Burleson Index: Boxes 11-20

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Box #11A (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Invitations A-H

Box #11B (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Invitations J-N

Box #11C (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Invitations O-Z

Box #12A (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Personal Correspondence A-C

Box #12B (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Personal Correspondence C-F

Box #12C (1947-1951) 80th-82nd Congress Personal Correspondence F-O

Box #13A (1951-1952) 82nd Congress Legislation

  • Agriculture
  • Air Force Department
  • Army Department
Box #13B (1951-1952) 82nd Congress Legislation
  • Commerce Department
  • Census Bureau
  • Displaced Persons Commission
  • Farmers Home Administration
Box #13C (1951-1952) 82nd Congress Legislation
  • Justice Department
  • National Production Authority
  • National Security Resources
  • Navy Department
  • Office of Price Stabilization
Box #14A (1951-1952) 82nd Congress Legislation
  • State Department-Church of Christ
  • Vatican Appointment
  • Veterans Administration
  • White House Souvenirs

Box #15A (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Correspondence A-B

Box #15B (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Correspondence B-E

Box #15C (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Correspondence E-H

Box #16A (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Correspondence Mc-R

Box #16B (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Correspondence R-Z

Box #17A (1950-1953) 81st-83rd Congress Applications (Job) A-D

Box #17B (1950-1953) 81st-83rd Congress Applications (Job) E-J

Box #17C (1950-1953) 81st-83rd Congress Applications (Job) K-O

Box #17D (1950-1953) 81st-83rd Congress Applications (Job) P-S

Box #17E (1950-1953) 81st-83rd Congress Applications (Job) T-Z

Box #18A (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Personal A-C

Box #18B (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Personal D-H

Box #18C (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Personal I

Box #19A (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Personal J-R

Box #19B (1951-1953) 82nd-83rd Congress Personal S-Z

Box #20A (1953 83rd) Congress Government

  • Air Force Department
  • Army Department
  • Atomic Energy Commission
  • Civil Aeronautics
  • Census Bureau
  • Civil Defense
  • Civil Service Commission
Box #20B (1953) 83rd Congress Government
  • Commerce Department
  • Congressional Record
  • Defense Contracts
  • Defense Production Administration
  • District of Columbia
  • Economic Cooperative Association
  • Economic Stabilization Agency
  • Farm Credit Administration
  • Farmer Home Administration
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
Box #20C (1953) 83rd Congress Government
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Federal Housing Administration
  • Federal Power Commission
  • Federal Register
  • Federal Security Agency
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Foreign Operation Administration
  • General Accounting Office
  • General Services
  • Government Printing Office
  • Housing & Home Finance
  • Interior Department
  • Internal Revenue Bureau
  • Interstate Commerce Commission

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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