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# Author, Title
198Paraschos, Manny, & Jo Ann Stewart. News Source Untilization--A Case Study in Foreign News Coverage.
199Parents, Children, and Television: The First Television Generation.
200Parker, Scott Franklin. An Investigation of Subthreshold Communication in Influencing Response to an Experimental Audio-Visual Presentation.
201Pasternack, Steve, & Earl, Richard A. Weathercasting on Evening Television News: An Overview from a National Survey.
271Paulu, Burton. Eastern European Mass Communications: Selected Information Sources.
203Pavlik, John V., & Salmon, Charles T. Theoretic Approaches in Public Relations Research.
296Payton, Key F. Annotated Bibliography on Church Leadership and Leadership Training.
204Pendrell, Ernest. A Matter of Conscience Ethics in Government.
205Perry, Lowell G. Techniques in Writing.
206Petro, Nicolai. Morality and the Pursuit of Justice: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Perception of International Affairs. The Intercollegiate Review, Fall. 1983.
A review of Solzhenitsyn's comments regarding international foreign policies of nations, and the moral--even Biblical--foundations.
207Pfaff, Martin, & Jambothar, C. G. Simulation of Cross Cultural Transfers. 1968.
This paper reports on the pilot runs of a cross-cultural computer simulation of the transfer of technology within a developing country. (For comments on this paper, see Solo, R. A., "Why Simulate?")
208Porter, Colleen Kay. Obtaining Cooperation for the Current Population Survey: A Challenge in Persuasion.
209Pratt, Cornelius, & Ugboajah, Frank Okwu. Social Responsibilty: A Comparison of Nigerian Public Relations With Public Relations in Other Countries.
210Presley, Ted. MHR Study.
234The Journal of the American Newspaper Publishers Association. Presstime.
211Preston, Ivan. A Review of Balance Theories.
212Motion Picture Association of America. The Production Code.
213Profile of an Opinion.
214The Problem of Panic.
295Proposed Budget. An Analysis of Leadership Development Activities of the Churches of Christ.
216Questionnaire: Leadership Development Activities of the Churches of Christ.

Thanks to a donation from an alumnus, the Special Collections at ACU's Center for Restoration Studies now houses two Ethiopian religious texts dating back to the turn of the 19th century.

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