Gano Family Letters - Contents

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108.06.1851To Richard in Texas from his mother, Mary C. Gano, Centerville, KY
403.01.1859To Richard in Texas from John Allen Gano, Centerville, KY
712.22.1859To Richard from John A. Gano, Centerville, KY
1106.30.1862To Mrs. Mattie Gano, Grapevine, Tarrant Co., TX, from Richard, Knoxville, TN.  Looking for quick victory for the South after his successful campaign at Richmond, KY.
1210.12.1863To Mattie, Dallas, TX, from Richard, Bonham, TX.  Big victory over Rosencrans.
1310.16.1863To Mattie from Richard, Bonham, TX.  Richard given command of a brigade and promoted to Brigadier General
1402.27.1872To Mattie from her brother, S.M. Wilkes, Galveston, TX, on the death of Mattie's father
1604.01.1872To Richard, Centerville, KY, from P.T. Whitehead, Vicksburg, MS, ordering a horse to replace one that died of hydrophobia.
1704.26.1872To Richard from S.M. Wilkes, Galveston.
1910.09.1872To Richard from Jno A. Gano, Centerville, KY.  Richard is in Texas to try and sell his land.
19a10.16.1872To Richard in Dallas from Mattie in Centerville.  Stock is in bad shape, too poor to sell; help is loafing.  Richard is needed as a witness for a trial.  Mattie needles Richard about not missing her.
2110.10.1872To Mattie in Centerville, from Richard in Dallas, TX.  Describes the changes in this once-small town that has grown to 4,000 people.
2310.29.1872To Richard from John A. Gano, Centerville.  Slow pay on debts; hog thieves.
2510.21.1872To Mattie from Richard, McKinney, TX.  About Texas land values and railroads.
2711.05.1872To Richard at Dallas, from Jno. A. Gano, Centerville.  Kendall's store at Centerville folded and Kendall skipped, owing everyone.  Col Saxw comes through, buying cattle.
2902.05.1874To Richard at Dallas from Jno. A. Gano, Centerville.  Problems with defaults on co-signed notes; land speculation; running up debt without cash reserves.
3103.12.1874To Richard from John A. Gano.  The Baptists joined the abolitionists in opposing the changes to the University charter.  Richard is given a cryptic warning about Cantrill.
3303.21.1874To Richard from John A. Gano.  All the local news, condition of ewes and lambs.
3512.03.1874To Richard from Jno. A.  Richard has moved back to Texas; John is concerned with debts and cattle.
3712.22.1874To Mrs. Jno. A. Gano from son John, in college at Bethany, WV.
3901.12.1875To Richard from Jno. A. Gano, about the illness of a grandson, and some business.
4201.25.1875To Richard from son John, Bethany, WV.  Describing Bethany College life, Mrs. Alexander Campbell returns to campus.
4301.25.1875To Richard and Mattie from B.M. Jones, Bryantsville, KY, about testimony for a pending court case.
4501.27.1875To Richard from Jno. A. Gano.  About arrangement of debts, family health; the Grangers starting banks and insurance companies for members.  Farm help hard to get.  Great opportunities in California - only dreaming.
47Jan. 1875Report card for John T. Gano, Bethany College.
4803.02.1875To Richard from John A. Gano, Centerville.  Ditzler-Sweeney debate at Sherman.  Jno. A. thinking of moving to FLorida, California or Texas.  Mrs. Harris, a widow, wants to trade Port Bolivar property for Rural Glen.
5003.15.1875To Richard from Jno. A. Gano.  Preached last sermon in old building at Union; new building is contracted.  History of old building given.  Speculates on chances of moving to Galveston area.
5203.18.1875To Jno. A. Gano from elders of church at Lebanon, TN, urging him to come hold a meeting, giving current picture of the Lebanon church.
5403.25.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  Many old friends dying.  Jno. A. is feeling his age.  Decided against Port Bolivar lands.  Discusses Kendall's sale; land prospects.
5604.06.1875To Richard at Dallas from son John T., Bethany, WV, asking for final school expenses and graduation costs.  Helped survey a grade for a railroad, but may want to be a doctor.
5804.06.1875To Richard in Dallas from Jno. A.  A false report was out that Richard had a bad accident and would lose a limb.  A wedding present is being expressed to Frank's wife.  About possibility of too many twins in Georgetown Grange.
6004.16.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  Cantrell's money has been received and debts refinanced.  On the evils of credit and high interest.  False reports of Richard's injuries still circulating.  Spelling matches; Militia tax.
6304.30.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  Describing a new corn planter, a marvelous machine.  Texas land no good near Mexico border.  Crop problems, and speculations.
6605.21.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  John and Mary going to Texas to inspect some land Dr. Welch wants to trade for Rural Glen.
6806.23.1875To RIchard from Jno. A.  Would trade 248 acres in KY for 6,185 acres in Central and West Texas = $10,840 to pay off debts.
7007.23.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  A cyclone has struck some neighbors.  Dr. Welch has accepted Jno. A.'s offer for Texas land swap - 8,399 acres Texas land $6,780 for 150 acres Kentucky land.  Some stock sales in the neighborhood.  A murder.
7212.17.1875To Richard from Jno. A.  Congratulates Richard on sale of some stock and Denton land.  On the evils of paying interest.  On horse training.  On selling Jno's Ellis County land.  Tom Barlow a smuggler; Alf escaped.  THe Gainses moving around.  About shoat, gilts, and sows.  First deep freezeof the season.  Old Union meetinghouse about finished and nearly paid for.
7402.13.1876To Richard from Jno. A.  Mary sick.  Sinapisms of mustard work best.  Howard Parker's family walked out of a church service; their barn was burnt.
7608.12.1876To Richard in Bryantsville, KY, from Jno. A., Centerville.  Springdale farm sold, but Jno. A. reserved the cemetery.  Good meeting at Old Union.  Debts etc.
7902.23.1877To Richard from Jno. A.  Clearing up debts.  Poor lamb crop.
8104.03.1878To Richard in Dallas, from Jno. A.  Wife sick.  Garden is in great shape.  Financial failures still thick in this part of KY.
8302.05.1881Funeral notice for Jno. A.'s granddaughter, age 3 1/2
8406.05.1882To Richard from Jno. A.; hoping for Richard soon to return to KY, bringing money collected from various Texas debtors.
8609.19.1882To Richard from Jno. A.  Contract problems on a sheep land lease near Brownwood, TX; a drought in Kentucky; other family matters.
8810.03.1882To Mattie from Richard in Dallas.  Willie, Nettie and Richard made a trek into Cisco, Brownwood, Santa Ana, and Coleman - business and pleasure.  Describes the country and people.  Failed to put together a million-acre land deal, but has offered to sell 200,000 acres for $85,000.
9111.24.1882To Richard from son WIlliam B. Gano, Atty., Dallas, TX, clearing up some land matters.
9201.01.1883To Richard from W.B. Gano, Dallas.  Can't collect any money.  Advises foreclosures.
9302.15.1883To Richard from W.B., Dallas.  More debts and lawsuits.
9403.08.1883To Richard from S.M. Welch, Galveston, about land title in Jones County.
9504.12.1883To Richard, Centerville, from W.B. Dallas.  Forwarding $471.  Nettie visiting her mother in Centerville.
9605.19.1883To Richard, Centerville, from C.W., Dallas.  Arranging land sales in Fort Davis area.
9710.17.1883To Richard from C.W., Dallas, offering to buy carpets for the house Richard and Mattie are renting for the coming winter in Dallas.  Their landlord is moving to California.
9811.21.1883To RIchard in Dallas from Jno. A., Centerville.  Setting out accounts of Richard's and Jno'a stock sale shortly after Richard left for Dallas.
10011.24.1883To Richard from Jno. A.  Odds and ends of debts and keys to be straightened up after Richard's departure.
10112.03.1883To Richard from Jno. A.  More business to be wound up.  Jno. A. wants to sell some of his Texas lands.
10312.11.1883To Richard from Jno. A.  Small financial matters and larger problems.
10512.14.1883To Richard from Jno. A.  More small accounts and larger debt rearranging.  On the difficulty of complicated banking and the evils of debt.
10712.21.1883To Richard from Jno. A.  Richard planning to go to New York to sell Texas land.
10801.29.1884To Richard in New York from Jno. A.  Forwarding mail.  The lamb crop is weak and most are dying.
10902.18.1884To Richard from Jno. A. -- general news.
11002.23.1884To Richard from Jno. A.  More about debts and health.
11102.27.1884To Richard from Jno. A.  Notes; Florida; sheep business failure.
11202.29.1884To Richard in New York from son John T. Gano, Dallas.  Clara's rheumatism is bad.
11201.28.1884To Richard from son C.W. Gano.  Pressing need to sell land.
11303.01.1884To Richard from Jno. A., Centerville.  Lucas not buying Centerville farms.  Very severe winter.  "If only I can sell out and move to Florida."
114To Richard, New York, from Jno. A.  Had expected Richard home; forwards a lot of mail.  Debts of Richard are being pressed.
11504.03.1884To Richard from Jno. A. asking that Richard pay $140 board bill to Mrs. Allen for 2 kids; Jno. A. would pay but doesn't have the money.
11504.07.1884To Richard from son, John T.  John T. has been offered 10,000 head of cattle for $17.50/hd ($175,000), $100,000 cash and 10% note for 1 year on balance.  May be able to swap them to Fort Worth Investment, with a Presidio land swap in the deal.  Also have a chance for a house at a bargain ($8,500).
11604.13.1884To Richard, NY, from Jno. A., Centerville.  Preached at Union today.  Aunt Nancy Innes died; Mrs. Golding near death.  Richard's debts still pressing.  Mr. Coffin's mare is to be shipped to NY by express.  Are taxes on Texas land paid?
11706.19.1884To Richard, NY, from Mattie, Bourbon, KY.  Mattie unhappy with his extended absence, separated from both him and her children in Dallas, and difficulties in finances and transportation.
11807.19.1884To Richard in Dallas from Jno. A. in Centerville, about a small account and Samuel Gaines' peculiar Hereford bull calf.
11908.11.1884To Richard in Dallas from Jno. A.  General news; wants to sell all land but Centerville farm and 40 acres in Florida.
12009.24.1884To Richard in Simpsonville, KY, from S.M. Welch, NY.  Has received an interest payment from Richard.  Reports on a trip from Hiagra through the Thousand Islands up the St. Lawrence to Quebec and back to NY.
121Sat., May 25/28To Richard at Shelbyville from Mattie, Centerville.  Good lamb crop; Richard preaches too much.  Dillon killed John Burch in Georgetown.  Big dog fight on Jno. A.'s porch; Richard's greyhound hurt.  Richard forgot to get patterns for Mattie.
122Feb. 15To Richard in NY from Mattie in Dallas.  Clara is back from Havana; has inflammatory rheumatism.  Nettie is well now.  Gracie Gibson married.  Urges Richard to hurry home.
12401.02.1884Testimonial to RIchard from W.C. Marsh, Commissioner, Texas Land Office.
12401.22.1884To Richard forwarded by Jno. A. Gano from Paris bank, seeking to collect interest on a debt owed one of their customers.
12502.04.1884To Richard, NY, from Jno. A., Centerville, asking if Richard is over a recent illness.
12602.08.1884To Richard from S.C. Coombes, Dallas.  Coombes reports on an 18-day visit to Kentucky, mostly visiting relatives.
12802.09.1884To Richard from Jno. A. -- general news.
12802.12.1884More news; report on the lamb crop, and debts coming due.
12907.21.1884To Richard in Dallas from Jno. A., Centerville, enclosing two letters from NY, one addressed to "Genl Gona", Centerville, KY, from David Noble Rowan.
130To Richard in Centerville from Jno. Allen Gano, Jr., Taylor, TX.  Wants Jno. Allen Sr. and wife to stay with him if Richard helps them move to Dallas.  Suggests Jno. A. Sr. might preach for Old Christian Church, as he wouldn't like Commerce St. Church.
13109.19.1885To Richard, Centerville, from J. Allen Gano, Jr., Taylor, referring a couple of possible tenants to Richard for his Dallas farm.
132To General R.M. Gano, Dallas, from son Sidney, New Orleans, forwarding partial interest on a note Sidney owes his mother, and sending a clipping about the death of Jno. A. Sr.'s older brother, Sidney F. Gano, in Georgetown.  The obituary refers to the "late Elder Jno A. Gano, for many years a noted minister in the Christian Church."

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