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1001Long, Hamilton A. "America Needs an American Foreign Policy."
1002Blake, Aldrich. "The Job Can be Done: What to do about the Segregation Decision."
1003"Investigating the Foundations."
1004"Major Activities in the Atomic Energy Programs." July-December 1954.
1005Fagan, Myron C. "How to Abolish the U.N." March 1955.
1006Fagan, Myron C. "The Eisenhower Myth." February 1955.
1007Willen, Paul. "Who 'Collaborated' With Russia?" Reprinted from The Antioch Review, Fall 1954.
1008"How Free is Enterprise?" Symposium.
1009"Primer for New Teachers." 1954.
1010New World Review. November 1955.
1011Raushenbush, Stephen and Dewey Anderson. "To Make a Free World: An Exploration of a New Foreign Policy." January 1955.
1012"This We Believe about Education." A statement concerning education in America. March 1954.
1013Rosenwald, Lessing J. "Jews, Arabs and Zionism." Reprint from American Mercury.
1014"Colorado Labor Supply and Training Facilities." A report of a state's human resources. 1950.
1015Dale, Ernest. "Sources of Economic Information for Collective Bargaining." Research Report No.17. 1950.
1016Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Vol. 4, No. 1. October 1950.
1017"The Steel Labor Case of 1952.
1018"Estes Park Conference on Human Relations in Industry." 1951 Program.
1019Educational Policies Commission. "Point Four and Education." June 1950.
1020"A Teaching Guide: The Challenge of Cancer."
1021"Training and Research Opportunities under the National Mental Health Act."
1022Blough, Glenn O. and Paul E. Blackwood. "Science Teaching in Rural and Small Town Schools." Bulletin 1949, No.5.
1023Lewis, Gertrude M. "Educating Children in Grades Seven and Eight." Bulletin 1954, No. 10.
1024Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government. "Progress Report to the Congress." December 31, 1954.
1025"The Price of Liberty." A condensed version of the first report to the Congress by the National Security Training Commission. February 1952.
1026Blough, Glenn O. and Paul E. Blackwood. "Teaching Elementary Science: Suggestions for Classroom Teachers." 1954.
1027"Annual Report of the Tennessee Valley Authority." 1954.
1028"Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress." January 1955.
1029Spahr, Walter E. "The Supply of Currency and Economic Activity." December 27, 1956.
1030"The Bill of Rights." You and Your USA.
1031"United States Air Force Academy." Information Bulletin.
1032"U.S. Refugee Relief Program: How American Citizens Can Help Others to New Lives in the United States." Questions and Answers.
1033"Christian Peace Aims: A Harmony of Recent Pronouncements."
1034Dulles, John Foster. "Not One of Us is Alone." A Mutual Security Program. April 1954.
1035"100 Years of Chicago Jewry." The Sentinel.
1036"Literature (A-M) Consisting of Biography, Criticism, Essays, Fiction, Histories, Poetry."
1036A"Literature Including Biography, Criticism, Essays, Dante, Histories, Fiction, Poetry, Shakespeare."
1037"Philosophy Including Ethics, Histories, Esthetics, Theology, Metaphysics, Comparative Religion."
1039"Scholarly Library in Anthropology, Archeology, Sociology, Ethnology."
1040"The Second Declaration of Havana." 1962.
1041Fagan, Myron C. "Now We Must Outlaw the U.N." September 1954.
1042Kelly, Alfred H. "Where Constitutional Liberty Came From." 1954.
1043Whitman, Howard. "Freedom Forum Presentation: Speak Up, Silent People." April 14, 1954.
1044Penrose, Stephen B.L. "The Palestine Problem: Retrospect and Prospect." April 1954.
1045"Academic Freedom: Some Recent Philadelphia Episodes."
1046Fagan, Myron C. "The Sellout in Korea." August 1953.
1047United States Naval Institute Proceedings. Vol. 83, No. 9. September 1957.
1047United States Naval Institute Proceedings. Vol. 81, No. 4. April 1955.
1048"World Government: The Report of the Second London Parliamentary Conference." September 20-26, 1952.
1049Fagan, Myron C. "Documentations of U.N. Plot to Destroy U.S." April-May 1955.
1050"Naval Historical Foundation."
1051Yates, Richard E. "Introduction to the Social Sciences." A syllabus. 1941.
1053"A Declaration of Policy Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Southern States Industrial Council." May 19-20, 1955.
1054"'Right-to-Work' Laws: Three Moral Studies."
1055Weisenberg, Mina. "The L.I.D. Fifty Years of Democratic Education, 1905-1955."
1056"The Promise of America."
1057Council for Financial Aid to Education, Inc. "Aids to Corporate Support of Higher Education." Methods for helping the colleges and universities. 1955.
1058Fagan, Myron C. "Yalta is Now Spelled G-E-N-E-V-A!" June-July 1955.
1059Harley, Francis Clay. "The Key to the Constitution of the United States." 1955.
1060MacBride, Roger Lea. "Treaties versus the Constitution." 1955.
1061Hecht, R.S. "Dancing with the Bear: A Capitalist's Impression of Soviet Russia." 1954.
1062Rubin, Ellis S. "Report on Investigation of Subversive Activities in Florida." March 1955.
1063Stone, Kathryn H. "Choosing the President of the U.S.A." 1954.
1064Holman, Frank E. "The Increasing Need for a Constitutional Amendment on Treaties and Executive Agreements." February 1955.
1065The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "Teachers' Salaries in Black and White." February 1942.
1066Pinkerton, Milo Blish. "The Right to Work versus Slavery." 1944.
1067"Debate Over the New Bible." The "New Bible" versus the "Old-Fashioned Bible."
1069Yeager, Leland B. "Free Trade: America's Opportunity." 1954.
1070Mises, Ludwig von. "The Economics of War." 1950.
1071Holman, Frank E. "Story of the 'Bricker' Amendment." 1954.
1072Buck, Hart. "The Freedom to Shop Around." May 1954.
1073Reece, B. Carroll. "The Ford Fund for the Republic." Speech. Congressional Record. July 21, 1955.
1074Reece, B. Carroll. "Are the Foundations Untouchable?" Extension of remarks. Congressional Record. June 1, 1955.
1075Marx, Karl. "Communist Manifesto." Introduction by Stefan T. Possony. 1954.
1076Gentz, Frederick. "The French and American Revolutions Compared." Introduction by Russell Kirk. 1955.
1077Machiavelli, Niccolo. "The Ruler: A Modern Translation of II Principe." Introduction by A. Robert Caponigri. 1955.
1078"America Faces Bolshevism."
1079"Protestant Leadership Capitulates."
1080Sanctuary, E.N. "A Foundation of Sand." 1943.
1081Coughlin, Charles E. "Am I an Anti-Semite?" Nine addresses on various "Isms" answering the question. November 6, 1938 - January 1, 1939.
1082Katsh, Abraham I. "Hebraic Contributions to American Life." 1941.
1083Gordon-Canning, R. "Arab or Jew?"
1084Alderman, Harry J. "American Jewish Bibliography." July 1941 - June 1942.
1085Moller, Elise F. "Jewish Holidays--Do You Know Them?" 1947.
1086Sanctuary, E.N. "An Open Letter to 'The American Hebrew.'"
1087Patria, Pro. "Refugees Before Britons: A Menace to the Health of the Nation."
1088"Palestine: Shall Arabs or Jews Control it or America Admit 100,000 Communist Jews From Behind the Iron Curtain?"
1089Sullivan, George E. "Global Egomaniacs." August 1944.
1090Garrett, Garet. "Rise of Empire." 1952.
1091Jordan. Virgil and Henry Hazlitt. "Freedom in America." The Freeman, Vol. 2, no. 2. 1945.
1092MacBride, Roger Lea. "The American Electoral College." 1953.
1093Alesen, Lewis Albert. "The Physician's Responsibility as a Leader." 1953.
1094Chamber of Commerce. "Communists Within the Labor Movement." A handbook on the facts and countermeasures. 1979.
1095"A Refutation of the Report of the American Legion Special Committee on Covenant of Human Rights and United Nations." October 1955.
1096Americanism Committee. "Analysis of the Ray Murphy Committee Report on Unesco." August 31, 1955.
1097Battley, Charles W. "Encroaching Socialism." 1948.
1098Wham, Benjamin. "The Reece Report on Foundations." September 1955.
1099"Who are Communists and Why?" March 1954.
1100Kamp, Joseph P. "About the Man who will Win the 1956 Election." 1956.
1101Bundy, Edgar C. "How the Communists are Penetrating our Churches."
1102Picker, Jean S. "United Nations: What You Should Know About It." 1955.
1103Hess, Karl. "Dead or Alive? The Mercury Investigates the Fantastic Mystery of Harry Dexter White." American Mercury. April 1956.
1104Ideas on Liberty. No.3, November 1955.
1105Murch, James DeForest. "The Coming Great Church: A Critique of the World Council of Churches." 1954.
1107Pels, Esther Julia. "Art for Whose Sake?" Reprinted from The American Legion Magazine. October 1955.
1108Eastland, James O. "The Supreme Court's 'Modern Scientific Authorities' in the Segregation Cases." Speech given May 26, 1955.
1109Beek, Joseph Allan. "Is the Flag Worth Fighting For? A Discussion of American Privileges and Responsibilities." 1950.
1110Fulton, William. "Harvard: Red Hunting Ground." A series of six articles on the Communist and Communist-front connections and activities of Harvard professors and alumni. 1951.
1111Fagan, Myron C. "FDR was 'Indispensable Man' Too!" February-March 1956.
1112Fagan, Myron C. "U.N. is U.S. Cancer." November 1952.
1113General Assembly, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. "Program and General Information." December 9-12, 1952.
1114Whittenburg, Roy R. "Our Best Hope for Permanent World Peace." 1954.
1115Bevans, Gladys Huntington. "Talks With Teachers."
1116Daniel, Carey. "God the Original Segregationist." Sermon, May 23, 1954.
1117"Zionism and the Church."
1118"Why are the Jews Hated?" 1937.
1119Webster, Nesta H. "Germany and England." 1938.
1120Bergmeister, Karl. "The Jewish World Conspiracy: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion before the Court in Berne." 1938.
1121"100 Things You Should Know About Communism." May 14, 1951.
1122Reece, Carroll. "Remarks before the National Press Club Luncheon (February 23, 1955) and the Commonwealth Club of California (March 11, 1955)."
1123Jenner, William E. "Reexamination of Our Foreign Policy Makers." Speech: January 19, 1956.
1124Hoffman, Clare E. "The Real Walter Reuther and his Purpose--the Establishment of a Socialistic Government." Congressional Record. August 2, 1955.
1125"The Saddest Story Ever Told."
1126Flynn, John T. "The Hand in Your Pocket." January 22, 1956.
1127Flynn, John T. Broadcast Reprint M-105. Scheduled Mutual Broadcasting System. January 29, 1956.
1128American Hotel Association. "Traveling the Hotel Way with Ivan and Igor."
1129Committee on Communism. "Communism: Where do we Stand Today?" 1952.
1130Dulles, John Foster. "The Spirit of Inter-American Unity." March 4, 1954.
1131Dulles, John Foster. "Intervention! The Story of International Communism in the Americas." March 8, 1954.
1132Shaw, Bruno. "Soviet Nonaggression Pacts--A Record of Soviet Aggression." Reprinted from The Elks Magazine. March 1954.
1133Smith, Robert A. "Should the UN Admit Red China?"
1134"Freedom's Facts Against Communism." Vol. 2, No. 3.
1135Hayek, F.A. "Economic Myths of Early Capitalism." In Brief. April 1954.
1136Kornfeder, Joseph Z. "Brainwashing and Senator McCarthy." 1954.
1137"Conquest via Immigration." 1956.
1138Taylor, Reese H. "Business Men Must Take Lead in Fighting Trend to Socialism." January 1952.
1139Students for America. "Communist Fronts for Students and Education."
1140Students for America. "True Academic Freedom Means Facts Not Socialist Propaganda."
1141Kamp, Joseph P. "How the New York Times Betrayed its Readers on 'McCarthyism.'" 1954.
1142Clark, Fred G. and Richard Stanton Rimanoczy. "Hey Joe! He Wants to Know What's Holding Up the Revolution." 1955.
1143North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. "Know Your North Central Association." January 1955.
1144Donner, Robert. "World Federalism and American National Interest." 1952.
1145American Civil Liberties Union. "Clearing the Main Channels." 1955.
1146Dodd, Norman. "The Dodd Report to the American People." March 20, 1956.
1147National Precinct Workers. "Everything is Booming but the Guns." 1956.
1148National Association for Mental Health. "Mental Health and World Citizenship." 1948.
1149Colegrove, Kenneth. "What World Federation Would Mean to America."
1150Spratt, Philip. "Blowing Up India." 1955.
1151The American Jewish Committee. "What of Their Future? The Half-Million Jews of North America." February 1955.
1152Clark, Greenville and Louis B. Sohn. "Peace Through Disarmament and Charter Revision." February 1956.
1153"The United States Armed Forces Institute Catalog."
1154Fagan, Myron C. "Our Secret Government." April-May 1956.
1155Fagan, Myron C. "What We Must Do in 1956." January 1956.
1156Library Company of Philadelphia. "Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia." 1956.
1157Catholic Civics Clubs of America. "Good Citizens: Official Handbook." 1946.
1158Commission on American Citizenship. "The Teaching of Current Affairs." A teacher's manual. 1946.
1159Young, Glenn O. "Deviationists to the Mad House."
1160"The United States of America vs. Lucille S. Miller." 1955.
1161"The United States of America vs. Manuel S. Miller." 1955.
1162Lewis, Fulton. "The Fulton Lewis Jr. Report on the Fund for the Republic."
1163"The Foundations of Freedom." 1955.
1164Allen, Marilyn R. "The Supreme Court Decision, Outlawing Segregation in our Schools." I Love America Series, no. 17.
1165Pittman, R. Carter. "The Supreme Court, the Broken Constitution and the Shattered Bill of Rights." 1954.
1166National Education Association. "Report of an Investigation: Kansas City, Missouri." October 1955.
1167"Open Letter to Congress: Gentlemen, Are You Mice or Men?" 1948.
1168"The 1956 American Voter: Presidential Election Edition." 1956.
1169American Association of University Professors. "Academic Freedom and Tenure in the Quest for National Security."
1170"Social Science and Freedom: A Report to the People." 1955.
1171O'Meara, Joseph. "Freedom of Inquiry Versus Authority: Some Legal Aspects." December 1955.
1172"Racial Desegregation and Integration." The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science." March 1956.
1173"How Much Do You Know About the Constitution of the United States."
1174Benton, William. "The Voice of the Kremlin." 1956.
1175"The Truth About the United Nations." 1955.
1176Ewing, Oscar R., Herbert H. Lehman, George Meany, Walter P. Reuther, etc. "Freedom and the Welfare State." A Symposium--League for Industrial Democracy. 1950.
1177"A Compilation of Public Records 2109 Methodist Ministers." Vol. 2, 1956.
1178Stewart, Maxwell S. "The Negro in America." Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 95.
1179Grew, Joseph C. "Invasion Alert: Red China Drives on the UN." 1956.
1180Coulter, Charles Wellsley and Richard Stanton Rimanoczy. "Education for What?" 1956.
1181Hobbs, A.H. "The Sociological Perspective." September 1956.
1182Williams, John Bell. "The Supreme Court Must be Curbed." January 1956.
1183Hofstadter, Samuel H. "The Fifth Amendment and the Immunity Act of 1954."
1184Kamp, Joseph P. "Election Guide for Voters Who Don't Like Ike or Adlai." 1956.
1185Supreme Court of the United States. Nos. 10 and 13 - October Term, 1949.
1186Willoughby, Charles A. "Soviet Espionage and American Red Collaborators." July 1956.
1187Donner Foundation, Inc. "Report as of December 31, 1955."
1188Hutchins, Robert M. "The Bill of Rights: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow." 1956.
1189"Assembly of Captive European Nations." First Session. February 12, 1955 - September 20, 1955.
1190Assembly of Captive European Nations. "ACEN News. Nos. 15-17. June - August 1956.
1191State of New York. "Report of the Joint Legislative Committee on Charitable and Philanthropic Agencies and Organizations." 1956.
1192Hammarskjold, Dag. "Prelude to Independence: The International Significance of the Bill of Rights." May 15, 1956.
1193Benson, Ezra Taft. "Farmers at the Crossroads." 1956.
1194"The Defense of Church Properties in America from Soviet Control." 1953.
1195Clark, Fred G. "Breaking the Mental Barrier in Economic Communications." Address. June 22, 1956.
1196America"s Future. "What's Happened to our Schools?"
1197Lowry, Charles W. "Conflicting Faiths: Christianity vs. Communism." 1953.
1198International Association of Machinists. "'Right-to-Work' Laws: Three Moral Studies."
1199Chesterton, A.K. "The Menace of World Government."
1200Lewis, Fulton. "A GATT in Your Ribs." 1956.
1201Americans for Democratic Action. "Voting Guide 1956: How to Make your Vote Count."
1202Howe, Quincy. "A Guide to Politics." 1954.
1203Gostick, Ron. "The Architects Behind the World Communist Conspiracy."
1204Campbell, Bernard. "63 Tested Practices in School-Community Relations." 1954.
1205Kraus, Robert. "The Rabbit Brothers."
1206"Congress Must Act on Civil Rights."
1207Burgess, John W. "Recent Changes in American Constitutional Theory." 1923.
1208Opitz, Edmund A. "Religion and the Social Problem." November 1956.
1209Dilworth, Nelson S. "A Freedom Manifesto." April 1955.
1210Drake, Francis and Katherine. "How we could have Better National Defense for Less Money." February 1957.
1211Clark, Fred G. "Not By Bread Alone."
1212The American Economic Foundation. "How to Enlist Employee Loyalty and Increase Productivity." October 1955.
1213Departments of National Education Association. "It's High Time." Guide for parents of high school students. 1955.
1214Koch, Gerda. "Federal Aid: Trap for the Unwary."
1215National Society, Sons of the American Revolution. "A Bill of Grievances."
1216Rennie, Thomas A.C. and Luther E. Woodward. "Mental Health and the World of Today." 1949.
1217Foundation for Economic Education. "Report on Freedom." 1956-1957.
1218Wham, Benjamin. "While the Nation Sleeps." October 1956.
1220Nash, Vernon. "It Must be Done Again." 1940.
1221Harper, Elsie D. and Helen Rainey Gillmore. "For a Better World: a History of YWCA Policy in Public Affairs." November 1948.
1223Ham, Mordecai F. "The Hidden Hand Behind the Confusion of World Events."
1224Kamp, Joseph P. "Trickery, Treachery, Tyranny and Treason in Washington."
1225What's On Your Mind? Vol. 1, Nos. 21, 22, 26, 28.
1226Kohler, Herbert V. "Can a Free Economy Tolerate Union Violence?" Address given February 25, 1957.
1227Clark, Fred G. "Is Socialism Irreversible?" Address: March 14, 1957.
1228"Know the Facts." May 1956.
1229American-British Foundation for European Education. "The Story of an Experiment." January 1954.
1230"Why 25 Oregon Cities Rejected Fluoridation in 1956."
1231Huxley-Blythe, P.J. "Betrayal: the Story of Russian Anti-Communism."
1232Hunt, Alan Reeve and Paul A. Lacey. "Friends and the use of the Fifth Amendment." 1957.
1233Gross, Francis. "Open Letter to Al Smith Polonia Restituta God's Chosen People."
1234Morreel, Ben. "Freedom...Triumph of the Uncommon Man." September 27, 1954.
1235The American Fund for Public Service. "Report for the Two Years, 1928-30."
1236"Have the Methodists Accepted Communism?"
1237Kaub, Verne P. "Communism and Socialism: Marxian Twins."
1238"Reading List for Americans."
1239Shaw, Esther Popel. "Personal Adventures in Race Relations." 1946.
1241Muste, A.J. "Where Are We Now? American Radicalism and the Impact of Recent Soviet Developments."
1242Muste, A.J. "The Camp of Liberation." November 1954.
1243Muste, A.J. "How to Deal with a Dictator." 1954.
1244Height, Dorothy I. and J. Oscar Lee. "The Christian Citizen and Civil Rights." A guide to study and action. 1949.
1245Northwestern University. Reviewing Stand.
1246American Council for Judaism, Inc. Council News.
1247Grossman, Kurt R. "Germany's Moral Debt: the German-Israel Agreement." 1954.
1248Gensler, Kinereth Dushkin. "Ahad Ha-am, Prophet of Cultural Zionism." A Syllabus based on Ahad Ha-am.
1249Huebener, Theodore. "Education in Israel." December 1953.
1250Government Printer, Jerusalem. "Peace in the Middle East: a Record of Israel's Peace Offers to the Arab States."
1251Government of Israel. "The Arab Refugees." November 1953.
1252Eban, Abba. "The Arab Refugees - Road to a Solution." 1955.
1253"American-Israel Relations." Addresses and statements to the Conference of Major Jewish Organizations." March 5-6, 1955.
1254National Education Department. "America's Role in Israel's Independence." 1949.
1255Gold, Zev. "Theodor Herzl in Light of Tradition." 1955.
1256Bentwich, Norman De Mattos. "Early English Zionists, 1890-1920." 1940.
1257Sieff, Israel M. "The Struggle for the Balfour Declaration."
1258Greenberg, Hayim. "Jewish Culture and Education in the Diaspora." 1951.
1259Israel Office of Information. "Facts and Figures." 1955.
1260Schwartz, Shalom. "Herzl's Views on Labor."
1261Brandeis, Louis D. "The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It." 1948.
1262Hirsch, David E. "A Record of American Zionism." 1956.
1263"Arnold Toynbee and the Jews." Jewish Frontier. December 1954-February 1955.
1264Katznelson, Berl. "Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of his Passing." Excerpts of his articles translated from Hebrew. July 1954.
1265Jenkins, Burris. "Inside Israel 1956." A series of articles depicting life in Israel.
1266Drake, Francis and Katharine. "New Weapons Against Heart Disease." May 1957.
1267National Review. A weekly journal of opinion. May 18, 1957.
1268American Civil Liberties Union. "Liberty is Always Unfinished Business." 1956.
1269Allen, Mary L. "Education or Indoctrination." and "While you Slept," by John T. Flynn. 1956.
1269aBentley, Elizabeth. "Out of Bondage." and "The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor," by Robert A. Theobald. 1959.
1270Senate of the State of California. "Ninth Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities." 1957.
1271Education Department, Chamber of Commerce of the United States. "The School Construction Issue." Packet of materials summarizing the facts.
1273Edwards, Robert V. "Truman's Inheritance." 1952.
1274Wilson, Everett P. "The Constitution of the United States of America, a Bulwark of Liberty." 1955.
1275Circuit Riders. "Fifty Years of Un-Methodist Propaganda." 1957.
1276Elsom, John R. "Lightning Over the Treasury Building." 1941.
1277Pitt-Rivers, George. "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution." 1920.
1278Long, Hamilton A. "Usurpers--Foes of Free Man." 1957.
1279California Legislature. "Fifteenth Report: Senate Investigating Committee on Education. Building Needs for State Colleges and Public Schools." 1955.
1280Adams, Orval W. "Dollar Literacy, the American 'Must.'" May 25, 1953.
1281Adams, Orval W. "Inflation: The Termite of Civilization." October 1956.
1283Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health. "First Annual Report." 1956.
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1285"Report to Congress on the Mutual Security Program." 1955.
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1288Rorty, James. "Report on James Rorty." September 20, 1957.
1289"Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution." September 1957.
1290Committee on Un-American Activities. "Soviet Total War: 'Historic Mission' of Violence and Deceit." Vols. 1 and 2. September 1956.
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1322McConkie, Bruce R. "What the Mormons Think of Christ."
1323Morgan, John. "The Plan of Salvation."
1324Smith, Joseph. "Tells His Own Story."
1325"The New Group of World Servers."
1326"Russia." Parts I - III.
1327Opinion Research Corporation. "What the American People Think about Money, Inflation and the Gold Standard." 1954.
1328Georgia Commission on Education. "Communism and the NAACP." 1959.
1329Allen, Marilyn R. "For Freedom's Sake." August 1950.
1330Allen, Marilyn R. "For Christ and Country."
1331Allen, Marilyn R. "Patriotism Demands Criticism." Christmas, 1950.
1332Allen, Marilyn R. "The Deadly Power to Tax." I Love America Series No.3.
1333Tax Foundation. "The Financial Challenge to the States." An analysis of state fiscal developments, 1946-1957.
1334"Gold Manipulation and Depressions." 1938.
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1336"Worldwide Communist Propaganda Activities in 1954." February 15, 1955.
1337Chamberlain, Grace Williamson Willett. "An Horrific Scandal in Corruption in the Democratic Administration, 1942-1952." January 4, 1954.
1338Women Investors Research Institute, Inc. "Analysis and Historical Review of the Foreign Policy of the United States from 1796 to 1954."
1339"The Book of Hadassah (or Esther)." A fragment transcribed from the scrolls of the Essenes. 1953.
1340President's Committee on Government Contracts. "Fourth Annual Report on Equal Job Opportunity." 1956-1957.
1342"Delaware Corporation Law Annotated 1953."
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