each is a series of short written sections. Volumes titled:
    1.  Keeping a Stiff Line On Self.
    2.  Preaching Motives.

Box 6

  • This box contains two volumes typewritten on notebook paper - within each is a series of short written sections. Volumes titled:
    1.  The Fallen and Disgraced.
    2.  The Located.

Box 7

  • This box contains a 223 page typewritten manuscript entitled "Faith--In God and Man." The work appears to be finished but possibly not to the original intent as there is a straw page numbered 268.

Box 8

  • This box contains miscellaneous notes:
    1.  20 pages titled "Lines From Old Notes."
    2.  29 page manuscript "The Character and Role of God."
    3.  26 pages of "Billingsley's One-Line Sermons."
    4.  2 page essays "When the Church Was Persecuted" and
          "Ye Shall Be Hated of All Men For My Name's Sake."
    5.  5 miscellaneous pages from two different manuscripts.
    6.  59 other pages of miscellaneous notes.

Box 9

  • Other Miscellaneous Materials:
    1.  A book of handwritten notes labeled "Shakespeare Paraphrase."
    2.  A book and subscription list for the Gospel Advocate.
    3.  An address book.
    4.  A "prospect book."
    5.  Five receipt books for "Springs of Church Might."

Box 10

  • Other Miscellaneous Materials:
    1.  Preachers of Today, 1952 edition - Billingsley is listed within.
    2.  A blue scrapbook of newspaper clippings.
    3.  A green scrapbook of newspaper clippings and other typed materials.
    4.  A red notebook of handwritten notes.
    5.  "Essentials Elements of Character" - an address delivered by Kenneth B. Adams
          to the 1946 graduating class of Freed-Hardeman College.