Table of Contents - [MS 2: Boxes 8-9]

Volume I -- Army of Tennessee

I. General Biographical Material
II. Battle with Indians at Marlin's Ranch
III. Gano's Texas Cavalry Squadron (Jan.-May, 1862) -- Morgan's First Raid (June-July, 1862)
IV. Raids on the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (Aug. 1862)
V. Kirby Smith's Invasion of Kentucky (Sept. 1862)
VI. Morgan's Mountain Campaign in Eastern Kentucky (Sept. 1862)
VII. Battle of Perryville (Oct. 1862)
VIII. Engagement at Gallatin, Hartsville and Castillian Springs (Nov.-Dec. 1862)
IX. Morgan's Christmas Raid in Kentucky (Dec. 1862-Jan. 1863)
X. Battles at Milton, Liberty, and Snow's Hill (Feb.-Apr. 1863)
XI. Skirmishing at McMinnville (May-June, 1863)

Volume II -- Army of the Trans-Mississippi

XII. Reorganization -- Battle of Chicamauga - 5th Texas Cavalry Brigade (July, 1863-Mar. 1864)
XIII. Camden Expedition -- Battle at Jenkins Ferry -- Battle at Poison Springs (Apr.-June, 1864)
XIV. Attach at Fort Smith -- Engagement at Massard Prairie (July, 1864)
XV. Hay Burning at Fort Gibson -- Battle of Cabin Creek (Aug.-Oct. 1864)
XVI. Planned attack on Fort Smith -- General Price's retreat -- War's End (Nov. 1864-May, 1865)
XVII. Reconstructed rosters of troops serving under Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano during Civil War
XVIII. Biographical material on personnel serving under Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano during War
XIX Bibliography

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