Outline of the Military Record of Brig. Gen. Richard M. Gano

I. Capt. R.M. Gano - Organized "Grapevine Volunteers of Tarrant County, Texas," June 1, 1861 - a company of mounted riflemen - 4 officers and 96 men.
II. Capt. R.M. Gano - Reorganized "Grapevine Volunteers" into a cavalry squadron consisting of two companies - March 6, 1862 - 10 officers and 181 men - Mustered by order of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson - Reported to Gen. Beauregard, Army of Tennessee, May 15, 1862 - Assigned to Col. John Hunt Morgan, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Chattanooga, TN.
III. Morgan's First Kentucky Raid - July 5, 1862 to July 28, 1862 - Col. John H. Morgan commanding 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Capt. R.M. Gano commanding Company G thereof.

a.  July 05, 1862 - Skirmish at Walden's Ridge, TN
b.  July 09, 1862 - Capture of Tompkinsville, KY
c.  July 09, 1862 - Skirmish at Bear Wallow, KY
d.  July 10, 1862 - Capture of Glasgow, KY
e.  July 10, 1862 - Fight at Green River Bridge, KY
f.  July 11, 1862 - Fight at Rolling Fork Bridge, KY
g.  July 11, 1862 - Capture of Lebanon, KY
h.  July 12, 1862 - Capture of Springfield, KY
i.  July 12, 1862 - Capture of Mackville, KY
j.  July 13, 1862 - Capture of Harrodsburg, KY
k.  July 14, 1862 - Skirmish near Mackville, KY
l.  July 14, 1862 - Capture of Laurenceburg, KY
m.  July 14, 1862 - Capture of Versailles, KY
n.  July 15, 1862 - Capture of Georgetown, KY
o.  July 18, 1862 - Battle of Cynthiana, KY
p.  July 18, 1862 - Capture of Paris, KY
q.  July 18, 1862 - Capture of Winchester, KY
r.  July 19, 1862 - Capture of Richmond, KY
s.  July 21, 1862 - Capture of Crab Orchard, KY
t.  July 22, 1862 - Capture of Somerset, KY
u.  July 23-28, 1862 - Return to Tennessee
IV. Morgan's Raid on the L. & N. Railroad - August 12, 1862 to August 22, 1862 - Col. John H. Morgan commanding 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Capt. R.M. Gano commanding Company G thereof.

a.  August 12, 1862 - Battle and Capture of Hartsville, TN.
b.  August 12, 1862 - Capture of Gallatin, TN.
c.  August 12, 1862 - Descruction of L. & N. Railroad tunnels and bridges.
d.  August 12-22, 1862 - Occupation of Gallatin and Hartsville.
e.  August 21, 1862 - Battle at Gallatin - Union forces defeated.
f.  August 22, 1862 - Withdrawal into Eastern Tennessee - R.M. Gano now reported as Major R.M. Gano commanding squadron consisting of original two companies of "Gano's Texas Cavalry Squadron" plus a new company recruited in Tennessee.
V. R.M. Gano withdraws squadron from 2nd Kentucky Cavalry as nucleus for new regiment - September 2, 1862 - Seventh Kentucky Cavalry Regiment organized, Colonel R.M. Gano Commanding (the new regiment now a part of 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Brigade commanded by Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan.)
VI. Brig. Gen. John H. Morgan's brigade, including Col. R.M. Gano's Seventh Kentucky Cavalry assigned to Gen. E. Kirby Smith for invasion of Kentucky - Sept. 4, 1862.

a.  September 5-7, 1862 - Capture of Lexington, KY.
b.  September 11, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Col. R.M. Gano, commanding, captures Washington, KY.
c.  September 15, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Col. R.M. Gano, commanding, captures Maysville, KY.
d.  September 19, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Col. R.M. Gano, commanding, captures Booneville, KY.
VII. The Battle of Perryville - Gen. E. Kirby Smith, commanding Confederate forces.

a.  October 6-7, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Col. R.M. Gano commanding, occupies Versailles, KY.
b.  October 8, 1862 - Battle of Perryville
c.  October 9, 1962 - Engagement near Frankfort, KY.
d.  October 10-17, 1862 - Covering Gen. Bragg's retreat into Tennessee.
e.  October 17, 1862 - Battle of Lexington, TN.
f.  October 17-19, 1862 - Occupation of Lexington, TN.
g.  Oct. 19 - Nov. 4, 1862 - Withdrawal to Springfield, TN.
VIII. Reorganization of Confederate troops of Lt. Gen. E. Kirby Smith - Oct. 31, 1862, includes First Cavalry Brigade, Brig. Gen. John H. Morgan, commanding, which inclued 7th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Col. R.M. Gano, commanding.
IX. Nov. 4, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Col. R.M. Gano commanding, destroys railroad bridges between Louisville, KY, and Nashville, TN.
X. Nov. 16, 1862 - 7th Kentucky Regiment, Col. R.M. Gano commanding, attacked by strong force of Union infantry and cavalry, withdrew from Lebanon, TN, to Baird's Mill.
XI. Dec. 7, 1862 - Morgan's cavalry brigade, including the 7th Kentucky Cavalry, Col. R.M. Gano commanding, engaged the 39th Brigade, United States Army, at the Battle of Hartsville, TN, routing the Union forces and capturing the city.
XII. Morgan's Second Kentucky Raid - Dec. 23, 1862 to Jan 5, 1863 - Brig. Gen. John H. Morgan commanding First Cavalty Brigade, including 7th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Col. R.M. Gano commanding.
a.  December 24, 1862 - Capture of Glasgow.
b.  December 25, 1862 - Engagement at Mansfordville.
c.  December 25, 1962 - Descruction of L. & N. Railroad bridges near Mansfordville.
d.  December 27, 1862 - Capture of Elizabethtown, KY.  Destruction of railroad and bridges in vicinity.
e.  December 29, 1862 - Union train captured and burned near La Vergne.  Bridges across Rolling Fork and Green River destroyed.
f.  December 31, 1862 - Withdrawal to Campbellsville.
g.  January 2, 1863 - Withdrawal to Burksville.
XIII. February, 1863 - Organization of Gen. JOhn H. Morgan's Cavalry Division, consisting of First Cavalry Brigade commanded by Col. Breckinridge, and Second Cavalry Brigade, commanded by Col. R.M. Gano (containing 3rd, 8th, 10th, and 11th Kentucky Cavalry Regiments.)
XIV. March 19, 1863 - Battle at Liberty, TN.  Morgan's Division attacked by heavy Union infantry, forced to withdraw to Milton, TN.  March 20, 1963, Battle at Milton, TN - Morgan forces Union withdrawal, but has heavy casualties, and himself withdraws, leaving Second Cavalry Brigade at Snows Hill, Col. R.M. Gano commanding.
XV. April 3, 1863 - Battle at Snows Hill, TN - Second Cavalry Brigade, Col. R.M. Gano commanding, atacked by 8,000 Union infantry and cavalry, forced to withdraw to McMinnville, TN.
XVI. May, 1863 - Second Cavalry Brigade, COl. R.M. Gano commanding, (less some detachments retained by Gen. Morgan) temporarily attached to Grigsby's Cavalry, operating in and about McMinnville.  (Morgan's force was subsequently destroyed at Buffington's Island, OH, and the scattered remnants returning to Tennessee apparently rejoined the depleted remains of Gano's brigade operating with Grigsby.)
XVII. September 18, 1863 - Remnants of Morgan's former command and Second Cavalry Brigade, under Col. R.M. Gano, operating under Gen. N.B. Forrest, in the Battle of Chickamauga.
XVIII. Brig. Gen. Richard M. Gano, taking with him remnants of his original "Texas Cavalry Squadron," now called "Gano Guards" (about 80 men), is assigned to the Trans-Missippi Department, to command all Texas Cavalry therein operating.  Gano assumes command of these troops at Bonham, TX, October 10, 1863.
XIX. December 27, 1863 - Texas Cavalry Brigade, Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano, captures and occupies Waldron, Arkansas.
XX. April 14, 1864 - Battle at Poison Springs, Arkansas.  Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano wounded in the arm.
XXI. July 27, 1864 - Attack on Fort SMith, Arkansas.  Battle at Massard Prairies, Texas Cavalry Brigade, Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano commanding.
XXII. September 18, 1864 - Battle at Cabin Creek, Indian Territory.  Texas Cavalry Brigade and Indian Brigade, Brig. Gen. R.M. Gano commanding.
XXIII. January 25, 1865 - Gano's Brigade ordered to Nacodoches, TX, by Gen. E. Kirby Smith, in reorganization of troops of Trans-Mississippi Department, giving the brigade a new designation.
XXIV. May 26, 1865 - Army of the Trans-Mississippi surrendered.

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