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2001Reece, B. Carroll. "Russia is Not America's Greatest Daughter." Address delivered February 22, 1960.
2002McBride, S. Dean. "Not For Sale at Any Price." Sermon, July 2, 1961.
2003Moreell, Ben. "The Nature of the Crisis." 1961.
2004Varney, Harold Lord. "UNESCO, the UN's Brainwashing Apparatus." February 1954.
2005Manly, Chesly. "The Truth About the United Nations." June 1953.
2006Hess, Karl. "Your Checklist on the UN: the Truth About This International Organization." March 1956.
2007"Statement of 81 Communist and Workers Parties Meeting in Moscow, USSR." December 1960.
2008Klein, Henry H. "Frankfurter Over the White House, Baruch Over Congress, Rockefeller Over the World." 1976.
2009Anti-Defamation League. "Two Seasons, Two Faces."
2010"Questions and Answers on American Labor and World Affairs." 1979.
2011Committee on Un-American Activities. "The Shameful Years: Thirty Years of Soviet Espionage in the United States." December 1951.
2012Gwinn, Ralph W. "What Can the Ordinary Citizen Do?" February 11, 1952.
2013Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "The National Cancer Institute." 1959.
2014Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "Characteristics of Local School Board Policy Manuals." 1959.
2015Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "Highlights of Progress in Mental Health Research." 1960.
2016Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "Aging: a Review of Research and Training Grants Supported by the National Institutes of Health." December 1958.
2017Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "The Report of the United States Public Health Mission to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics." 1957.
2018Department of State. "Background Highlights of Foreign Policy Developments." 1958.
2019Pearcy, G. Etzel. "The Middle East, an Indefinable Region." 1959.
2020Temple, Wayne C. "Sketch of 'Tad' Lincoln." 1958.
2021Lindstrom, Ralph G. "Lincoln and Prevention of War." 1953.
2022Pratt, Harry E. "Dr. Anson G. Henry, Lincoln's Physician and Friend." 1944.
2023Lincoln Herald. Summer 1958.
2024Lincoln Herald. Winter 1958.
2026Presidential Advisory Committee. "Water Resources Policy." December 1955.
2027"Your Health of Body and Mind is at State."
2028Gaither, Thomas. "Jailed-In." 1961.
2029Bowman, LeRoy. "Youth and Delinquency in an Inadequate Society." July 1960.
2030League for Industrial Democracy. "The Forward March of American Labor: a Brief History of the American Labor Movement." 1945.
2031Bloomberg, Warner. "The Age of Automation: its Effects on Human Welfare." 1956.
2032Davis, Michael M. "National Health Insurance." 1957.
2033Clapp, Gordon R. "TVA and its Critics." 1955.
2034Thomas, Norman. "Democratic Socialism." 1967.
2035Goodman, Mary Ellen. "A Primer for Parents, Educating Our Children for Good Human Relations." 1959.
2036Committee on Un-American Activities. "Review of the Methodist Federation for Social Action." February 17, 1952.
2037Committee on Un-American Activities. "Citations by Official Government Agencies of Organizations and Publications Found to be Communist or Communist Fronts." December 18, 1948.
2038B'Nail B'Rith Committee for Israel. "The B'Nai B'Rith Israel Program." September 1960.
2039Soviet Literature Monthly. No. 2. 1952.
2040Soviet Literature Monthly, No. 8. 1952.
2041Soviet Literature Monthly, No. 7. 1953.
2042Harpers Magazine, No. 993. February 1933.
2043Walter, Francis E. "The Un-Americans." Congressional Record. Speech delivered July 17, 1961.
2044Thurmond, Strom. "Excerpts from Speeches by Senator Strom Thurmond on Efforts to Gag Military Anti-Communist Speeches and Seminars." Congressional Record. Speech delivered July and August, 1961.
2045Thurmond, Strom. "Actions to Frustrate Anti-Communist Programs and Internal Security Subcommittee Testimony Relating Efforts to Gag Military Speakers." Congressional Record. August 1961.
2046Thurmond, Strom. "Senators Thurmond and Tower Present Case for Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker, Including Text of His Pro-Blue Program." Congressional Record. August 30, 1961.
2047Thurmond, Strom. "Sen. Thurmond Answers Testimony of Defense Secretary on Gagging Military and Soft-Pedaling Anti-Communism." Congressional Record. September 18, 1961.
2048Foundation for Economic Education. The Freeman, Ideas on Liberty. September 1958.
2049Lawrence, John H. "Early Experiences in Nuclear Medicine." Northwest Medicine. May 1956.
2050Cooper. "The United States Constitution: Text, Index, Chronology and Leading Questions." December 31, 1948.
2051Celler, Emmanuel. "The United States Constitution: Text with Analytical Index." June 29, 1961.
2052"The Constitution of the United States of America." 1961.
2053Department of State. "Berlin: City Between Two Worlds." 1960.
2054Dodd, Thomas J. "Red China and the U.N." and "Should We Recognize Outer Mongolia?" Speeches. July and August 1961.
205583rd Congress. "Activities of United States Citizens Employed by the United nations." March 22, 1954.
2056Troper, R. E. "The U.N. is Strangling the Free Press." November 1959.
2057Grey, Hilary. "U.N. the New Cominform." July 1959.
2058Kennedy, Robert F. with Lawrence E. Spivak. "Meet the Press." Vol. 5, No. 37. September 24, 1951.
2059Dodd, Thomas J. "The Crisis in the Congo." Congressional Record. Speeches given September 1961.
2060Dodd, Thomas J. "The Real Facts about the Congo Crisis." Congressional Record. Speeches given September 22, 1961.
2061Root, E. Merrill. "Reflections." 1961.
2062Thayer, John B. "The Sinking of the S.S. Titanic." 1940.
2063"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, No. 16. April 21, 1961.
2064"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, No. 30. July 28, 1961.
2065"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, no. 44. November 3, 1961.
2066"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, No. 43. October 27, 1961.
2067"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, No. 38. September 22, 1961.
2068"America's Future." A weekly review of news, books and public affairs. Vol. 3, No. 37. September 15, 1961.
2069Walker, Edwin A. "Censorship and Survival." 1961.
2070Davison, Mary M. "Comm-UN-ism Debunked: 'Communism' is Rooted in 'Capitalism.'" Part I.
2071Davison, Mary M. "Comm-UN-ism Debunked: 'Communism' is Rooted in 'Capitalism.'" Part II.
2072Davison, Mary M. "Comm-UN-ism Debunked: 'Communism' is Rooted in 'Capitalism.'" Part 3 - 14.
2073Baxter, William J. "How to Make Money that you can Keep." 1961.
2074"Proof of the Communist Domination of Venezuela." 1959.
2075Isaac, Jules. "Has Anti-Semitism Roots in Christianity?" 1961.
2076aVaught, W.O. "The People of Russia - How they Live." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076bPenha, Armand. "Communism in America." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076cAdams, Wayne. "America's Future: What Can We Do?" Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076dGolden, Floyd. "The Social and Economic Conditions in the Soviet Union." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076eBates, Jack. "The Socialists' Plan to Take America." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 4, 1961.
2076fWilliamson, John C. "Socialism and its Erosion of the American People." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 2, 1961.
2076gHunter, Edward. "Communist Psychological Warfare: Brainwashing." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 2, 1961.
2076hBenson, George S. "How to Win - the Prospects of Success." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076iStewart, G.B. "The Threat of Communism." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 2, 1961.
2076kGanus, Cliff. "European Socialism - its Economic Failure." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
2076mTerry, Paul. "Freedom and Responsibility of the Press." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 4, 1961.
2076nGraff, Willard J. "The Responsibility of Public High Schools." Freedom Forum, Lubbock Christian College. May 3, 1961.
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2079Dodd, Thomas J. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 6, No. 7. February 25, 1962.
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2081Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health. "Digest of First Annual Report." 1956.
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2083Boland, Frederick H. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 38. October 1, 1961.
2084Tsiang, T.F. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 39. October 8, 1961.
2085Jagan, Cheddi. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 40. October 15, 1961.
2086Ellis, Frank B. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 41. October 22, 1961.
2087Seaborg, Glenn. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 42. October 29, 1961.
2088Galbraith, John Kenneth. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 44. November 12, 1961.
2089Luther, Martin. "The Jews and Their Lies." 1948.
2090Cohen, Oscar. "The Swastika 'Epidemic' and Anti-Semitism in America." Christian Friends. Vol. 17, No. 2. June 1960.
2091Van Til, William. "Challenge to America: The Role of Education in Intergroup Relations."
2092Tumin, Melvin M. "Anti-Semitism in America." 1961.
2093"Prejudice and the Lively Arts."
2094The Ethel Walker School. "Our First Fifty Years." 1911-1961.
2095"The 'Left Swing' in Education." Including Left-Wing Traps for Youth.
2096Robnett, George Washington. "Who Controls What You Read?" Address delivered March 29, 1961.
2097Cancer Seminar. Vol. 2, No. 6. October 1961.
2097aCancer Seminar, Vol. 3, No. 1. Fall 1961.
2097bCancer Seminar, Vol. 3, No. 2. Fall 1962.
2098International Development Association. "First Annual Report." 1960-1961.
2099International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. "Sixteenth Annual Report." 1960-1961.
2100National Association of Manufacturers. "Your Government: What Do You Know About It?"
2101"Catholics in America: Some Facts and Opinions Pertinent to the 1960 Campaign." The New Republic.
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2110Closer Up. Year 15, No. 8. May 1, 1959.
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2112Davison, Mary M. "The Secret Government of the United States." 1962.
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2119Gullion, Edmund A. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 47. December 3, 1961.
2120Ball, George W. "Meet the Press: America's Press Conference of the Air." Vol. 5, No. 48. December 10, 1961.
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2125"Don Bell Reports." A weekly commentary. October 27, 1954.
2126Dilling, Elizabeth. "Wanted--a Presidential 'Man on a White Horse.'"
2127Dilling, Elizabeth. "Dare We Oppose Red Treason?"
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2129Americanism Committee. "The Truth About Great Decisions." 1962.
2130Barnes, Elizabeth Chesnut. "The Fate of Forgotten Men." 1961.
2131"Suggested Steps for Increasing New-Squeeks on the Right."
2132"Economic Report of the President, Transmitted to Congress." January 1962.
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2136Hayden, Tom. "Revolution in Mississippi."
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2138The Dan Smoot Report. Vol. 7, No. 22. May 29, 1961.
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2140Michelson, Arthur U. "The Jews and Palestines in the Light of Prophecy." 1939.
2141Kozak, Jan. "And Not a Shot is Fired: the Communist Strategy for Subverting a Representative Government." 1962.
2142"No Army, No Navy, No Air Force."
2143Barnes, Elizabeth Chesnut. "The United Nations - a Trojan Horse." March 1962.
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2215Allport, Gordon W. "The Resolution of Intergroup Tensions."
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2217"Origin, History and Methodology of the 'Front' Movement in America."
2218"Jewish Control of the English Press."
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2222Wittmer, Felix. "On Ruining Our Schools."
2223Wittmer, Felix. "Discussion Without Facts."
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