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1McCarthy. "Treason in Washington Exposed by Senator McCarthy." 1950.
2Sullivan, George E. "The Road to Victory!" January 1942.
3Dresser, Robert B. "The Korean War." 1950.
4Kamp, Joseph P. "Class War on the Home Front: How to Live on $25000 a Year? You'll Live on $129 a year--and Like It!"
5Neylan, John Francis. Address delivered at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. November 23, 1951.
6Crain, Lucille Cardin and Anne Burrows Hamilton. "Packaged Thinking for Women." American Affairs Pamphlets. October 1948.
7Millikan, Robert A. "Shall Government Subsidize our Public Schools?" American Affairs Pamphlets. October 1947.
8Johnson, William R. "China, Key to the Orient--and to Asia." 1950.
9Palmer, Cecil. "British Socialism is Destroying British Freedom." 1949.
10Cowling, Donald J. and Carter Davidson. "The Government's Reach for Education." American Affairs Pamphlets. January 1949.
11"The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Report of the Committee to Curb Communism." March 30, 1951.
12Barnes, Harry Elmer. "The Court Historians versus Revisionism: an Examination of Langer and Gleason, 'The Challenge to Isolation,' 1937-1940."
13"A Re-Examination of the Secret Plotting of the World Imperialists whose Subversive Activities are Accepted as our American System."
14Kamp, Joseph P. "Vote for Candidates Endorsed by Alger Hiss."
15Barnes, Harry Elmer. "The Struggle Against the Historical Blackout."
16"The Great Idea: a plan to create a world government and direct the civilization of the future."
17Linn, Walter. "Dangers to our American Way of Life." Remarks to the Cresheim Valley Council of Republican Women. Economic Council Papers, Vol.4, No.3. January 2, 1947.
18Hughes, Frank. "The Bias of Great Wealth: an examination of the activities of leading American foundations and those who direct their affairs." 1950.
19"Undermining our Republic: Do you know what the children are being taught in our public schools? You'll be surprised..." 1941.
20"Twenty-Fifth Women's Patriotic Conference on National Defense: Summary of Proceedings." January 1951.
21Flynn, John T. "The Smear Terror." 1947.
22Gusted, D. "The Dictate-Aper: A Tale of Modern Times." 1941.
23Huxley, Julian. "Unesco: Its Purpose and its Philosophy." 1948.
24"Partners in Progress." Summary of a report to the President by the International Development Advisory Board. March 1951.
25Moreell, Ben. "The Challenge to American Business." Address delivered at the General Meeting of American Iron and Steel Institute. May 22, 1952.
26Moos, Elizabeth. "The Educational System of the Soviet Union."
27"Discrimination in Higher Education." 1950.
28Taylor, Reese H. "The Road We Travel." Address before the Purchasing Agents Association. January 22, 1952.
29Kamp, Joseph P. "Strikes...and the Communists Behind Them." 1947.
30"Communists within the Government: the Facts and a Program." Report of Committee on Socialism and Communism. January 1947.
31Munger, Bob. "Students' Answer to the Marxist Challenge: Official Handbook." 1952.
32Lane, A.H. "The Hidden Hand: A Plain Statement for the Man in the Street."
33"Report on the Japanese Peace Treaty." September 1951.
34Kamp, Joseph P. "The Fay Case."
35Spellman, Francis Cardinal. "Communism is Un-American."
36Kamp, Joseph P. "Native Nazi: Purge Plot." 1942.
37Kamp, Joseph P. "The Fifth Column in Washington." June 1940.
38Kamp, Joseph P. "The Fifth Column vs. the Dies Committee." 1941.
39Kamp, Joseph P. "The Fifth Column in the South." 1940.
40Kamp, Joseph P. "How to be an American, to Organize for America, to Fight Un-American." 1946.
41Kamp, Joseph P. "Famine in America: Home Grown by the Farmers from Union Square." 1943.
42Moss, James A. "US: A Presentation of Americanism." 1940.
43Marsden, Victor E. "Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion." 1942.
44Miller, Marion Mills. "Manual of Ready Reference to the Authors' Digest containing brief analysis of the World's Great Stories."
45"Teaching about the United Nations in the Schools and Colleges of the United States in 1950 and 1951."
46"The Korean Experience." Journal of International Affairs, Vol.6 No.2. Spring 1952.
47The Conference Board Educational Extension Program. "Report on Progress." 1948.
48Dies, Martin. "Truth Crushed to Earth Will Rise Again." Speech. May 17, 1951.
50"Primer for Americans." 1950.
51Chadbourne, Richard McClain. "Two Organizers of Divinity: Ernest Renan and John Dewey." September 1949.
52Timasheff, N.S. "The Basic Conflict of Our Age." December 1949.
53Aronson, Moses J. "The Juristic Thought of Mr. Justice Frankfurter." January 1940.
54Lowenstein, Karl. "The Union of Western Europe: Illusion and Reality." 1952.
55"United Europe: A Statement of Progress."
56McCarthy, Joe. "McCarthyism: The Fight for America." Documented answers to questions asked by friend and foe. 1952.
57"Life Story of 'Ike' Eisenhower In Pictures." 1952.
58"How Red is the Federal Council of Churches."
59Yerxa, Fendall and Ogden R. Reid. "The Threat of Red Sabotage." 1950.
60Hook, Sidney. "Heresy, Yes--Conspiracy, No!" 1950.
61"Who Wants War?" 1935.
62"Who Wants War? Part II"
63Gibbons, Edward H. "It's Your Move. Do You Want to Wreck Stalin's Racket? This Book Tells You How."
64Kamp, Joseph P. "Hitler was a Liberal." 1949.
65Moss, James A. "Your Rights Under the Constitution."
66Aronson, Gregor. "Soviet Russia and the Jews." 1949.
67"The Activist." Winter 1961.
71Townsend, Ralph. "The High Cost of Hate." January 1939.
72Townsend, Ralph. "Seeking Foreign Trouble." 1940.
73Hoffman, Clare E. "Frame-Up in Steel." Address delivered in the House of Representatives. September 29, 1949.
75Bealle, Morris A. "Washington Squirrel Cage: The Story of the Raw Deal in Satire." 1952.
76Fritsch, Ludwig A. "The Crime of Our Age: A Call to the Clergy and to All Christians in the United States of America." 1949.
78Bealle, Morris A. "The Drug Story." 1949.
79Colegrove, Kenneth. "Senator McCarthy."
80Kilborn, Orson. "The Constitution Be Damned." 1952.
81Debnam, W.E. "Weep No More, My Lady." A Southerner answers Mrs. Roosevelt's report on the "Poor and Unhappy South." 1950.
82Marion, George. "Bases and Empire: A Chart of American Expansion." 1949.
83"The Best of The Nation." A selection of the best articles of lasting value to appear in The Nation during the recent past. 1952.
84Sumner, William Graham. "What Social Classes Owe to Each Other." 1952.
86Goff, Kenneth. "Red Betrayal of Youth." 1948.
87"Amended Petition to the President and the Congress of the United States." 1947.
88"The Plot of the Jews." 1948.
89Dilling, Elizabeth. "The Red Betrayal of the Churches."
90Dodd, Thomas J. "The Mortal Struggle...the objectives in the fight of free men against communist enslavement."
91"How Can We Help Get Better Schools?"
92Lane, Rose Wilder. "Give Me Liberty." The Freeman, Vol.2 No.1. 1945.
93Field, A.N. "Socialism Unmasked: Who Propagated it, How and Why."
94"Know Your Enemy: the 'Unrra' Infiltrators." December 1947.
95Fahey, Denis. "The Rulers of Russia."
96Fahey, Denis. "The Rulers of Russia." 1938.
97Britton, Frank L. "Behind Communism."
98Baarslag, Karl. "Communist Trade Union Trickery Exposed." 1949.
100Fry, L. "California Betrayed."
101Smith, Gerald L.K. "Too Much and Too Many Roosevelts." 1950.
102Loos, A. William. "Two Giants and One World: A Discussion of Soviet-American Relations." 1948.
103Haziltt, Henry. "Illusions of Point Four." 1950.
104"Sabotage: How to Guard Against it." 1950.
105"Still No Amnesty."
106Muste, A.J. "Of Holy Disobedience." 1952.
107Muste, A.J. "The World Task of Pacifism." Pendle Hill Pamphlet No. 13. 1941.
108Bailey, Alice A. "The Reappearance of the Christ." May 1947.
109McCann, Irving G. "Why the Taft-Hartley Law." 1950.
110"Communist Economic Policy in the Less Developed Areas." July 1960.
111Armstrong, George W. "The Truth About My Alleged $50,000,000.00 Donation." 1950.
112Everingham, Harry T. "U.S.A. Beyond the Crossroads." June 1952.
113Dresser, Robert B. "How We Blundered into Korean War and Tragic Future Consequences."
114Barnes, Harry Elmer. "Was Roosevelt Pushed into War by Popular Demand in 1941?" December 29, 1950.
115"Danger! They're After our Schools."
116Barnes, Harry Elmer. "Rauch on Roosevelt: a Study in Appearances and Realities."
117Rogers, Frederick Rand. "American Higher Education: its Betrayal of Trust and Faith."
118Rogers, Frederick Rand. "Progressive Education: Irresponsible and Immoral Pedagogy." 1952.
119Smith, Gerald L.K. "Jews in Government and Related Positions of Power." 1951.
120Williams, Robert H. "Know Your Enemy." 1950.
121"This is our Problem." February 1951.
123Cox, Earnest Sevier. "Let My People Go." May 1925.
124Horsley, G. William. "Analysis of testimony given before the Seditious Activities Investigation Commission with regard to the investigation of University of Chicago and Roosevelt College, together with comments and additional material collected."
125Fosdick, Raymond B. "We Must Not be Afraid of Courage." October 1949.
126"Government by Authorities."
127"Rugg Philosophy Analyzed." Parts I-II-III-IV. 1941.
128Allen, Marilyn R. "America Forever: Operation 'Scuttling of America.'" December 1947.
129Allen, Marilyn R. "Calling All Christians." January 1951.
130Allen, Marilyn R. "America Forever: 'The New Testament.'" January 1948.
131"The Strange Case of Merwin K. Hart." An open letter to Isaac Don Levine.
131Allen, Marilyn. "America Forever, Whose Country is This?"
132Allen, Marilyn. "Admiral Nimitz and the United Nations."
133Kaub, Verne P. "An Analysis of Laski's Book The American Democracy." September 1948.
134Manne, Roy E. "Giddy Minds and Tragic Results." Sermon. May 6, 1951.
135"Should America's College Professors be Pro-American?"
136Fuller, Harry J. "The Emperor's New Clothes or Prius Dementat." Economic Council Papers, Vol. IV, No.7. August 15, 1951.
137"European Federation Now." December 1951.
138Edmonson, Robert Edward. "The Jewish System Indicted by the Documentary Record."
139Edmonson, Robert Edward. "'Anti-Semitic' Clauses of Today." February 1937.
140Edman, V. Raymond. "Karl Marx...or Jesus Christ." 1949.
141"Creeping Paralysis."
142"Communist Infiltration in the United States: its Nature and How to Combat it." 1946.
143"Communist and Communist-Front Organizations in America."
144Matthews, J.B. "Tactics and Methods of Communism in America." A Harding College Freedom Forum Presentation. May 2, 1952.
145"National Committee for Union Shop Abolition."
146Rogers, Arthur. "The Palestine Mystery: Sidelights on Secret Policy." 1948.
147Wittmer, Felix. "Freedom's Case Against Dean Acheson." American Mercury.
148Toledano, Nora de. "Time Marches on McCarthy." American Mercury. Vol.74, No.338. February 1952.
149Payne, Jessica Wyatt. "Who's Trying to Save Our Schools?"
150MacArthur, Douglas. Address before a joint session of the Mississippi Legislature. March 22, 1952.
151Patterson, Vernon W. "The Principles and Objectives of the Federal Council." July 1947.
152Olds, Irving S. "Inflation or Free Enterprise."
153Williams, Robert H. "The Untold Story of State Medicine." 1948.
154Lamont, Corliss. "Why I am Not a Communist." January 1952.
155Hughes, Frank. "Leftist Views Rule Columbia Citizen Course." August 1951.
156Kaub, Verne P. "The Yale Whitewash."
157Randall, Clarence B. "Seizure...the New Push-Button Warfare on Business." An address before the National Press Club. April 25, 1952.
158Cornelius, W.M. "Corporations Do Not Pay Taxes." Address to Michigan Bankers' Association. May 15, 1952.
159Flynn, John T. "Why Korea? Story of Blackest Intrigue and Betrayal in America's History." 1952.
160Randall, Clarence B. "These are the Facts, Mr. President." Radio-TV address. April 9, 1952.
161Barr, John U. "Yesterday--Today--What of Tomorrow?" May 22, 1952.
162Kaub, Verne P. "The Federal Council of Churches Takes its Stand with Enemies of America."
163Lamont, Corliss. "Soviet Aggression: Myth or Reality?"
164"How Red are the Schools?"
165"Thus Speaks the Talmud." The Case of Judaism vs. Christianity with evidence from the Jewish Rabbi Scriptures.
166Edman, V.R. "The Ramparts We Watch."
167"Hidden Empire."
168"Must American Youth be Taught that Communism and Socialism are Superior to Americanism?"
169"Pay Day for Jones."
170"For When They Shall Say Peace and Safety."
171"The Battle is the Lord's."
172Stokes, Jeremiah. "For Freedom's Sake Stop America's Leftist Course Toward Self-Annihilation." Address delivered at a Mass Meeting at Denver. January 8, 1946.
173"The Impeachment of Frances Perkins." January 24, 1939.
174"New Dealers in Office...with their Red Front personnel."
175Flynn, John T. "The Road Ahead." 1949.
176"The Red Shield" or "Know Your Enemy."
177"Yiddish Proverbs." Selected and translated by Joseph A. Weingarten. 1941.
178"The Christian Harmony in Competition."
179"Comment on Communists and Communism."
180Thorkelson, J. "Who are the Communists?" 1939.
181Sanctuary, E.N. "Communism--its Heart and Goal." 1936.
182Jenner, William E. "Can You Trust the Future to those who Betrayed the Past?" September 15, 1950.
183Field, A.N. "Facts About the Bank of England." 1938.
184Holman, Frank E. "The United Nations: a Hope or a Menace?" March 1952.
186Curtis, Catherine. "Britain's War Aims."
187"United Christian Front." The Bishop of Chelmsford of Spain: his statements refuted in a series of letters to "The Times." 1938.
188"High Treason."
189"Trotsky." By a former Russian Commissar. 1937.
190Lane-Fox, G. "Czecho-Slovakia: the Naked Truth about the World-War Plot." September 26, 1938.
191Nenoff, Stephen. "Teaching Treason." 1949.
192Townsend, Ralph. "America Has No Enemies in Asia." 1938.
193Stokes, Jeremiah. "Remember Pearl Harbor: Americans' Three-fold Task for Self-Preservation." 1942.
194Baker, Alonzo L. "Is the World Going Red?" 1935.
195Waters, John E. "Red Justice." 1944.
196Lunn, Arnold. "Spain: The Unpopular Front."
197"Joint Letter of the Spanish Bishops to the Bishops of the Whole World Concerning the War in Spain."
198Code, Joseph B. "The Spanish War and Lying Propaganda." July 21, 1938.
199Griessemer, Tom. "The System of Hitler, Stalin or Streit: Which is America's Choice?"
200"Democracy's Answer to Hitler." January 22, 1941.
201Tulga, Chester E. "The Case Against Communism." 1949.
202Pope Pius XI. "Atheistic Communism." Encyclical letter.
203Feely, Raymond. "Fascism--Communism--the U.S.A." A study of the parallels and contrasts of Fascism and Communism and their threat to America.
204Sheen, Fulton J. "Communism Answers Questions of a Communist."
205Feely, Raymond T. "Communism and Union Labor: Where Do You Stand?" October 21, 1937.
206Sheen, Fulton J. "Communism and Religion."
207"Why: America in a World at War." 1941.
208Close, Upton and John Howland Snow. "The Plan to Enslave Congress and You." American Papers No.4. 1950.
208"Exchange of Communications Between the President of the United States and the Chancellor of the German Reich." April 1939.
209"You Can Defend America." 1941.
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212Et Veritas. A Yale Publication of Philosophical and Religious Interest. Vol. III, No.1. October 1948.
213Et Veritas. A Yale Publication of Philosophical and Religious Interest. Vol. III, No.2. November 1948.
214Et Veritas. A Yale Publication of Philosophical and Religious Interest. Vol. III, No.4. February 1949.
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218"The Power of Your Vote."
219Benson, George S. "The Challenge."
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222"Basic Economics--A Basis for Understanding."
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226Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. "The Freedom Programs."
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228MacLennan, A. Gordon. "The National Council of Churches." An answer to Dr. Samuel McCrae Cavert.
229Polk, Keen. "Abstract of Title to Palestine."
230Rockefeller, John D. "The Christian Church: What of its Future?"
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232"The Untouchables."
233"The Six-Year Plan of Economic Development and Building the Foundations of Socialism in Poland." 1950.
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235Vyshinsky, A.Y. Speeches on the reduction of armaments, prohibition of the atomic weapon, and on international control. 1951.
236Vyshinsky, A.Y. Speeches on measures against the threat of another war and for strengthening peace and friendship among nations. Delivered November 8, 1951.
237"Economic Life--U.S.A." 1949.
238"The Responsibility of Christians in an Interdependent Economic World." 1950.
239Peters, Paul O. "Dissenter's Handbook." 1952.
240Oliver, F.S. "On Politics and Politicians." 1952.
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242"Building for Peace." The Story of the First Four Years of the United Nations 1945-1949.
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246"The Church and Economic Life: Basic Christian Principles and Assumptions." September 1948.
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251Lattimore, Owen. "The Citizen and American Policy in Asia." October 2, 1950.
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253"The Message of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." 1951.
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265"President's Report for the Year 1950."
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267"Report to the United Nations 1948-1949."
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295"Why F.E.P.C." (The So-Called Fair Employment Practice Code)
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