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1501Jenner, William E. "What Has Happened to Our Country?" August 21, 1958.
1502American Friends Service Committee. "Toward Security Through Disarmament." 1952.
1503Giertych, Jedrzej. "Poland and Germany." 1958.
1504"What is Foreign Aid?" A series of articles. August 1958.
1507Committee on Un-American Activities. "Communist Strategy of Protracted Conflict." May 1958.
1508Senate Committee on foreign Relations. "Adequacy of United States Laws with Respect to Offenses Against National Security." April 17, 1953.
1509United Nations Department of Public Information. "Your United Nations: Official Souvenir Guide Book." 1953.
1510Circuit Riders. "A Compilation of Public Records 30 of the 95 Men Who Gave Us the Revised Standard Version of the Bible." 1960.
1511Dobbs, Zygmund. "Red Intrigue and Race Turmoil." 1958.
1513"Automation and Major Technological Change: Impact on Union Size, Structure and Function." Panel Discussion. April 22, 1958.
1514Clark, Fred G. "Soliloquy."
1515"Labor Looks at the 85th Congress." 1957.
1516Hannah, Walton. "Darkness Visible: a Revelation and Interpretation of Freemasonry." 1954.
1518Alfred Kohlberg, Inc. "Open Letter to Walter Lippman." October 7, 1952.
1519Goff, Kenneth. "Reds Promote Racial War." 1958.
1520International Finance Corporation. "Second Annual Report." 1957-1958.
1521Council for Basic Education. "CBE Bulletin." No. 1. June 1958.
1522Williams, Robert H. "The Ultimate World Order." 1957.
1523Dominican Republic. "Dominican Laws Protect Investors." 1958.
1524Sass, Herbert Ravenel. "From the Congressional Record 1956 Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood."
1525Beik, Paul H. "Transactions of the American Philosophical Society." February 1956.
1526"Annual Report of the Chief National Guard Bureau." June 1957.
1527International Chamber of Commerce, United States Council. "As Others See Us: Survey of World Business Opinion on United States Trade Policy." 1958.
1528Alesen, L.A. "Who Owns Your Mind?"
1529Committee on Educational Interchange Policy. "Hungarian Refugee Students and U.S. Colleges and Universities One Year Later." February 1957 - January 1958.
1530Research Group for European Migration Problems. R.E.M.P. Bulletin. Vol.5, No.1. January/March 1957.
1531"The French Constitution." 1958.
1532"Money Made Mysterious." American Mercury. 1958.
1533Conference on Economic Progress. "Toward a New Farm Program: Economic and Moral Aspects of a New Program Fair and Beneficial to Farmers, Workers, Consumers." December 1958.
1534Montgomery, Zachary. "The School Question from a Parental and Non-Sectarian Stand-Point." 1886.
1535"Report of the Zellerbach Commission on the European Refugee Situation."
1536"Sensational Disclosure of Red Plot in U.S. Government." 1954.
1538Dewitt, R.B. "One Man's Opinion."
1539Sirkin, A.M. "Youngville, U.S.A.: American Youth Tells its Story."
1540Lindsey, Albert J. "The Church and Social Action."
1541Franks, Maurice R. "The Franks Plan for a Dependable Secret Ballot." 1958.
1542Franks, Maurice R. "Union Shopping." March 1952.
1543Clark, Fred G. "The Socialistic Sixteenth--a National Cancer."
1544General Federation of Women's Clubs. "Years of Achievement, 1890-1952."
1545American Council of Christian Laymen. "Scriptural Refutations of Teachings of E. Stanley Jones."
1546"The Southern Labor Story."
1547"Fitness of American Youth: a Report to the President of the United States on the Fort Ritchie Meeting." September 1958.
1548Lanston, Aubrey G. "Government Securities, Congress, and the Budget." 1959.
1549Josephs, N. Henry. "Criminal Optimism and the Four Summits." 1956.
1550Allen, Luke S. "Freedom and Unlimited Markets."
1551Hawaii Statehood Commission. "Hawaii, USA, Showcase for Americanism." 1959.
1552Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. "Assets, Liabilities and Capital Accounts: Commercial and Mutual Savings Banks." Report No. 49. June 23, 1958.
1553"You Are Being Robbed." July 1957.
1554"The President's Report to the Alumni of Yale University, 1956-1957."
1555Stoddard, Alexander J. "Schools for Tomorrow: an Educator's Report."
1556"The Federal Reserve Act as Amended Through December 31, 1956."
1557Varney, Harold Lord. "Mental Health Fact and Fiction." April 1957.
1558Morrow, Wright. "The Law of the Land." November 24, 1958.
1559Hoover, Herbert. "Two Addresses in Brussels, Belgium." July 4, 1958.
1560American Institute for Economic Research. "The First Quarter Century and Plans for the Future." 1959.
1561Circuit Riders. "A Compilation of Public Records 20.5% of 1411 Protestant Episcopal Rectors." 1960.
1562"The Legal Register for the District of Columbia." 1958.
1563Committee on Political Education. "How to Win: a handbook for political action."
1564Johnson, Manning. "Color, Communism and Common Sense." 1958.
1565Fagan, Myron C. "Special Report on State of the Nation."
1566Bridges, Styles. "Report of American Bar Association Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy and Objectives." Congressional Record. August 1958.
1567Fagan, Myron C. "Supreme Court Chief Ally of Communism."
1568Kissinger, Henry A. "Force and Diplomacy in the Nuclear Age." April 1956.
1569American Bar Association. "Communist Tactics, Strategy, Objectives." 1959.
1570Circuit Riders. "Recognize Red China?" 1958.
1571Jordan, George R. "The New International Gold Market Limited."
1572Harwood, E.C. "Twentieth-Century Common Sense." 1958.
1573Bouscaren, Anthony T. "Admission of Aliens and U.S. Security." January 1959.
1574National Defense Committee. "School 'Tests' and Questionnaire."
1575American Security Council. "Annual Reports."
1576Hargis, Billy James and Julian E. Williams. "The Far Reaching Implications of Mental Health Legislation."
1578Cvetic, Matt. "The Mental Health of Goldbrick." March 1959.
1579American Bar Association. "Report." December 1958.
1580"What is Metropolitan Government?" October 1958.
1581Bell, Don. "Terrible 1313."
1582Tyson, Robert C. "Another Look at Wage Inflation." 1959.
1583Matthews, J.B. "Some Truths About Castro." February 1959.
1584Weidner, C. Ken. "The American Dilemma: an Analysis by an Amateur." April 1959.
1585Colorado State Department of Education. "Guides to School District Organization." 1957.
1587Allen, Marilyn R. "Open Letter to W. Chandler." Closer Up. April 1959.
1588Scherer, Gordon H. "American Bar Association Speaks." Remarks. Congressional Congress. February 1959.
1589State of New York. "First Report of the Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate Procedures and Methods of Allocating State Moneys for Public School Purposes and Subversive Activities." 1941.
1590Service, Whaley-Eaton. "The Ominous Distrust of the Dollar." May 1959.
1591Parker, Loyd L. "The Gold Report: How to Buy a Dollar's Worth of Gold for 45 cents." 1959.
1592Barr, John U. "State Department Speaks." Economic Council Letter. No. 457. June 15, 1959.
1593Kisling, Richard. "Income Tax - a Crime Against Humanity." Women's Voice, Vol. 17, Nos. 7 and 8. February and March 1959.
1594"First National Directory of 'Rightist' Groups, Publications and Some Individuals in the United States." 1955.
1595"The Population Bomb."
1596"USSR Exhibition."
1598Siegrist, Bob. "Siegrist Exposes UNICEF." October 27, 1958.
1599National Defense Committee. "The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)."
1600"The Federal Tax Racket."
1601Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co. "You Pay This Unfair Tax."
1602Staff of the Senate Republican Policy Committee. "The Labor Bosses--America's Third Party." July 1958.
1603Dos Passos, John. "What Union Members Have Been Writing Senator McClellan." September 1958.
1604Maguire, Russell. "In the Mercury's Opinion."
1605American Jewish Congress. "The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Decisions of the United State Supreme Court for the 1957-1958 Term." 1957.
1606Commonwealth of Massachusetts. "Eighth Interim Report of the Special Commission to Study and Investigate Communism and Subversive Activities and Related Matters in the Commonwealth." March 1956.
1607Schwulst, Earl B. "Race and Housing: the Basic American Dilemma."
1608Sales, Reno H. "UNESCO: a Communist Conspiracy?"
1609World Politics, Vol. 11, No. 2. January 1959.
1610Williams, Elmer Lynn. "The Fix-It Boys: the Inside Story of the New Deal and the Kelly-Nash Machine." 1940.
1611Commission on Race and Housing. "Where Shall We Live?" 1958.
1612"This is America." Official United States guide book, Brussells World's Fair 1958.
1613Department of State. "The Korean Problem at the Geneva Conference." April 26 - June 15, 1954.
1614New World Review. May 1959.
1615Dominican Republic. "White Book of Communism in Dominican Republic."
1616President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization. "Whom We Shall Welcome." 1953.
1617Eliot, T.S. "The Frontiers of Criticism." 1970.
1618Reston, James B. "An Appraisal of the Cold War." 1955.
1619Gilbert, Dan. "Moscow Over Hollywood."
1620McIntire, Carl. "Metropolitan Nicolai: Agent in Soviet Secret Police." How the Communists are using the National Council of the Churches of Christ.
1621MacRae, Allan A. "Why I Cannot Accept the Revised Standard Version."
1622Library Company of Philadelphia. "Annual Report." 1956 - 1963.
1623Council for Advancement of Secondary Education. "Capitalism and Other Economic Systems." 1959.
1624Rudd, Augustin G. "The Revolution Education." November 14, 1958.
1625Right to Work Committee. "The Kennedy-Ervin Bill." 1959.
1626Hubbard, Bela. "The Hybrid Race Doctrine: a Critical Analysis of Some Teachings of Modern Anthropology." 1960.
1627Seaton, Fred A. "World Petroleum Statistics." December 1958.
1628Matteson, William J. and E.C. Harwood. "Life Insurance and Annuities from the Buyer's Point of View." 1958.
1629Zellerbach Commission on the European Refugee Situation. "European Refugee Problems, a Special Report." 1959.
1630"Enrolled Joint Resolution No. 2, House of Representatives."
1631Sensing, Thurman . "Free Enterprise vs. the Welfare State." April 16, 1959.
1632Citizens Foreign Aid Committee. "Foreign Aid and You." March 16, 1959.
1633Reuther, Walter P. "Policies for Economic Growth." February 9, 1959.
1634Prentice-Hall, Inc. "The Executives Tax Report."
1635Joint Economic Committee. "Economic Report of the President." January 1959.
1636Joint Economic Committee. "Economic Indicators." March 1959.
1637Walch, John Weston. "Complete Handbook on the Welfare State." 1950.
1638Assembly of Captive European Nations. "Denial of Human Rights in Eastern Europe." December 10, 1958.
1640Bates, Maurice L. "The German Marxian Atheistic 5th Column in Our American Public Schools and its Background."
1641Martin, Joseph W. "Our Foreign Policy Crisis." A tribute to Douglas MacArthur. April 13, 1951.
1642Walter, Francis E. "The Truth About the Immigration Act." May 1953.
1643"Report on Donner Scholarship Grants." 1958-1959.
1644Morse. "Bill Analysis: Proposals to Amend the Railroad Retirement Act and Railroad Unemployment Compensation Act." April 27, 1959.
1645"Immigration, Our Front Door Policy." 1958.
1646"Report of American Bar Association Special Committee on Communist Tactics, Strategy, and Objectives." 1958.
1647"Why Dominicans Call Him El Benefactor." 1959.
1648Worden, Robert E. "Our Forty-Ninth State in a Competitive World." October 1958.
1649Demorizi, Emilio Rodriguez. "United States Military Intervention." 1958.
1650Bohlinger, Alfred J. "Supreme Court of the State of New York in the Matter of the Application of the People of the State of New York." 1951.
1651Hand, Harold C. "A Scholar's Devil Theory." April 1958.
1652State of Colorado. "Journal of the Senate Forty-first General Assembly, Second Regular Session." January 27, 1958.
1653Symes, James M. "A Tide in the Affairs of Railroads." October 13, 1958.
1654Andrews, T. Coleman. "Here's How Inflation has Victimized You--and the Worst is Yet to Come." March 1959.
1655"Sensational Disclosure of Red Plot in U.S. Government." Official Report, Vol. 1, No. 1. 1954.
1656Lewis, Nolan D. C. "Twenty-Fourth Annual Report of the Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute." March 31, 1953.
1656aKolb, Lawrence C. "Thirty-Second Annual Report of the Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute." March 31, 1961.
1656bKolb, Lawrence C. "Thirty-Third Annual Report of the Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute." March 31, 1962.
1657Murdock, James. "Reds' Influence in U.S. Pulpits 'Rampant,' Investigator Asserts." The Daily Advance.
1658Engineers Joint Council. "Principles of a Sound National Water Policy." July 1951.
1659Rosenthal, D.J. and J.H. Lawrence. "Radioactive Isotopes in Medicine." 1957.
1660Lawrence, John H. "The Treatment of Chronic Leukemia."
1661James, Fleming. "Contributory Negligence." April 1953.
1662Kamp, Joseph Peter. "Communist Carpetbaggers in Operation Dixie." 1946.
1663U.S. Department of Congress. "Survey of Current Business." May 1959.
1664James, Fleming. "Tort Liability of Occupiers of Land: Duties Owed to Licensees and Invitees." 1954.
1665Peterson, William H. "The Question of Governmental Oil Import Restrictions." August 1959.
1667Department of Health, Education and Welfare. "Public Health Service Grants and Fellowships Awarded by the National Institutes of Health." 1958
1668Jackson, Esther Cooper. "This is My Husband: Fighter for his People Political Refugee." 1953.
1669Finney, Guy W. "The 2 Faces of Richard Nixon."
1670Benson, George C.S. and John M. Payne. "National Aid to Higher Education." May 1958.
1671Hoover, John Edgar. "Annual Report." Fiscal Year of 1958.
1672"Report of Committee on American Citizenship." January 1952.
1673Brown, Harrison. "Problems of Survival." March 9, 1958.
1674"Uniform Crime Reports for the United States." 1958.
1675Watts, V. Orval. "The United Nations: Road to War."
1676"They Said it in 1956."
1676a"They Said it in 1958."
1676b"They Said it in 1959."
1678American Iron and Steel Institute. "Charting Steel's Progress." 1959.
1679"Report to the President: the 1959 Labor Dispute in the Steel Industry." October 19, 1959.
1680Conference on Economic Progress. "The 'Recession'--Cause and Cure." June 1958.
1681Department of State. "The Communist Threat in the Taiwan Area." 1958.
1682Le Blanc Publications. "Hang On and Pray."
1683Snyder, John I. "Good for Business: an Employer Views the Union Shop." 1958.
1684Sultz, I.C. "Chronological History of the World in a Nutshell with Concurring Signs Showing the End."
1685"Ignorance or Treason." Women's Voice, Vol. 19, Nos. 1 to 4. November 1960.
1686Brady, Tom P. "A Review of Black Monday." October 28, 1954.
1687National Military-Industrial Conference. "The Soviet Economic Challenge." 1959.
1688"Initial Staff Report on Relationships Between Foundations and Education." May 20, 1954.
1689National Association of Manufacturers. "Facing the Issue of Income Tax Discrimination." 1956.
1690Nadler, Marcus and Jules I. Bogen. "The Bank Holding Company." 1959.
1691Hamburger, L. "How Nazi Germany has Mobilized and Controlled Labor." 1940.
1692Witkin, Richard, ed. "The Challenge of the Sputniks, in the Words of President Eisenhower and others." 1958.
1693Bicknell, John E. "A Prediction of Effectiveness in Secondary School Teaching." A summary report. June 1959.
1694Springer, Harvey H. "An Alliance with the Devil." 1947.
1695Rand, Howard B. "The American Form of Government." December 1943.
1696National Anti-Communist Movement of Free Venezuela. "Venezuela: a Powerful Communist Bulwark in America." October 1958.
1697Council for Advancement of Secondary Education. "American Capitalism: an Introduction for Young Citizens." 1958.
1698"U.S. Participation in the UN." Report by the President to the Congress for the Year 1958. July 1959.
1699Hartnett, Vincent W. "Confidential Notebook (File 13)."
1700Matteson, William J. "What Will Social Security Mean to You?" 1959.
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1708"Protection of War Victims." August 1949.
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1717United Steelworkers of America. "The Steel Shutdown: Your Key to the Issues."
1718Wormser, Felix Edgar. "Dollar Integrity Requires Gold." January 1961.
1719World Federation for Mental Health. "1960 - World Mental Health Year."
1720"Facts About UNICEF for 1959."
1721Clymer, R. Swinburne. "The Crime Against Humanity by Americans Against Americans."
1722Clymer, R. Swinburne. "Cancer, the Killer."
1723"This is Khrushchev: the Story Behind the Man Who Controls the Fate of the World."
1724Daughters of the Revolution. Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine. November 1959.
1725United States Treasury Department. "Cumulative List: Organizations Described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954."
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1729Schwarz, Fred. "Communism, Diagnosis and Treatment." 1955.
1730Colorado Springs Charter Convention. "The Charter of the City of Colorado Springs." November 1953.
1731Kendall, Willmoore and Mulford Q. Sibley. "War and the Use of Force: Moral or Immoral, Christian or Unchristian?" Sibley-Kendall Debate.
1732Paulsen, Stephen. "The World Wide Betrayal." September 1959.
1733Hoffman, Paul G. "One Hundred Countries, One and One Quarter Billion People."
1734Kamp, Joseph Peter. "The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree." 1960.
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1736"Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States." 1959.
1738Hooser, Lafayette A. "The Meaning of 'Laborism' and How to Stop it."
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1759"Careers in Mental Health."
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1763Committee on Un-American Activities. "Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications." May 1951.
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1765Spahr, Walter E. "Proper Functions and Supply of our Different Kinds of Currency." May 1957.
1766Spahr, Walter E. "Our Gold Reserve Ratio." December 1960.
1767Wiegand, G.C. "Fundamental Causes and Cures in Payments Problem." November 1960.
1768Wiegand, G.C. "Federal Spending to Accomplish full Employment Imperils Dollar." March 1961.
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1773"Ability, Integrity, Character Available to Industry."
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