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501Field, A.N. "To-Day's Greatest Problem." Reprinted from Examiner No.7. June 1938.
502"The Miracle Decision."
503Committee for Free Asia. "Asia in the World Today."
504Grayzel, Solomon. "Jewish Books for Your Home."
505"Some Books of Jewish Interest." 1950.
506Goldstein, Fanny. "The Jewish Child in Bookland."
507Dresser, Robert B. "Socialism and the Federal Estate and Gift Taxes." 1952.
508Kaub, Verne P. "Follies, Fallacies and Falsehoods of Tennessee Valley Authority."
509White, C.M. "Of, By and For the Government."
510"The Church Peace Union: What It Is and What It Does."
511"United Nations: 60 Countries Pledged to Act."
512"Christian Women Building Lasting Peace."
513"The Code of the Good American."
514Morgan, Joy Elmer. "Your Life in the Making."
515Clinchy, Everett R. "Education and Human Relations." Personal Growth Leaflet No.149.
516Morgan, Joy Elmer. "A Golden Treasury on the Art of Living." 1930.
517"Basic Facts about the United Nations." June 1961.
518White, C.M. "The Eagle and the Bear."
519Waters, John E. "CCCP: Communism, Contempt, Corruption, Persecution."
520"Schoolboy 'Expendables': Our Retrogression to Barbarism."
521"In Defense of the Constitution." Excerpts from remarks of Presidents of the United States of America. 1934.
522Redmond, Paul A. "Betrayal of Tomorrow's Generation." Address delivered September 17, 1951.
523Allen, Marilyn R. "Our Statue of Liberty." I Love America Series No. 11.
524Edmondson, Robert Edward. "Manifesto to the Jews." A Church Promissory.
525"What Do You Mean, Free Speech?"
526"This is the American Civil Liberties Union."
527"Presenting the International League for the Rights of Man."
528Hutshins, Robert M. "What Price Freedom?" October 1949.
529Josephson, Emanuel M. "Eisenhower Gives Us No Change, America's Betrayal Continues."
530"Plans of the 'Synagogue of Satan.'"
531American Textbook Publishers Institute. "The American Way of Publishing - Your Safeguard Against Subversion in Textbooks." 1956.
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533Chodorov, Frank. "Taxation is Robbery." The Human Events Pamphlets No.15. 1947.
534Palyi, Melchior. "The Creeping Paralysis of Europe." The Human Events Pamphlets No.25. December 1947.
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536Eliasberg, George J. "Marxism's Hostile Children." The Human Affairs Pamphlets No.39. February 1949.
537Reimann, Guenter. "The Black Market: Inevitable Child of Statism." The Human Affairs Pamphlets No.35. October 1948.
538Dawson, Christopher. "Education and the Crisis of Christian Culture." Human Affairs Pamphlets No.43. June 1949.
539Dallin, David J. "The Economics of Slave Labor." The Human Affairs Pamphlets No.42. May 1949.
541Fry, L. "An Analysis of Zionism."
542Prentis, H.W. "Foreign Assistance and the American Economy." Address given December 3, 1952.
543"Higher Education and American Business."
544"The Man Behind the Men Behind the President." 1936.
545Harris, Seymour E. "National Health Insurance and Alternative Plans for Financing Health." 1953.
546"The Factfinder and Facts about Frauds." September 1952.
547Sullivan, George E. "The Great Deception." June 1946.
548DeLeon, Daniel. "Reform or Revolution."
549DeLeon, Daniel. "What Means this Strike?"
550DeLeon, Daniel. "Industrial Unionism." Selected editorials. 1933.
551Johnson, Olive M. "Daniel DeLeon." 1923.
551DeLeon, Daniel. "Two Pages from Roman History." 1935.
552DeLeon, Daniel. "Socialist Reconstruction of Society." 1930.
553Peterson, Arnold. "W.Z. Foster--Renegade or Spy?" 1935.
556Hass, Eric. "Socialist Industrial Unionism: The Worker's Power." 1941.
557"The Journal of International Liberal Exchange." 1950, No. 2.
559"Out of their own Mouths." December 5, 1937.
560"Tearing Away the Veils." 1940.
561Sanctuary, E.N. "War Guilt and Warmongers."
562Sanctuary, E.N. "An Answer to the 'Voice for Human Rights.'"
563Crick, Walter and Frederick Soddy. "Abolish Private Money, or Drown in Debt."
564Sanctuary, E.N. "Blind Leaders." 1935.
565Sanctuary, E.N. "Revolution and the Real Fifth Column."
566"The Holy See and the Jews." From the Special Number 1939 of the International Review of Secret Societies."
567Neylan, John Francis. "The Governor's Budget." Address given January 23, 1953.
568Dilworth, Nelson S. Address at the Los Angeles County Institute. January 17, 1952.
570"Loyalty in a Democracy." Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 179. 1952.
571Prentis, H.W. "Foreign Assistance and the American Economy." December 3, 1952.
572Melby, Ernest O. "American Education Under Fire." 1951.
574"How Have Our Schools Developed?"
575"How Can We Organize For Better Schools?"
576"How Can Citizens Help their Schools?"
577"Girl Scouting and the Schools."
578"Working Together." A manual to assist industrialists, businessmen and educators in organizing and conducting workstudy training courses for youth.
579"The United States and the Underdeveloped Countries." Memo. January 1953.
580"The Fund for the Advancement of Education." Annual Report 1951-1952.
581"Where to go for U.N. Information." Department of State. 1952.
582"Simplified Economics." Vol. 13, No. 154. February 1953.
583Jacobsson, Per. "Credit Policy: Recent European Experience." Studies in Business Economics No. 33.
584McKenna, Philip M. "Economics and the Engineer." Address before the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. March 18, 1952.
585Adams, Orval W. "The Printing Press and the Treasury." April 20, 1950.
586Spahr, Walter E. "Why People of U.S. Need a Gold Standard." October 16, 1952.
587Kemmerer, Donald L. "The Gold Standard, the People, and the Gold Mining Industry." February 15, 1951.
588White, Andrew Dickson. "Fiat Money Inflation in France." The Freeman, Vol. 2, No. 3. 1945.
588Hardin, Garrett. "Interstellar Migration and the Population Problem." 1959.
589Spahr, Walter E. "Our Irredeemable Currency System."
590Kaub, Verne E. "Satan Goes to School."
591"The Red Front in the United States."
593Barr, Stringfellow. "Let's Join the Human Race." 1950.
594Woltman, Frederick. "The Shocking Story of the Amerasia Case." 1950.
595Gilbert, Dan. "Un-Americanism in High School Textbooks." 19420
596Soltin, J. "The Struggle against Anti-Semitism." 1938.
597Miller, Moses. "A Jew Looks at War." 1940.
598Novick, Paul. "Zionism Today: the Zionist Movement, Labor Zionism, Palestine Realities." 1936.
599"The Struggle for Lasting Peace."
600"The Menace in Unesco." 1953.
601University of Colorado. "Extension Center."
602International Council of Religious Education. "An Introduction to the Revised Standard Version of the New Testament." 1946.
603"Desirable Athletic Competition for Children." November 1952.
604Iowa State Education Association. "What is a Good Teacher Education and Certification Program?" August 1950.
605"Catalogue of Faith Theological Seminary." 1952-1953.
606Iowa Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards. "What is a Good Teacher?" August 1949.
607Public Law 414 - 82nd Congress.
608Iowa Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards. "What is a Good School?" 1948.
610"Reflections on Faith and Freedom." 1952.
611"The Structure of the American Economy." Part 1 - Basic Characteristics. National Resources Committee. June 1939.
613"Teachers Handbook for United Nations Day and Week." 1951.
614"Rise and Progress of Revolution: Charge to the Grand Juries of the County Courts of the Fifth Circuit of the State of Pennsylvania." December Sessions, 1800.
615"School District Reorganization." 1951.
616Katona, George. "The People Versus Inflation, Part 1." 1952.
617Young, Glenn O. "Is there a "Red" or "Pink" Cell Operating in our own [Presbyterian] Church?"
618Smith, Gerald L.K. "Was Jesus Christ a Jew as We Now Know Jews?"
618"So Proudly We Hail." A source book on Foundations of Citizenship.
620"Fighting Words." Selections from 25 years of Daily Worker. 19493
621"Communism and Academic Freedom." The Record of the Tenure Cases at the University of Washington. 1949.
622Strong, Donald S. "Organized Anti-Semitism in America: The Rise of Group Prejudice During the Decade 1930-1940." May 1941.
623Theology Today. October 1950.
624Weigle, Luther A. "Public Education and Religion." 1940.
625Johnson, Hewlett. "The Secret of Soviet Strength." 1943.
626Gostick, Ron. "Zionism and the Middle East Crisis."
627Esquire. March 1953.
628Poirot, Paul L. "Property Rights and Human Rights." In Brief, Vol.10 No.1.
629High, Stanley. "The Moral Issue." 1940.
630General Motors Corp. "Supplemental Agreements Covering Pension Plan and Insurance Program." May 29, 1950.
631"Agreement between General Motors Corporation and the UAW-CIO." May 29, 1950.
632Olds, Irving S. "The Price of Price Controls." In Brief, Vol.9 No.1.
633Von Mises, Ludwig. "The Individual in Society. In Brief, Vol.8 No.1.
634Research Bulletin of the National Education Association. Vol. 30, 1952.
635Hamel, Richard. "Lincoln Champion of White Supremacy."
636Read, Leonard E. "On That Day Began Lies." In Brief, Vol. 3, No.1.
637Pettengill, Samuel B. "Where Karl Marx Went Wrong." 1953.
638Russell, Dean. "The First Leftist." In Brief, Vol. 7, No.1.
639Sumner, William Graham. "On Minding One's Own Business." In Brief, Vol. 7, No.2.
640Hunt, Betty Knowles. "Show Me Any Other Country. In Brief, Vol. 1 No.2.
641Benn, Ernest. "Rights for Robots." In Brief, Vol. 4 No.3.
642Webster, Pelatiah. "Not Worth a Continental." In Brief, Vol. 5 No.3.
643Phelan, Towner. "Liberalism Stands for Freedom." In Brief, Vol. 3, No.3.
644Lipscomb, Ed. "The Personal Practice of Freedom." January 1952.
645Russell, Dean. "Equality and Security." May 1952.
646Harper, F.A. "Gaining the Free Market." June 1952.
647Harper, F.A. "Morals and the Welfare State." 1951.
648New York Community Trust. "New Look." Report for 1951.
649"Analysis of the Taft Amendments." Economic Council Papers, Vol. 8, No.2. March 15, 1953.
650"A Nation Wide-Crusade."
651Wettrick, Charlotte. "The Menace of the Social Science Studies in the Public Schools."
654Lingo, Marie Tunstall. "George Mason and the Bill of Rights."
655National Defense Committee. "One Flay! One Nation!"
656Gaard, Ruth B. "Christmas Day and the New Covenant." A radio talk.
657Velde, Harold and James B. Carey. "How Can We Best Combat Communism?" The American Forum of the Air. Vol. 16, No.7. February 15, 1953.
658Lory, Milton M. "World Government: A Philosophy of Evil and Darkness."
659Dilling, Elizabeth. "Brotherhood."
660Burdick, Usher L. "Our Treaty With the United Nations." Speech given February 3, 1953.
661Key, Francis Scott. "The Star-Spangled Banner."
662Lucas, Frances Barrett. "The Story of the Pledge of Allegiance."
663Patton, Marguerite Courtright. "The American's Creed."
664"The Declaration of Independence."
665Livermore, H.W. "America."
666White, William. "The Railroads...Captive Industry in a Free Economy." and Charles E. Wilson, "Big Government and Little People." September 16, 1952.
668Novick, Paul and J.M. Budish. "Jews in the Soviet Union: Citizens and Builders."
669McCloskey, Mark A. and Hyman Sorokoff. "Schools and Neighbors in Action." May 1950.
670Ford, James W. "Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Democracy." 1938.
671Bittelman, Alexander. "To Secure Jewish Rights: The Communist Position." 1948.
672Blake, Aldrich. "Freedom of Choice."
673Miller, Moses. "Soviet 'Anti-Semitism'--The Big Lie."
674Younger, George. Social Action. May 15, 1951.
675O"Connor, Tom. "The Truth About Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union." 1949.
676Bittelman, Alexander. "Should Jews Unite? Jewish People's Unite as a Force for American National Unity."
678"The High School Parent-Teacher Association." 1951.
680"Comparative Specifications." Radiation Laboratory Accelerators. October 1951.
681"Nuclear Research." At the University of California, Berkeley.
682Foner, Philip S. "Jews in American History 1654-1865."
683Holman, Frank E. "Dangers of Treaty Law." 1952.
684Stalin, Joseph. "From Socialism to Communism in the Soviet Union." 1939.
685Browder, Earl. "Keynes, Foster and Marx: Part I, State Capitalism and Progress." 1950.
686Kenny, Michael. "American Masonry and Catholic Education." 1926.
687"Town Meeting." Bulletin of America's town meeting on the air. May 5, 1941.
688Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation: A Report for the Period Ending December 31, 1952.
689Saroyan, William. "The People With Light Coming Out of Them." 1941.
690Boyd, James. "One More Free Man." 1941.
691Sherwood, Robert E. "An American Crusader." 1941.
693Gallacher, William and Earl Browder. "Anti-Semitism: What it Means and How to Combat it." 1943.
694Lenin, Vladimir Ilich. "Lenin on the Jewish Questions." 1934.
695Sarolea, Charles. "Daylight on Spain: the answer to the Duchess of Atholl." 1938.
696Morgan, Lewis Henry. "Montezuma's Dinner: an essay on the tribal society of North American Indians." 1950.
697Curtiss, W.M. "The Tariff Idea." 1953.
699Citizens No Foreign War Coalition. "A Manual of the Citizens No Foreign War Coalition." 1941.
701Hirsch, Richard. "The Soviet Spies: The Story of Russian Espionage in North America." 1947.
702"The Red Record of Senator Claude Pepper."
703Fagan, Myron C. "Documentation of the Red Stars in Hollywood." 1950.
704Fish, Hamilton. "The Red Plotters." 1947.
705Kamp, Joseph P. "America Betrayed: The Tragic Consequences of Reds on the Government Payroll." 1950.
706"Christian Social Relations at General Convention."
707Walch, J. Weston. "Supplement on the Welfare State."
708Holm, James N. "How to Debate Successfully." 1950.
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712Department of State. "In Quest of Peace and Security." Selected documents on American foreign policy, 1941-1951.
713Inter-American Council of Jurists. "Handbook: First Meeting of the Inter-American Council of Jurists." May 22, 1950.
714Walch, J. Weston. "Complete Handbook on the Welfare State." 1950.
715"Five Thousand Five Hundred Questions and Answers on the Sacred Scriptures." 1946.
716"Organization of Communist Youth Groups."
717National Conference for Cooperation in Health Education. "Handbook for School Administrators." 1952.
718A"A Christian's Handbook on Communism."
719Denton, Frank R. "According to Plan?" A study of the limitations of government planning in promoting economic prosperity. June 1952.
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721Tulga, Chester E. "The Case Against the National Council of Churches." 1951.
722Coughlin, Chas. E. "Why Leave Our Own?" 13 addresses on Christianity and Americanism. January 8 - April 2, 1939.
723"The People's Song Book." 1948.
724The Antioch Review. Vol.2, No.4. Winter 1942.
725Bulletin of the Pan American Union. May 1943.
726"Education for ALL American Youth: A Further Look." 1952.
727Shafer, Paul W. "Is there a 'Subversive' Movement in the Public Schools?" Speech given March 21, 1952.
729De Jouvenel, Bertrand. "No Vacancies." 1948.
730Sumner, Robert L. "The 'New' Bible: an Appraisal of the Revised Standard Version."
731McIntire, Carl. "Russia's Most Effective Fifth Column in America." 1948.
732"The Truth About the Federal Council of Churches." 1950.
733De Boer, John J. "Design for Elementary School." 1945.
734Kilpatrick, William Heard. "Modern Education: its Proper Work." 1950.
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738Goff, Kenneth. "One World a Red World." 1952.
739Shearon, Marjorie. "Saskatchewan's Embattled Physicians: a Tribute to Gallant Defenders of Freedom." 1962.
741Association of American Universities. "The Rights and Responsibilities of Universities and their Faculties." March 24, 1953.
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744"The Empire of 'The City:' The Five Ideologies of Space and Power." 1944.
746Denton, Frank R. "Not of Arms Alone." Speech at the 1952 graduation ceremonies of the Culver Military Academy.
747Department of State. "The Threat of Soviet Economic Policy." 1961.
748McIntire, Carl. "Bishop Oxnam Prophet of Marx."
749"S. 692 in the Senate of the United States." January 29, 1953.
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752"The Truth about Senator Joe McCarthy."
753Sullivan, George Edward. "Academic Freedom."
754"The Eye Opener." 1953.
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757"Conference on World Affairs." University of Colorado. April 1963.
758"Was Washington a Mason?" 1933.
759"The Limits of Academic Freedom." June 1939.
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764"Secret Societies Unveiled."
765"Perspectives USA." Winter 1953.
766Kamp, Joseph P. "With Lotions of Love." 1948.
767Gaard, Conrad. "Destiny of America." March 1953.
768"World Trade Affects You." League of Women Voters of the USA.
769"Governments in the United States in 1952."
770"Hollywood Studio Blue Book." 1953.
771"Secrets of the Communist Party Exposed." 1947.
772Citizens Protective Association. "The Kiss of Death."
773Rugg, Harold. "Pupil's Workbook of Directed Study." 1931.
774"U.N. Week." April 13-17, 1953.
775"Social Studies Grades 7, 8, and 9: A Guide for Teachers." 1952.
776Chamber of Commerce of the United States. "The Welfare State and the State of Human Welfare." 1950.
777Marx, Karl. "Communist Manifesto."
778Winrod, Gerald B. "The United Nations: A Tower of Babel."
781"Facts and Attitudes on World Trade." League of Women Voters. 1956.
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787"Who Killed Horatio Alger?"
788"The Episcopal Church: Some Essential Facts."
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791Methodist Church. "The Episcopal Address." 1948.
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794"The Walter-McCarran Law." Extracts from testimony before President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization. 1952.
795Jensen, B. "The Men Behind the 'U.N.O.' Fraud."
796"Mandel vs. McCarthy."
797Garman, W.O.H. "What is Wrong with the Federal Council?" 1950.
798"How Should Democracy Deal with Groups which Aim to Destroy Democracy?" Town Meeting. May 18, 1948.
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804Rockwood, Perry F. "The Power of the Blood."
805Rockwood, Perry F. "After Death What?"
806Whiteside, Edward. "The Case of Senator McCarthy."
807Good, Kenneth H. "Entertainmentism."
808Harper, F.A. "Stand-by Controls." 1953.
809"Wake Up, America!"
810Gates, Edward D. "World Government and American Freedom." Sermon delivered February 1953.
811Newton, Niles Rumely. "What Our American Republic Means to Me."
812Rudd, Augustin G. "Stomach Communism." Reprinted from National Republic, October 1953.
814"How to Capture a University." The meaning of the Southwest Review attack upon John Beaty.
815Christy, Howard Chandler. "The Signing of the Constitution of the United States."
816Hoover, J. Edgar. "Harry Dexter White Case."
817"You Must Read This: Let's Outlaw Communism."
818Doherty, Jack. "Truman Asks Nation-Wide TVA Network."
819"The Palestine Fraud."
820Bestor, Arthur E. "Education for 1984."
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822Read, Leonard E. "Combating Statism." In Brief, September 1953.
823United Nations High Commission for Refugees. 1952.
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825"A Brief Synopsis of the Brotherhood."
826Russell, Dean. "My Freedom Depends on Yours." September 1953.
827"In Time of Jacob's Trouble." Jeremiah 30:7.
828Kamp, Joseph P. "Senator McCarthy's Methods." 1954.
829"Pride and Mrs. Roosevelt."
830"Is This What is Meant by 'The Best Possible Educational Program?'"
831Holman, Frank E. "Treaty Law-Making." 1950.
832Allen, Marilyn R. "Catspaws and Bond Salesmen." I Love America Series No. 7.
833"Everyman's United Nation." 1950.
834Kamp, Joseph P. "Ford Motor Company and American Bar Association Help Communist Conspiracy by Joining Plot Against McCarthyism." November 1953.
835Kamp, Joseph P. "Why Win the War and Lose What We're Fighting For?"
837Klein, Henry H. "My 40 Year Flight for Justice." 1953.
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